Musician, good appetite

  Food and music are the most enjoyable enjoyment on earth. Tongue to ear, but half a face away. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, good banquets have always been accompanied by music, Taylor Man ’s “Banquet Music” is an example; and listening to dramas and songs, for a long time, does not exclude casual snacks-today ’s “elegant music” Sitting in a precarious position, but still assuming the functions of communication and Yanyou, the top theaters are often equipped with restaurants of extraordinary grades, and guests are encouraged to enjoy themselves during the intermission. At the entrance of the delicacies, swallowing and falling belly, each pore is suddenly opened; the wonderful sound reaches the ear, reaching the cranial cavity, and the nerve endings around the body are very ironed. On this side, the plan is intertwined, and on the other side, the palace business corner sign is very happy! For this reason, you understand, I understand, and musicians also understand.
  Among all the musicians, those who have a deep love for food are the first to choose Rossini. Others are satisfied with being a foodie. Otherwise, he must study in person to be enjoyable. Rossini beef marrow rice, Rossini steak and Rossini rolls are his “William Quill”, “Othello” and “Barber of Serbia” in the gastronomic world. If you are not obsessed with Roche’s “authenticity”, it is still easy to taste these kinds of food in Italy today, although the degree of popularity is far from comparable to those produced by Roche in the theater.
  A person who loves beef naturally cannot resist wine. I just do n’t know, if he wakes up, will he extend this interest to the cocktails that were not popular at the time? What’s more, how did he feel that he was listed as a wine by the vassals of vassals, and he was placed under the banner of the artist Bellini with the younger Puccini? The Bellini cocktail is made up of two Italian sparkling wines Prosecco plus a fresh white peach puree. The Rossini model replaces the white peach with strawberries. For the Puccini model, it can be replaced with oranges or oranges.
  In addition to Rossini, another composer entangled with alcohol is JS Bach. The brewery in Cotten, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany named a Lager beer from its Hunting God series JS Bach, and the bottle still remembered to paint the most iconic head picture of Bach. Fortunately, Corten was the place where Bach lived and worked. A church in Potsdam was more exaggerated. They claimed that since Bachken wrote “Coffee Conta” for the most popular drink at that time, if he lived to this day, he would not live up to the grandeur of beer, so he drank beer. Listen to the “Bach and Beer” concert in the “Brandenburg Concerto”. I doubt that the root cause of all this is the rhyme of Bach and Bier.
  Enjoy a drink, and hurt yourself, although the names of musicians such as Sigeti are used as wine labels-whether it is an interracial surname or a name, and the topic of wine still ends here. The wine is hearty and hot, so find some desserts, especially the famous Mozart chocolate balls. Unfortunately, this kind of Austrian specialty sold in the world is not directly related to the composer himself, but also a good trick for merchants to eat the psychology of prospective customers. When its inventor Paul Forster was born, Mozart should have been 100 years old, and we know that the short-lived little Mo died at the age of 35. In any case, the chocolate balls are lovable and distinctive (with pistachios, almond puree and nougat). After peeling off the foil, carefully flatten it, and you can get a portrait of Xiao Mo, which is either golden or blue (the color depends on the brand), which is awesome!

Mozart chocolate balls

Mozart Chocolate Ball Music Box

  Such a cute chocolate ball also makes designers Jorg Adam and Dominic Haberth intoxicated. They applied the shape of chocolate balls to the deep and shallow wood, and carefully made a round music box. Turning the knob, Kairubino’s aria “Do you know what love is” in “The Wedding of Figaro” will sound. Ding Ding Ding, Deng Deng Deng Deng, no matter how simple the appearance is, they can’t hide that sweet tooth.
  Wagner is also a good hand to occupy the dining table. As one of Germany’s top-selling quick-frozen pizza manufacturers, it has made a splash in the refrigerated otaku and otaku. However, the company that was acquired by Nestlé on the 200th anniversary of Wagner (2013) was called this name only because its founder happened to have the same surname as the musician-even saying “exactly” is an overstatement. , “Wagner” is the seventh surname in Germany, belonging to the “Zhao Qian Sun Li” level, shouting “Mr. Wagner” on the street, there must be someone looking back. Of course, Wagner Pizza is really good, and will never insult the reputation of the Wa family, as the advertising words say: “Wagner once, Wagner second.” Or according to my translation: “When you enter the door, it looks like the sea. Pay attention to the Wamen all your life. “Wa Mi, this is your destiny!
  Wadi’s big rival Verdi is not far behind. He enjoys a type of spaghetti, garnished with minced spinach, cheese, and colorful vegetables, which is no less delicious than a German quick-frozen pizza. It seems that at the regular table at home, these two enemies still inevitably get together.
  Steaks, rolls, pasta, cocktails, beer, chocolate balls, high oil, high sugar, high fat and nerve stimulation are all available, which is infinitely satisfying. Next, let’s talk about some practical, not in the category of food, but can eat-Caruso throat lozenges and Bach jelly.
  Regarding lozenges-Caruso is said to have had a throat problem when he was in Hamburg. Afterwards, he specially wrote cards to thank the manufacturer:
  Dear Sir!
  Thank you very much for your sugar, I found them very suitable for people with bronchial disease.
  Tribute to
  Enrico Caruso
  In short, the drug sugar was later crowned with Caruso’s name and avatar, and has been sold until now. It is called the German version of the Golden Throat Throat.
  Regarding the pressure-relieving jelly, what happened to Wagner, this time it fell on Bach’s head. Who made their ancestors too successful? “Fudge Bach” is not even German, but from the opposite side of the UK. This fudge is said to relieve test anxiety, high school stress and interview tension, and it tastes delicious. According to my own test, it bites like a rubber and has a bit of sticky teeth. Well, the pressure relief effect is not as good as JS Bach, CPE Bach, JC Bach …
  well, let ’s say so much. It ’s serious to listen to Bach—it ’s natural to match Bier. Xie Ear in Big Bang thought so.

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