Warden of the Beautiful Pure Land

  At the end of the 20th century, “gold diggers” entered Kekexili, and the “soft gold” Tibetan antelope was famous. Under the windfall profits, the plateau land was devastated. In order to protect this pure land, Tsupai Tashi ’s uncle, Jason Sonandaj, fell under the poacher ’s gun; Tsupei Tashi ’s father, Chika Zabadoji, also passed away because of the protection of Kokosiri.
  However, in order to protect Kekexili and the Tibetan antelopes he loves, Zupei Zhaxi still made the same choice-applying for transfer to this life restricted area. Along with the golden sunset and the endless wilderness, as well as the rotten quagmire, the ghost gate, the snow and ice of the mountains and the surrounding lake, and the sound of the tide of the surrounding lake, he has been here for 13 years.

  Qiupei Tashi is a police assistant of the Forest Public Security Branch of the Qinghai Kekesili National Nature Reserve Administration and the head of the Zhuonai Lake Protection Station of the Kekesili Management Office of the Yangtze River Source Park of the Sanjiangyuan National Park Administration.
Where the hero is mounted

  The average altitude of the Kekexili region is more than 4,600 meters, the minimum temperature can reach more than minus 40 degrees Celsius, and the oxygen content is less than half of the plain area. It is called the life exclusion zone of human beings. At the same time, with more than 230 kinds of wild animals and 202 kinds of wild plants, Kekexili has become an amazing biological gene bank in the world.
  In the 1980s and 1990s, tens of thousands of “gold farmers” drove tractors or trucks, crushing the cocoa turf and cutting the skin of cocoa. A shatush shawl made of Tibetan antelope cashmere is priced between US $ 15,000 and US $ 40,000 on the European market. Due to huge profits, many “gold farmers” turned to hunting Tibetan antelopes, and the number of Tibetan antelopes dropped from more than 200,000 to less than 20,000. The plateau was infested with the blood of Yin Hong and filled with white skeletons.
  ”The poaching site is full of corpses of ewes, surrounded by lambs just born. Some poachers cut the belly of the ewes, and the lambs will emerge from the belly of the ewes, freeze to death, starve to death There are a lot of lambs. Some lambs are hungry, and they will still find the skinned ewes to find milk to eat. “Chika Zabadoji admitted in the documentary” Balance “that he was angry. He used a gun to break the legs of poachers.
  ”On January 18, 1994, Uncle and four team members captured 20 poachers in Coxir and seized 7 cars and more than 1,800 Tibetan antelope skins. They were attacked by gangsters on the way to escort the gangsters. A few days later, his father Uncle Uncle’s body was found near Sun Lake. He still maintained a bullet-changing posture. The temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius almost frozen him into an ice sculpture. ”
  Although it was not the first mention of the past, Tyu Peizhasi borrowed The opportunity of smoke suffocated the tears in the corner of the eyes.
  Jessang Sonandaj was then deputy secretary of the county committee of Zhiduo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. He repeatedly suggested to the county committee to protect the national resources and rationally develop Kekexili. Committee, and was appointed Secretary of the Working Committee. The Spring Festival soon after the hero sacrificed, Zhiduo County was silent and no sound of firecrackers was heard. On December 18, 2018, Jessang Sonandaj won the title of “Pioneer in Reform”.
The man born for Cocoa

  One year after the death of Jessan Sonandaj, Qiupa Zashi ’s father Chika Zabadoji took the initiative to relegate Tain to serve as the second secretary of the Western Working Committee, relaying “protecting the wild animals and mineral resources of Cocoxili.
  Relying on his experience as a “bandit gangster” when he was young, Chika Zabadoji led the Western Working Committee in cracking down 62 cases of poaching, arrested 240 poachers and seized 3180 pieces of Tibetan antelope skin. In 1998, 46-year-old Chika Zabadoji was shot dead at close range.
  Uncle and father’s successive sacrifices made Qiupei Tashixi start planning his life. In Qiupei Tashi’s mind, uncle and father are the most loyal communists. “Chairman Mao’s childhood home only photos, they are growing Tibetan cadres under the new banner of the Chinese Communists …… if not consciousness, how would take into account his own life?”
  Autumn training in 2003, is studying Qinghai University for Nationalities Tashi officially joined the party. He looks forward to using his identity as a source of pride for his parents to practice his long-established ideals.
  In the summer after graduation in 2006, Qiupei Tashixi stood at the crossroads of life. He can obey the assignment and return to work in his hometown, or he can go to Guangzhou to become a reporter, and he can also go south to Chengdu to work for a private environmental protection organization. The only way to get to Cococili. ”
  Mother Baima cried to dissuade: “Your brother is also on the mountain patrol. What are you going to do? Our family has already sacrificed two people, and no more heroes are needed!” Why do I have to run into the endless wilderness? ”
  These words made Qiu Peizhasi sad:” I was 13 years old and followed my father to patrol the mountains. Both my father and my uncle were sacrificed in Kekexili. Home.”
The first confrontation with poachers

