When the bacon smells again

  Listening to Dongfengyin again, seeing the snow flying again, and smelling the bacon again.
  In early winter, when you meet bacon, you can hear the footsteps of the Lunar New Year.
  The winter blanket is like a magnet, full of attraction, but a mellow meat scent drags me out unstoppably.
  It’s bacon! I marvel at this familiar and unfamiliar taste. I searched for fragrance and found that four large pieces of bacon hung high on the balcony. Presumably this was brought by my mother from my hometown.
  This can’t help but remind me of the scent of bacon.
  When I was a child, I lived in a mountain village. At the end of the year, every household slaughtered pigs, cured meat, made bacon, smoked bacon, and ate bacon. The smell of bacon wafted throughout the small mountain village.
  In my mark, bacon, like snow, ice and years, is an indispensable part of winter. When I was a kid, I even stubbornly thought that if there is no bacon, there will be no winter, not even a year.
  Adults use a large knife to cut off a few pieces of fresh pork, smear a little salt, pepper, green onion, and then hang under the eaves with an iron hook. After the wind and sun for half a month, it becomes the most common. Bacon. In case of frost or heavy snow, thanks to the grace of nature, this bacon will have a more natural taste.
  ”The Book of Changes and Interpretation of the Book of Changes” records: “Yu Yang and Yang Yu Yang, said bacon.” That is to say, in the sun, and then roasted with wood fire smoke to get real bacon.
  I often think that for more than two thousand years, people from this generation of small villages have inherited the classic delicacy of this country according to this method in the Book of Changes.
  I do n’t know when it started. The villagers accidentally discovered that the bacon smoked with the pine and cypress branches before and after the house had a stronger taste, so the cypress bacon became a unique scenery in the village.
  The adults lighted the bacon “crackling” bacon, and the children pretended to work side by side, adding branches to the fire. In fact, they all wanted to smell the meat and dispel the greed. In those days, it was rare to eat several times throughout the year meat.
  As the fire increased, the oil in the meat kept overflowing, escaping steadily, and then dripping slowly down the smooth skin, and into the firewood pile, a “squeak” sound was made, and the flames also It’s bigger and more prosperous. This may be the so-called “fire on fire”. When I was a child, I was listening to this sound, and I couldn’t help thinking that way.
  To avoid scorching, the bacon must be turned over and over until it is yellowed. After smoking, hang it on the wall or hang it back to the eaves to continue the wind and sun, and it becomes real bacon.
  There are many ways to eat bacon, which are very different from north to south. In the Jianghan Plain, we usually eat it fried or steamed, but the most common way to eat it is to braise it, then cut it into thin slices or slices. The men serve the food, and the women and children eat the garlic or celery. Each has its own merits, but each has its own flavor.
  Although every family has bacon, the quantity is not large. In general, it is still thin and valuable food. Therefore, whoever does a happy event, there will always be someone who carries bacon as a gift, which is also very decent and generous.
  There are even more neighbours who care for each other. For example, if someone comes to a distinguished guest, without the bacon, they will borrow it from the neighbor ’s house, but they must pay it back.
  Of course, it is inevitable to be shoved when returning, sometimes accidentally dropping the meat on the ground, if someone happens to pass by, they can pick it up in vain, they have nothing to say, this is also an interesting custom.
  The scent of bacon is too tempting, and thefts happen from time to time, but it is not a real hair thief, but the children of their own family are trying to solve the craze.
  Occasionally, several of our friends will take turns stealing a piece of bacon from under the roof of their own house, and then hide together in the woods, find an open space, pick up some dry wood, set up a shelf, and start roasting bacon to eat, the taste is fragrant Extremely. But it is precisely this scent that often “sells” us, often recruiting family members a few miles away.
  If a parent wants to take the child back, the person can go, but the meat must be left. In this way, the parents are reluctant to give their children a meal. This is actually a good strategy for us to think about.
  When I went to university in Northeast China, I did n’t go home during the Spring Festival. My parents sent me two pieces of bacon from a remote mountainous area through the post office. Several classmates and I cooked on the electric stove, and the hallway was filled with the smell of bacon. We even brought the uncle of the dormitory to the dormitory several times.
  Eating bacon and drinking wine only solved my homesickness.
  When the bacon smells again, the folks who still live in the small village in their hometown no longer have to worry about eating meat, they will not borrow any more meat, and no more children will steal meat.
  Life is better, but the custom of making bacon, smoked bacon, and eating bacon has never been lost. This is the fragrance passed down by the ancestors for thousands of years. It is very precious.
  When the bacon is fragrant again, I am afraid that the small village of my hometown is already full of pine and twigs “crackling” bacon. It seems that the fragrance has drifted thousands of miles together with the fragrance made by my mother on the balcony of my house, straight into my nose. .