Climate investment

Medical experts once believed that when summer comes, the impact of the new crown epidemic will ease. However, the weather is getting hotter, and the masks seem to be unable to take off. Academician Zhang Boli said that he should make preparations that cannot be removed within a year. The World Meteorological Organization has recently stated that as climate change accelerates, the northern hemisphere will usher in record-breaking high temperatures, and the heat may aggravate the patient’s condition, increase the infection rate, and make epidemic prevention more difficult. The vulnerable population faces higher risks and calls on countries to respond Superposition of heat and epidemic. At the same time, even more researchers worry that major outbreaks in the world have occurred frequently in recent decades, which may be related to climate change: climate warming will change the physiological functions of hosts and parasites, and lead to the loss of biodiversity, which is transmitted by pathogens. Close relationship, thereby increasing the risk of human illness.

People have always had stronger feelings and responses to the global warming of the climate, but they have ignored the interpretation of nature. No matter whether the climate abnormality caused the Antarctic green snow, the Australian forest fire or the African desert locust disaster. Compared with the earth itself, the expression of human expression is directly clamoring. Trump tweeted that all parties can immediately distinguish the interests, and the stock market and the foreign exchange market began to stir up. But nowadays, Earth’s speech is getting more and more attention. 16-year-old Swedish “Environmental Girl” Greta Tumberg not only appeared on a series of high-level occasions such as the European Parliament, Davos Forum, and the UN Climate Action Summit, but also appeared on the cover of “Time”. Although adults are not without controversy about this “little boy” who became famous for climate strikes, her anger undoubtedly highlights the new generation’s new views on climate justice issues including intergenerational justice.

The capital circle has also changed. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, writes annually to CEOs of invested companies. In his 2020 open letter, he said that climate change was proposed to BlackRock by almost all customers. The first question, from Europe to Australia, from South America to China, investors are asking how to restructure the portfolio. In his view, the intensifying climate crisis has become a decisive factor for the long-term prospects of enterprises. We are on the verge of reshaping the financial industry, and the reallocation of capital will be faster than most people expect.

For risk, the sense of capital will always be more sensitive. Regardless of whether the main cause of climate change is the increase in human carbon dioxide emissions or the cyclical change of the earth, the climate has increasingly affected human activities. Leading capital has begun to consider this issue in its allocation. Its perspective will not be limited to ESG (environmental, social and governance) and other responsibility areas that Chinese companies are paying more and more attention to. Climate investment may become a new theme, and the impact of climate change will become a major factor in the selection of investment targets. frame of reference. At least including agricultural products, futures, insurance, climate-related technologies and other fields, valuation logic and investment and financing ecology may be directly or indirectly affected.

Climate change refreshes the horizon of capital, and will the intervention of capital affect climate change? Will the stalemate climate issue advance faster in the future?