  The old mountain patrol member Renqing clearly remembers the first confrontation between Qiupei Tashi and the poachers.
  ”In the summer of 1999, Qiupei Zhaxi went with us to patrol the mountains during the summer vacation. We captured four gunmen during the day and closed them in a tent at night, preparing to escort them to Golmud the next morning. After midnight , The vigil brother shouted ‘Run! Run one!’ Qiupei Zhaxi chased out with a gun. When he saw a figure in the distance, he fired a warning shot, but the gangster’s backhand was a shot. He was stunned. I ’m afraid, I will shoot directly and force the gangster into a stone cave. ”Ga Renqing recalled,“ This raw melon egg is really life-threatening. ”
  “ Father is the most experienced hunter in Kekexili. My skills are all Learned from him. “Qiupei Tashi said.
  On one day in July 2014, Qiupei Tashi and his brother Puzhao Cairen led six mountain patrol members to the Sun Lake in the hinterland of Kekexili, where they were stolen by more than 50 people. The brothers will properly control the scene.
  ”We and two criminal leaders are packed in a tent, and the rest of the criminal members are placed in the remaining tents. If the criminal gang attacks the tent, we will face great danger.” Pu Tso Cairen said. After confiscating all the criminals’ knives, Tyu Pei Tashi loaded the only “one bar” and opened his eyes to wait a long night.
The climate of Cocoa

  ”Poachers and pirates have guns, and we also have. Justice will eventually defeat evil. But people are fragile in the face of nature. The most terrible thing is the climate of
  Coxsili .” Qiu Peizhasi wrote such a short sentence on his mobile phone. : “Looking into the distance, the golden afterglow smiled and waved at us. Behind that smile, I couldn’t see whether it was muddy or swamp. Perhaps the frozen rain and snow were grinning and squinting at our teeth.”

  Less than 40 kilometers into Cocoxili, you can see the Xiushui River-what a beautiful name, but it is also a quagmire that scares the mountain rangers.
  ”Once the car broke down in the middle of the river, I just got into the water, and my heart was cold and sweating. After about 10 minutes, my feet started to lose consciousness. The first thing I got back into the car was to quickly take off my shoes, Turn on the heater and slowly regain consciousness, then it hurts, then itches. “Qiupei Tashi said.
  Once on a mountain tour to Sun Lake, Qiupei Tashi and several team members all experienced altitude sickness and vomited all the way. In order to prevent accidents, they decided to take a shortcut to go out from Xinjiang.
  Unexpectedly, the more snow and snow, the more difficult to distinguish the direction. The house leaked into the night rain, and the car was stuck in the chaotic ditch. They can only bear the “high anti” to dig the car, “you three times, I three times, he three times”. The snow in the valley reached the knees, and the car couldn’t move at all. They had to venture to the mountainside. The body was slanted, and they would go downhill if they didn’t pay attention.
  Guo Xuehu, deputy director of Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station, said that due to the annual work in the plateau polar region, the mountain patrol members suffer from various occupational diseases, of which stomach diseases are the most common.
  ”Sometimes I can’t eat a hot meal for a few days, or even only a dry meal a day. Most of the time cold water has become a” specified “drink, so omeprazole and Danshen dripping pills are included in the baby in Qiupeizhasi …
  In the eyes of his comrades-in-arms, Qiupei Tashi is a person who is good at urgency and wisdom.
  ”Once he was trapped in Sun Lake because of damage to the vehicle, and he couldn’t keep warm in the car. He was so frozen that he took out spare gasoline, poured it into the sand by the lake, then lit it with a lighter and jumped in the sand fire Jumping around. ”
  Qing Ran Nanjiang, a mountain patrolman, said with a smile. He also often led his brothers to jump in the pot in front of the lights. The music was the sound of lake tide and wind all around.
  Qiupei Tashi ’s wife Guan Lulu said that at the beginning of every mountain tour, her husband would take many photos to show her—beautiful scenery and lovely Tibetan antelopes. She once wanted to follow her husband to see Kekexili.
  Later, Guan Lulu went to the Unfreezing Spring Protection Station with the team, and she had a headache and nausea all the way because of the “high reaction”. She came home and cried with her husband: “Coco Xili is not beautiful at all!”
  Respectively The scene has gone through too much, and Ding Xiao has said too much. Over time, there was a tacit understanding between Qiupei Tashi and Guan Lulu. When Xunshan was about to leave, he said softly “Let’s go”; when he returned safely, he said softly “Returned”. This seemingly indifferent scene of separation is far more troubling than those fiery and impetuous love.
  ”He went out to patrol the mountain more often, and I said nothing. Even if there were 10,000 unwilling, I would only silently watch him leave. The only thing I can do is wait for the day he wants to come back, no matter what. For many nights, cook a pot of his favorite hand-held lamb, turn on all the lights in the house, and wait for him to go home. “Guan Lulu said.
  I don’t know when the mountain patrol members’ family began to popularize a secret little ceremony.
  ”In the beginning, the wife of the team member Tiger Zi always lit a handful of cedars and secretly ran into the yard and smoked around the mountain patrol car, even smoked the guns and luggage in his back.” Lulu said. Later, when the wives of other team members knew about it, the ceremony spread.
  In their view, Qian Dingwan’s orders are far from enough. This simple and simple way can best express their prayers and blessings to her husband.
  For the mountain patrol members, “loneliness” is synonymous with the life of mountain patrol. On more than ten days or even dozens of days, the road of mountain patrol is completely isolated from the outside world.
  ”It’s getting dark, and a little star shines in the night sky. I want to let this star give someone who misses to tell their parents that everything is safe for children; tell the wife and children that we are as healthy as possible; tell the past in life, we have no regrets in this life “” Tsiu Pei Tashi wrote a short poem in the corner of the tent by starlight.
No sound of poaching rifles heard for more than ten years

