Love’s voice is very soft

  On this day, my friend drank too much and told me a story.
  There are two younger brothers in the village. The older sister’s performance is better than the younger brother’s, but the father has spoken, and the family can’t afford them both. On the day of the college entrance examination, my sister quietly took her suitcase and went to a distance. Two months later, my sister remitted the first money to the family, and there was a small line on the remittance slip: “I offer my brother to go to university.” In
  4 years, the remittance slip received by my brother has never been late; in the middle of 4 years , My sister did not return home. After his brother graduated, he decided to follow the address on the remittance slip to see his sister.
  At the gate of the factory, my sister rushed out and greeted her with a surprise on her face. My sister was thinner, whiter, and better looking. However, on this sunny day, why did my sister wear a pair of rain boots? Isn’t my sister working as an accountant in the factory?
  At the food stall, the elder sister strove into the younger brother’s bowl, and the other hand was always hiding under the table, but he still saw the scabs on that hand.
  Speaking of which, my friend has been crying for a long time-my sister dug the peach core for 4 years for my university; my sister doesn’t go home, even the travel expenses of a few hundred yuan are unwilling to spend; my elder sister said that I was born 5 minutes earlier Sister.
  He said that when his sister said this, her voice was very soft.
  This is a somewhat old story.
  That year, the woman married a man, the man was a soldier, and hurried back to the army as soon as the wedding leave was over. A month later, the woman found out she was pregnant, so she told her mother-in-law the good news. Anyway, my mother-in-law’s face fell, and she said, let’s separate.
  The man is not at home, the woman is working on her stomach, doing laundry and cooking. In a blink of an eye, the twelfth lunar month, the child was born, a girl. Before the confinement, the woman got out of bed, digs up the ice in the river, and washed the diapers for the children. The root cause of rheumatism fell at that time.
  When the child was 5 years old, the woman followed the army. Ten years later, they moved back with their family, because the mother-in-law had eye diseases, needed surgery, and had someone to take care of her. In the ward, the woman took good care of her mother-in-law. The patient in the next bed said enviously: “Look how filial your girl is.” The mother-in-law listened, her face red and white.
  After leaving the hospital, the woman took her mother-in-law back home. She said to the man: “Mother is old, let her live in our house in the future.” The man nodded and couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you hate you like that before?” The
  woman smiled , Said: “Always remember what to do? Good days are not yet to come.” The
  man smiled, he understood the woman’s heart. A big tree grows in the woman’s heart and grows only in the sunshine and love. You haven’t seen it, it’s because it has been growing, and the sound it makes is very light.