Smell the fragrance

In Shanghai, many osmanthus trees were planted in the courtyard of my parents’ house. In September and October each year, it is the season when osmanthus is open, and the yard is full of pungent osmanthus fragrance. This rich osmanthus fragrance has also become one of the reasons I like to return to Shanghai in autumn. Sitting in the yard, leaning under the osmanthus tree, smelling the sweet fragrance of osmanthus, drinking a cup of osmanthus tea… At this time, my brain is full of beautiful memories.

I like osmanthus for a long time. I remember that when I was a student in the Yue Opera Troupe, Hua Dan Liu Baoying and Lin Daiyu who played Lin Daiyu and I were especially good friends. Like me, she is from Shanghai and came to Beijing a year earlier than me. Liu Baoying knows how to drink some wine. One day we went to a friend’s house as a guest, and there was a bottle of wine on the table. Baoying told me that it was osmanthus wine, and the price was more than two bottles at the time. During the banquet, Baoying poured a glass for me. This was the first time I tasted wine in my life. It was sweet and fragrant, especially the scent of osmanthus, so attractive. Since that day, I have remembered the flavor of osmanthus wine and osmanthus.

A few years ago, once I had a birthday, a friend knew that I had a soft spot for osmanthus, and I brought a osmanthus tree from the southern trustee to me, which really excited me. A friend reminded me that osmanthus is a southern variety and it is difficult to survive in the north. Because of this, I pay special attention and care to it. Watering and fertilizing every day can be said to be pampered, and I am looking forward to the fragrance in September and October. Despite meticulous care and attention to it, the tree was still “off” in the end, which made me sad for a while, and therefore stipulated that in the September and October of each year, I will spend time to go back to Shanghai to smell the osmanthus Fragrant, also want to feel more of the feeling that osmanthus fragrance brings me.

Now it is late autumn and winter is coming, the fragrance of osmanthus will soon fade away, and I, as always, will wait for the fragrance of osmanthus in the coming year. On the way of life, it is because of hope and expectation that you will feel better in life and understand how to cherish and pay attention to the bits and pieces around you. In the same way, osmanthus brings not only its charming fragrance, but also the kind of hope and expectation for a better future.

In my spare time, I “smeared” this essay and wrote, my mood seems to be full of expectation, calm and happy. Now, I sincerely hope that this small article can also bring a good mood to you who are reading it.

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