Old fishing friends summed up wild fishing mistakes, how many did you make?

In the spring and summer of alternating season fishing, I once walked through many misunderstandings and delayed many opportunities to catch fish, so Lao Ji today will share with you the pits I have stepped on before, what measures have been taken, I hope everyone will not repeat me. Every time you go fishing, you have a satisfying harvest.

Good fishing in deep water?
This is the first misunderstanding. As soon as mid-spring comes, summer is coming, the weather is getting warmer, and the temperature is slowly rising, and it can even reach more than 20 degrees at noon, so many fishermen think that it is hot, it is necessary to fish Deep water.

Spring is a season for fish breeding, they need a lot of food to replenish energy, so at this time the fish will go to find a place with food, and the most abundant area of ​​food is the shoal, the waterside, there are not only a lot of Microbes and lush water plants, the old saying of “Spring Fishing Beach” makes sense.

In late spring and early summer, the temperature changes are relatively large, which may be several degrees in the morning, and it will be very high at noon. The chance of fish by the water is relatively large. Therefore, as long as the temperature is not sustained, there is no need to go fishing in the deep waters, and shoal fishing is still our best position.

Long pole has an advantage?
In the same way as fishing in deep water, many anglers always think that the longer the rod, the better, one inch longer and one inch stronger, or they always think that one rod is longer than other rods, so they can catch big fish or catch more fish. , In fact, this is also a misunderstanding.

In the spring, fish are foraging in the shoal, and at the turn of spring and summer, the fish are not necessarily in the deep water area in the distance.

On the shore of the shoal, there is no need to use a fishing rod that is too long, 4.5 meters is enough, sometimes, even a fishing rod of 3.6 meters is very good, and fishing on the edge is also very good.

Bait avoid small fish?
The increase in temperature provides the conditions for small fish to gather, so the small fish hook can’t be more normal.

However, many fishing friends taboo for small fish to make trouble, thinking of ways to avoid it, but everyone knows, “small fish don’t make trouble, big fish can’t reach”. Without small fish making a nest, big fish might leave with vigilance and dare not approach.

Therefore, when the phenomenon of small fish looting occurs, don’t think about adding too much fragrant bait to reduce the smelly bait, so that the small fish will not be troubled, and the big fish will not be caught.

The reason is very simple. In the spring, fish need to quickly add protein, mainly fishy; only in summer, fish will slowly like the smell.

Both size?
Many fishermen always think about big and small fish when they start fishing. They can catch one or two small crucian carp and two or three pounds of carp. However, the old fishermen no longer insist on this as the technology matures. idea. They often say “target fish” in their mouths. What is the target fish? It is the fish you want when you are fishing.

For example: if you want to catch crucian carp today, choose a line group of 1.0+0.4 or 1.2+0.6; if you want to catch carp of about 2 kg today, choose a line group of 1.5+0.8 or 2.0+1.0. Because only in this way, when you want to catch small fish, you will not be scared by the thick line; when you want to catch big fish, you will not run the fish because of the thin line.