Restaurant built on the dump

  On the outskirts of Semarang City, Indonesia, there is a restaurant called “Biogas Canteen”. Listening to its name seems to have nothing to do with “fashion” and “exquisite”. Indeed, this is a restaurant built on the garbage dump, and it is also a little different from the rest, in that there is no cost to eat here, and customers only need to exchange plastic waste for food. However, it is a famous celebrity restaurant in Indonesia. The local mayor has come to eat here many times and highly praised it.
  In 2014, a fire broke out in the largest garbage dump on the outskirts of Semarang City, Indonesia. The fire spread 4 hectares of land and could not be extinguished by water. A large number of toxic gases released by the burning of plastic caused serious air pollution . At the time, Argus, the owner of the dump, witnessed this situation, so he was determined to solve the problem of plastic pollution in the dump. One day, Argus saw the scavengers on the garbage dump using their own cold and hard food for lunch, and suddenly thought of opening a restaurant, and then replacing the banknotes with plastic waste as meal fees, and then landfilling the collected plastic After getting up, use the biogas produced for people to use as fuel gas. In this way, it not only solves the dining problem of local scavengers, but also improves the recycling efficiency of plastic waste.
  However, Argus solicited the opinions of countless scavengers, and without exception, rejected him because of “too high risk.” But Argus did not give up. In the end, he met his current boss, Sha Liming, who said: “There is too much plastic waste here, and it needs to be used urgently!” So, the two hit it off and the “biogas canteen” quickly Preparations for opening.
  From the outside, the “biogas canteen” is very rudimentary. There is not even a sign on the door, but the name and iconic recipe are simply printed on a red cloth. The house is not big, it can hold about 30 people. However, the dishes here are very complete, all are traditional local foods, including fish, vegetable soup, rice, eggs, etc. The price is between 0.4 and 0.8 US dollars. Most of the diners were garbage pickers at the dump, and everyone said they were very satisfied with the food.
  Every day, 400 trucks transport about 800 tons of garbage to the garbage dump where the biogas canteen is located. The piles of garbage are mixed with different kinds of garbage. Therefore, it is classified as the most headache thing in the dump. On the other hand, there are only 350 waste pickers in the dump. They can only rely on manual picking and human handling. The efficiency is low and the salary is low. Gradually, fewer and fewer waste pickers are willing to sort plastic waste. Since the opening of the “Biogas Canteen”, more and more scavengers are willing to do the sorting work, and even many people who live in the city will bring plastic garbage that has been stored for a long time to come here for a delicious lunch.
  After the restaurant opened, the mayor of the city, Hendra, greatly appreciated it and came to eat in person, hoping to promote this project and increase the restaurant’s exposure. After a local documentary program “Game Changer” reported in Indonesia, the “biogas restaurant” does not charge money, and the unique operation mode of only collecting plastic waste has attracted a lot of attention.
  Now, there are more than 30 such restaurants in the local area, and the income of the scavengers has greatly increased. Sha Liming said: “The garbage dump will accumulate more than 2 years of old garbage and pour it into a large pit about 10 to 15 meters deep, waiting for it to naturally produce biogas, and then use a pipe to extract the biogas. The biogas produced can be used for the gas of 5 hectares, 100 households, and 3000 people. ”
  ” Recycling garbage, making gas, and turning waste into treasure. This sounds very remote and magical, but as long as you do environmental protection By insisting on and changing the responsibility of the environment, we can make unexpected miracles, “Sha Liming said confidently in an interview.