  Every summer, tens of thousands of Tibetan antelopes gather to give birth to the Sun Lake and Zhuonai Lake in the hinterland of Kekexili. This is by far one of the most spectacular migrations of three ungulates on earth. Twenty-five years ago, the sacrifice of Jessang Sonandaj accelerated the pace of government and civil protection of Kekexili and Tibetan antelopes. In December 1997, the State Council approved and promulgated Kekexili as a national nature reserve; in April 2016, the Sanjiangyuan region where Kekexili was located was identified as China ’s first pilot area for national park system reform; in September 2016, the World Conservation Union Announced that the threat of Tibetan antelopes has been reduced from endangered to vulnerable. Kekexili has not heard of poaching gunshots for more than ten years.
  The Zhuo Nai Lake Protection Station is known as the “Tibetan Antelope Birth Room”. An important task of the station’s head, Qiu Peizhashi, is to escort the Tibetan Antelope litters. During the summer of Tibetan antelope migration and littering, due to the avoidance of hunting by natural enemies and other reasons, it is often the case that the cubs and flocks are separated. Looking at the small Tibetan antelope that was attacked and killed by natural enemies on the grass beach, Qiupei Tashi sighed: “We must respect the laws of nature and abide by the laws of the jungle.”
  Every summer in the past few years , the Zhuoni Lake Protection Station could pick up seven or eight Tibetan antelope cubs who were separated from the flock and even attacked by natural enemies. In order not to let the lamb burn to the mouth, Qiupei Tashixi tried the temperature of the heated milk with the back of his hand; in order not to let the lamb fall, Qiupei Tashi put his bedding on the floor of the protection station; to prevent the lamb Infected by bacteria, Qiupei Zhaxi put on a white coat that was repeatedly washed with detergent … “In the summer he found a lamb diarrhea, he hurriedly took the lamb out of Zhuonai Lake overnight, 140 kilometers away, Departed at 6 pm, and arrived at the Wildlife Rescue Center of Sonandaje Conservation Station at 4 am. When he was drowsy on the road, he stuffed a small pepper in his mouth. “Long Zhoucaijia, deputy head of Sonandaje Conservation Station, said, When he saw Qiupei Tashi, his eyes were red and swollen.
  Watching Qiupei Tashi and the team playing with the rescued lambs, I can truly feel the sincere feelings between people and animals. On weekdays, live ammunition drove outlaws from thousands of kilometers of plateau men, and now they leaned down and were full of tenderness in their eyes; the forest police who filled their stomachs with “Coco Xili” natural mineral water on weekdays, but now raise funds for lambs to buy mineral water and milk . In the vast land of Kekexili, the relationship between man and nature is undergoing subtle changes.
The future Cocoa Siri

  When the Chairman of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Jacek Purkhra, pronounced “Qinghai Kekexili”, Tupei Pegasi was ecstatic.
  He wrote in the diary: “Tonight, this unmanned wilderness belongs to us, belongs to the port wine, belongs to the smile of the face, belongs to the sadness of the pain, belongs to the ordinary and ordinary yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am so calm that I can clearly hear my heartbeat. ”
  In the future, the integrated ecological monitoring and big data analysis system of Cocoa Xili Tiandi will be launched, and the model of” taking fists to protect the ecology “will become history.
  ”With the development of science and technology, the role of human beings is irreplaceable.” Tsupei Tashisi didn’t want to be abandoned by the future Cococili. He walked into the classroom like a child, took up books, and worked hard to study the classification of wild animals and plants, ecological background investigation, etc. Knowledge. “In the future, it is necessary to be a good guardian of Kekexili, as well as a local ecological observer and lecturer.”
  Although Kekexili has long been different, Qiupei Tashi has many troubles. “Xinjiang Aljin Mountain, Tibet Qiangtang and Qinghai Kekexili National Nature Reserve jointly issued a statement at the end of 2017: all units and individuals are prohibited from entering the reserve at will to carry out illegal crossing activities. However, there are still chaos of illegal crossing, and some people even drive Chasing wild animals and causing them to die. ”
  Tsupei Tashi is very concerned about this. He hopes to improve the laws on illegal crossing and increase the penalties for illegal crossing.
  ”The hero of” Soldier Assault “Xu Sanduo said: ‘Meaning is to live well, to live is to do meaningful things.’ In fact, we are not as great as everyone thinks, but apart from the pursuit of material, can we calm down Let’s do something within our power? Everyone, for 20 years in my life, do one thing well, I think our country is absolutely praised. “Qiupei Tashi said.

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