That spring, his wife carried a one-month-old dog back.

As soon as he entered the door, it ran straight towards me, turning around my pants constantly. It moves quickly, you touch its head, it gives you a mouth immediately, you haven’t waited to retract, your fingers have been licked by its tongue. You put on your slippers and walk forward, it will lie in front of you, you turn left, it blocks you, and you turn right, it quickly blocks again. You can only walk over the top of its head, one leg walks over, and the trousers of the other leg are immediately bitten. There was really no way but to hug it and go back to the back room.

It has a white coat, and we named it Xiaobai. Xiaobai came to my house because his wife deliberately brought him back from her colleague’s house in order to be a playmate for her son. At first it was only a long, very cute. While it was still small, my wife and I began to train it slowly, found a waste paper box, tore off the lid, put some sand, and let it defecate on it. But it’s too difficult, often urinating and defecating everywhere, you see it standing there, squatting on the hind legs, squatting the ass, waiting for you to understand, has pulled out a paragraph, the wife quickly yelled while making the appearance to fight , Xiaobai was scared and ran around the floor. Throw a little here and a bunch there. There is no way to clean it. It is often because we don’t pay attention, it has left a lot of bad marks here and there, for this reason, his wife carried it to the waste paper box and pointed it at the carton to educate it several times, and it seems to understand. I really don’t defecate anywhere. When coming back from work, the first thing is to check the corner of the room. We also found an interesting phenomenon. If Xiaobai greets you very happily, it shows that it is following the rules. If you lie in a corner that you can’t see, it must be a crime. wrong.

Especially when it comes to eating, if you don’t feed it, it will put its two front feet on the coffee table and keep looking. When you use chopsticks to hold a dish, its eyes follow your chopsticks toward the plate. You pick it up and send it to the mouth. Its eyes follow you all the way. You chop a piece of meat with chopsticks and shake it in front of its eyes, its head just moves around with the meat. Sometimes, I forgot about it, and just looked at myself and swiftly raised my head. It blinked at you with two big eyes of water spirits. When you saw it, it hummed and licked your tongue outward. I gave it a piece of meat in a bowl on the ground. It didn’t wait for you to sit firmly, it was finished, and it climbed up again, shaking its tail and humming again. Seeing that you didn’t respond, there were still a few loud voices. Full of grievances.

I sat on the sofa reading, and it jumped up, showing a docile appearance, lying quietly on the side, seeming to be asleep. I flipped through the book, and it sometimes opened my eyes and closed again. But I wanted to tease it, put it on the ground, let it lie flat, tickle it first, it closed its eyes comfortably, and enjoyed it. Then I held his head by my hand and started to make a circle, slowly turning first, it cooperated with me and seemed intoxicated. I suddenly started accelerating. It turned faster and faster like a gyro. It seemed to be suddenly afraid and wanted to stop, but my hand was harder, and its speed accelerated again, only to see a blurry shadow. It opened his mouth crazy and bit me, and at the same time broke free of my hand. I felt thrilled, felt that I was sadistic, and then watched it run away with satisfaction.

Sometimes I lay in bed and took a break in the morning. When I woke up, I stretched out my hand and fluffy and opened my eyes. It was lying beside my head. I was suddenly angry, why not go to bed without permission, I called it, go on! It opened its eyes and looked at me in amazement, as if it were awkward. I grabbed it and threw it to the ground, and it ran out obediently. But what I can not tolerate most is that I sit at the desk and write, it hides under the desk, the front leg actually holds my foot, the hind leg kicks the ground, and the waist is a shock to my foot. It was so frivolous that I couldn’t kick it, so I had to bend over and grab its neck and throw it out from under the table. I couldn’t cry or laugh, since it’s a dog, even if only me and the dog knew about it. What’s more, I once abused it and twirled the ground, which made me feel better.

In September, my son went to junior high school and was going to live in the school where I worked. Xiaobai was left unattended. While it’s still small, give it away, and I can’t bear to throw it on the street alone or somewhere else. When the colleague’s father wanted it, he drove it to the colleague’s father’s yard, and Xiaobai got out of the car, wandering outside the gate, and refused to enter. My colleague and I went in, and slowly it followed, but there was also a black dog in the yard, slightly larger than Xiaobai, and very strong. Seeing Xiaobai coming in, although it was tied with a rope, it was called very fiercely, and rushed towards Xiaobai, who was terrified, and lying on the ground, yelling and groaning, as if he was badly wounded, urinating One place. It was from that time that as soon as it was agitated or frightened, it could not help urinating, as if it had lost control. My colleague’s father built another nest for him, but when he thought of the black dog, he didn’t know how to bully Xiaobai, and he was very relieved, but thought they might become good friends. While Xiaobai didn’t pay attention, I drove away. Xiaobai ran out of the gate and chased violently, but it couldn’t catch up with me. In the rearview mirror, I saw it stopped and screamed in disappointment and helplessness.

After more than a month, my colleague said that his father should not be white, and he always urinates unconsciously. It is estimated that there is a kidney problem. If I can pull it back better, I will give it to others. I almost forgot about it, so I had to drive to pick it up, thinking that if it weren’t forcing it to be given away, it might not fall down. The moment I opened the door, I saw it lying in the yard. I called it. It didn’t show excitement. Even when I stepped forward to hold it, it was very stupid, and it seemed that I didn’t know me. It has a messy hair color and loses a lot of weight. I heard my colleague’s father say that he ate little and was bored all day. I feel very lost. I haven’t seen it for a month. It is no longer the original one. The clever look is lost, and I am numb to everything.

But I took it back and still couldn’t adopt it. It was given to another colleague’s parents’ home and said that they wanted to have a puppy.

After a while, that colleague came to my office and said that your dog kept pissing all over the floor. Sometimes it shouted a few times, and then it came out. The parents couldn’t help it and didn’t want it.

Many days later, I saw my colleague and suddenly asked about her dog. She said that her parents wanted to give the dog to others. If no one wanted it, she threw it into the wild.

At this point, Xiaobai no longer has audio.

One winter day, I ran back from the park, passed a corner, and saw a stray dog ​​trembling in the cold, looking for food in the garbage, its hair was white and messy, and it kept planning with its front paws. But it didn’t seem to eat anything. Suddenly it stopped and looked up at me. I was somewhat at a loss. I turned around and walked away, but I didn’t walk a few steps and turned around again. Seeing that it was still looking down at the pile of garbage. This time, the feet are used together, which is more intense and can’t wait. It seems that if you don’t eat a bite, you will fall immediately.

It went down firmly.

Suddenly stopped again, looked up at me, I hesitated, turned around reflexively and walked away, and then I heard the plastic bag was shaved from behind. Even a stray dog ​​has dignity, even when it is the most embarrassed in its life.

My mind is full of little white shadows.