May those who become dependents eventually become lovers


  That day, the movie starring my idol was released, and I discussed with old Wu to give the idol a show.
  In the eyes of Lao Wu, going to the cinema to watch movies is the least cost-effective thing. He had calculated an account. The two had 100 yuan for a meal outside, and the two movie tickets plus popcorn and beverages were more than 100, and the more than 200 were worthless. After the movie is released in the theater, it will be played on the website in a short time. Buy a VIP member for 100 yuan, you can watch the past year.
  I mumbled: “Wouldn’t it be just 200 yuan?” Old Wu turned over his white leather book and said: “More than 200 yuan? Now eating pork is considered to be wealthy. You can buy 5 kilograms of pork for one movie. ”
  Old Wu saw that I was not happy, and finally accompanied me to the movie, but my mood has already collapsed.
  Lao Wu’s consumption is particularly cost-effective. In his view, the role of the watch is to watch the time. The function of the more than 200 yuan and the tens of thousands of watches is the same; the coffee in the coffee shop is the same as the instant coffee in the office; similarly, watching the movie late There is no difference between watching at home and watching in a movie theater. My consumption concept is different from that of Lao Wu. If the daily life is only going to work, eat, sleep, and watch TV, what is the fun of life? What is the meaning of life?

  Our income is transparent. Adding up more than 8,000 wages per month, and paying off the mortgage, I can’t save 2,000 yuan in case of unexpected needs. The rest is the cost of living and human contact, which sometimes can’t help.
  Compared with me who was full of petty bourgeoisie before, now I have converged too much. After marrying old Wu, I went to Starbucks for coffee and quit; went to a concert and quit. But whenever I saw old Wu fiddle with that white book that kept his family’s income and expenditure in mind, I was furious.
  That night, half-dreaming and half-waking, I saw Sui Yi smiling at me indulgently. “You are the rib that I lost.” In his junior year, Sui Yi saw me for the first time and said a remark that will make me unforgettable for life. Sui Yi’s parents are in business, and the family conditions are very good. My taste in dressing, the concept of enjoying life, and the habit of spending money on everything are affected by Sui Yi’s subtle influence.
  When I was about to talk about marriage and marriage, Sui Yi’s mother said nothing and said that the two improper households were wrong, and broke up our couple of ducks. Growing up so big, I only loved Sui Yi with all my heart. After this accident, I was despondent and almost lost the ability to love.

  During the Spring Festival, someone introduced me to Old Wu. The old Wu people seem to be reliable, and they can talk at a glance. I didn’t hide it, and let the past out. Old Wu is very straightforward: “There are lovers who have not come to the end, in the final analysis, you have no fate. But you also have to learn to look forward, and the days to come are long.” This sentence warmed my heart. Six months later, Lao Wu and I had a wedding.
  Maybe it’s a matter of intention. In my dream Sui meaning next day, he sent a message from the micro letter: “Sisi, are you okay?” After a long time, I returned three words: “I’m fine.”
  Chat After a few words, Sui Yi began to pour bitter water on me. He probably felt that typing was too slow, and sent a large voice: “Sisi, my marital life was very unsatisfactory. We went to the hospital to check. She couldn’t have a baby. Now, I want to divorce her. I can’t forget you, we Can we go back to the past?”
  Can we go back to the past? I have considered this question seriously for a whole day, and the answer I got is: I can’t go back.
  Although Old Wu has some shortcomings, he is always with me. I work overtime in the evening, regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the old Wu has always picked me up; I caught a cold and he took care of me by pouring tea and pouring water. Since I was a child, my body is not very good, and I don’t like to eat breakfast. Lao Wu gets up early in the morning and eats with different patterns. I always thought that I didn’t love Lao Wu, and we would be boys and girls when we are married. But these days, my colleagues say that I have become as funny as before. It was Old Wu who healed me, and I was relieved of Sui Yi.
  A few days later is my birthday. With Lao Wu, I don’t expect any romance or surprise anymore. Unexpectedly, old Wu called: “Wife, today is your birthday. What movies do you want to watch and what do you want to eat? I will buy them together.” Grande Tai was actually defeated. This change came a little abruptly.
  Back home from the theater, old Wu Wo watched the finale of his martial arts novel on the sofa. I stepped forward and said: “To tell the truth, where did the money come from?” I know Lao Wu, he is not willing to use family funds. Old Wu said that in his spare time, he helps his friends maintain online stores on their mobile phones, earning extra money. He said, “Wife, I promise, I will invite you to watch the movie 4 times a month. If you earn more, buy another projector so that you can watch the big screen at home.”
  For a while, I didn’t know what words to express my mood. Old Wu He closed the book and looked at me thoughtfully, asking me what I was thinking. I leaned on his shoulder and said deeply: “In fact, there are a lot of regrets in life. Many lovers do not end up as dependents. It may be another person who joins the marriage together. But if you can cherish everything in front of you, let them become dependents. After all, there is a lover, that is the best marriage.”