The most comfortable state of communication between people

Everyone needs to share with others

  You must have this experience: when you are happy, if no one shares this happiness with you, you will feel a lack of it.
  For example, if you enjoy a meal alone, no matter how rich it is, you will feel a bit bleak. If friends and family are sitting at the dining table, the situation is very different.
  In the same way, you see a very beautiful scene. If only you see it, and you are not allowed to tell anyone, this unusual experience will not only satisfy you, but also become your inner pain.
  More than one sage pointed out that no matter what kind of beauty and spectacle a person sees, if he does not have the opportunity to tell others, he will never be happy.
  After all, people are inseparable from the same kind. A joy that no one shares is never true happiness, and a pain that no one shares is the most terrible pain.
  The so-called sharing and sharing does not necessarily require someone to be present, but at least someone needs to know.
  No one will ever know that absolute loneliness, pain will become despair, and happiness will also become despair!
The most comfortable state of communication

  All communication has a final limit that cannot be surpassed.
  Between two people, this boundary is not clear, but it is certain. All troubles and conflicts arise from inadvertently trying to break through this boundary.
  However, once this boundary is clearly identifiable and strictly observed, then all the charm of communication is lost, and the emotions retreat, and reason maintains order.
  In the interaction between any two people, there must be an ideal distance suitable for the degree of mutual agreement. Exceeding this distance will cause repulsion and disgust. This applies to both love and friendship.
  Perhaps, the external distance between two people is slightly larger than their internal distance, which can make the emotional attraction between them reach the best effect, and the form should be slightly behind the content.
Treat each other with respect

  Regarding interpersonal relationships, I gradually summed up one of the principles that best fits my temperament, that is, to respect each other and be close to each other.
  I believe that all good friendships are formed naturally, not deliberately. I also think that no matter how good your friends are, there should be distance. Too busy friendships are often empty.
  It is not the communication itself, but the individual value of the communicators that makes a communication valuable.
  A high-quality friendship always occurs between two excellent independent personalities, and its essence is that both sides appreciate and respect each other sincerely.
  Therefore, it is important to make yourself truly valuable and worthy of being a high-quality friend. This is the primary contribution one can make to friendship.
Among friends, the most important thing is respect

  Your friend confided in you that you have to keep secrets, not to tell people. Perhaps your friend has revealed this insult to others, and you still have to treat it as if you alone know it, and don’t let the secret spread by you.
  When your friends need you most, you must show up. However, this cannot be a reason to think that you therefore have the right to appear in front of him at any time. Even for your best friend, you do not have this right.
  When your friend is in great happiness or great grief, you need to know to be silent and not to disturb him. This is also a kind of respect and upbringing.
  When you get along with people, if you feel exceptionally relaxed, and feel the true teachings in ease, I dare to conclude that you must have met your kind, even if you are engaged in completely different occupations.
  Philosophers, poets, musicians, and painters all have their own jargon. Sometimes, different jargon speaks the same meaning; sometimes, the same jargon speaks different meanings.
  There is no mountain that can’t be crossed, but the gap between souls is insurmountable.
  We speak jargon to our peers and speak up to our friends.
  The deepest distinction between people is not in the profession, but in the soul.
  A friend is one of the few old clothes that I am not willing to change.
  A philosopher said: “Friends are like clothes, they will wear old ones, and they need to be updated from time to time.”
  My view is the opposite: friends are just the few old clothes that I can’t change. Of course, you can wear new clothes, but you do n’t know if you can become friends until you wear old clothes.
  People who change their friends frequently have no real friends.
  Friendship is forgiving. Because of this, once friends turn their backs, they are often irreversible, indicating that their differences must be very serious and have reached a point where they cannot be tolerated.
  This kind of thing can happen only between good friends. The deeper the relationship in the past, the harder it is to repair the rift, and it is too unnatural to maintain a general relationship.
  As for people who were originally just acquaintances, it would be ambiguous to have or not to pay, so there is no such thing as a cut-off.
  People with extraverted personality easily get many friends, but true friends are always few. Introverts are lonely, and once they get friends, they are often true.
  I always feel very funny when I see the bookstore selling best-selling books such as communicative techniques and successful techniques.
  It is natural for a person to have a crush on someone, make friends with him or her, or be interested in something, and find ways to make it successful.
  You can’t make friends without memorizing the main points, and you can’t make a career without begging for the secret. It shows how lacking of true emotions and interests.
  But without true emotions, how can there be true friends? Without real interest, how can there be a real career? In this case, why bother with communication and success?
  Of course, there are obvious utilitarian motives for doing so, but that is still relatively superficial. The deeper reason is the spiritual emptiness, so I am anxious to find a shortcut to hide from the crowd and affairs.
  I do n’t know how effective this is. I only know that if such a socialist approaches me, I will definitely feel more lonely. If such a successful person stands before me, I will definitely feel more bored.