White jade plate

The fragrant white jade plate is talking about tofu. Emperor Kangxi spoke out.

According to legend, Emperor Kangxi conquered the rebellion of the Mongolian Jungar Ministry, passing the camel city, starving, and entering a canteen, calling the shop to serve quickly. Less than a moment later, the shop Xiaoer presented a dish of red, white and green. Emperor Kangxi swallowed in a big mouth, minutes of work, a pot of vegetables, Longyan Dayue, he asked the shop’s second child, what is the name of this dish? Shop second answer, spinach braised tofu. Emperor Kangxi immediately nodded with his thumbs up, locked his eyebrows, and blurted out his mouth. As a result, spinach braised tofu has become a well-known dish.

Tofu is the main ingredient in spinach stewed tofu. Emperor Kangxi called the white jade plate, which shows that it is good, white, tender, soft, thin, tough, and white jade.

The main ingredients for making tofu are soybeans or black beans, and the auxiliary materials are water, but the tofu is good or not, not looking at the main ingredients, depending on the auxiliary materials, water is the key, the water is not good, and the tofu will not be good.

The reason why the tofu in Camel City is good is that the water is good, and the peach blossom spring water is used.

Taohua Spring is located in Puhui Spring Lane of Camel City. The spring water flows from the middle of the mountain. It is cool in spring and summer, warm in autumn and winter, and sweet in all seasons.

It is said that the tofu eaten by Emperor Kangxi was originally produced by a family living next to Taohua Spring. Therefore, the people of Tuocheng have inherited the tofu technique until now.

There is still an established rule that the tofu industry in Camel City has to be selected every five years as the head of the tofu workshop. The requirements are to achieve the five best, the best color of tofu, the highest annual output, the best annual sales, and contribution The biggest, the best character.

The master rudder is a title, a place of honor, and can be respected and lifted by others. The most important thing is to get a treasure of the town shop-the white jade plate, which is unique in the world, only this one. It is said that the Emperor Kangxi personally gave the owner of that tofu workshop.

Song Qiuyan, who was awarded the title of the chief rudder of the current Tofu Place, graduated from a prestigious university, went to the United States to study for three years, and returned to China to do tofu business. The business is getting bigger.

Song Qiuyan looks good. Tofu is well done and sold well. Cameltown people give a special feminine nickname-Yan Tofu.

Bright tofu sells tofu, one does not stand at the street alley, the other does not stand at the store counter, and the third does not pedal three rounds of selling along the street. She uses the Internet. She branded tofu and registered a unified trademark “Peach Blossom Tofu” at home and abroad; she diversified tofu, tender tofu, old tofu, dried tofu, tofu skin, tofu milk, tofu vegetables, canned tofu, vacuum tofu, etc.; she Factoryized tofu workshop, tender tofu workshop, old tofu workshop, dried tofu workshop, etc.; she has enterprise management, purchasing department, sales department, safety department, security department, etc., she is firmly seated as chairman. Her order taker received the order from the computer, and several couriers were responsible for the delivery. Her tofu is not only eaten by people from Camel City, but also by people from other counties, provinces and foreigners living in China. She even took a large ship on the Internet and drifted across the ocean to enter a Chinese restaurant abroad.

As the year approaches, orders for “Peach Blossom Tofu” flew into the website of Yandoufu like snow flakes.

Online trading is only about integrity. Yandoufu looked at the printed order, which was enough to make a big circle around Camel City, and then notified the employees to work overtime and increase horsepower production.

What surprised her was that she prepared the goods enough, but Wuhan broke out the new crown virus, and then Wuhan closed the city, affecting the whole country, joint prevention and control, and fighting the epidemic. Her tofu will be in a silo and will not be sent out.

The tofu orders are all paid by the merchants. Foreign, domestic, extra-provincial and intra-provincial, there is no way to ship the goods, only refunds can be made. She had to explain one by one.

Tofu has a short shelf life, especially water tofu, tender tofu, and old tofu, which should be eaten fresh. When it expires, it is broken and cannot be eaten or wasted. This is the most unbearable face of Yandoufu.

To this end, she called to get in touch with the community hospitals in Camel City and the hospitals in suburban counties, put on protective clothing, masks and gloves, drove in person, and sent the tofu to the medical canteens. The medical cafeteria is short of instant food ingredients. I am very pleased to see Taohuashui tofu and are busy with making payments. She waved her hand and said that tofu was given away for free.

The medical canteens are all small restaurants temporarily requisitioned. The boss of the small restaurant met the beautiful business president of the big company, inevitably want to rub the light, all asked to take a group photo, in order to use it in the future, and there is no lack of brainy, and immediately took the group photo with Yandoufu to the friends circle, slightly Poetic and elegant, there will also be attached a few lines of text, with special notes.

The power of the network makes the communication particularly rapid.

The next day, a reporter from Camel City Daily came to interview Yanfu Tofu.

May I ask the chairman, why did you choose to visit the medical cafeteria during the epidemic?

“Peach Blossom Tofu” is online sales, most customers are in different places, the epidemic situation is coming, tofu can not be shipped, can only be digested locally, it can be regarded as my best effort for the frontline epidemic.

The reporter also asked, “You are a businessman. You all say that a businessman is very profitable. What do you think?”

Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. The country is in trouble, everyone is responsible. The frontline epidemic is not my specialty. After subsidizing, I have an obligation.

Will the Taohuashui tofu production line stop during the epidemic?

will not. I have agreed with the medical canteens that the tofu needed during the outbreak will be provided free of charge.

Chairman, when I write the report, I want to cleverly promote our tofu. Can you think of a more beautiful and implicit advertising word for me?

Fragrance white jade board.