The value of waiting

  Although “A Brief History of Time” is an undergraduate general reading, not many people can really understand it. Since its release in 1988, readers have continuously reported to Hawking that some concepts are very difficult to understand. In order to make it easier for the general readers to accept the contents of the book, and to incorporate the latest scientific observations and discoveries into it, in 2005, Hawking began to create the popular version of “A Brief History of Time”.
  As a famous American theoretical physicist, Leonard Molodino was invited by Hawking. At first, Mondino was very contradictory. On the one hand, he admired Hawking’s tenacious willpower and was willing to help him complete the work; on the other hand, because the condition of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has been worsening, Hawking’s writing is getting more and more Difficult, Molodino fears that he has no patience to complete this important task.
  On this day, Monro Dino came to Hawking’s house with a complicated mood. After some greetings, Mondino started to work, and he asked, “Mr. Hawking, let’s talk about the first question, what is the future of the universe?” Hawking smiled deliberately, manipulating with only three active fingers Special mouse on the wheelchair, and then select letters on the computer screen to make sentences.
  Sitting opposite Hawking, Mondino waited for a reply. As time passed, words on the computer screen also increased slowly. After about five minutes, a computer player synthesized sound: “There are two possibilities for the future of the universe, expansion or collapse. Whether it expands or collapses depends on the average density of the universe.” The
  whole morning, Mondino He only asked five questions, far below the expected goal, which made him very upset. The next day, Monro Dino came to Hawking’s residence again. Like yesterday, he started asking questions, and Hawking slowly answered. When encountering simple problems, the reply time is relatively short, and he can still bear it, but once he encounters complex problems, the reply time is long and distant. While waiting, he looked down at the time on his watch several times.
  In the end, Mondino became more and more impatient. In order not to let Hawking feel his displeasure, he tried to restrain his bad emotions. Just when he was ashamed of his behavior, a thought appeared in his mind: why not use the waiting time to think about some problems? For example, “Why is the drunkard’s footsteps accidental” “Why are people defeated by rats” “Will the Wall Street giant succeed?” Thinking of this, he began to think wildly while waiting for Hawking to reply.
  Imagination and thinking drive away the irritability in Monro Dino’s heart, and also make one by one waiting to be fulfilled, his mood gradually calmed down. At the same time, all kinds of novel ideas came one after another, making him feel excited. So, waiting is no longer a torment for Monodino, but a real enjoyment. He even feels that he is very cute while waiting patiently.
  Slowly, Mondino found the best way to cooperate with Hawking, that is, to empty his brain while waiting, and then imagine some questions that are not related to asking questions. Through a period of experimentation, Monro Dino was surprised to find that these imaginations forced him to think more deeply about certain issues, and the communication with Hawking also gave him more inspiration.
  Later, those questions that used waiting time to think were written by Monro Dino in The Footsteps of the Drunkard. Because of its knowledge and fun, the book won the “Editor’s Choice Award” and “Influence Book of the Year”, and was successfully shortlisted for the Royal Society Book Award.
  In view of the last pleasant cooperation experience, in 2010, Monro Dino was again invited by Hawking to create the book “Great Design” together. At this time, Hawking’s physical condition became worse. He could only tap on the computer with one finger to communicate with people, and the time left for Mondino also became longer. Just when people thought that Monrodi would refuse, he accepted the challenge without hesitation.
  Mondino said: “If you want to make waiting worthwhile, you may wish to find something for yourself. This may be the only and effective way.”