Putting mechanical armor on insects

  Putting different types of mechanical armor on insect specimens and transforming them into works of art is a voluntary occupation of the “post-95” boy Bluetus. His alternative was once ridiculed by his parents for not doing the right thing, but he made it into a unique one and became the only person in China who specialized in the design and production of “steam insects”.

  Lantus, whose real name is Zhang Yuebai, was born in Hongkou District, Shanghai in March 1995. The reason why his parents named him “Yuebai” was to hope that he could surpass Li Bai, a “poetry fairy”. But he was not interested in ancient poems, and he fell in love with catching insects alone. From the age of four or five, he will spend a few days watching the spider weaving its web by the spider. Later, he was emboldened. He either caught the white star flower chafer, the cricket, and the scorpion … For this reason, his parents didn’t scold him. At home, there are often insects flying into moths flying around, so he has earned a reputation as a “moth”.
  After going to school, Zhang Yuebai became a little fan of entomology pioneer Fabre. “Yao Mozi” got even more vigorous. He deliberately caught insects, raised insects, observed insects. He also shot scenes of stag beetles fighting. The video of Cheng Xiao was posted on the Internet, which attracted a lot of applause.
  Perhaps it was a funeral of playing “worm”. Zhang Yuebai’s entrance examination scores were not satisfactory, so he had to enter Shanghai Nanhu Vocational School to study finance. Despite his frustration, he was still unable to let go of his fascination with insects. He created a space of about 7 square meters at the end of the room, which was used as both a bedroom and a nest for insects. In the eyes of his parents, he was hopeless.
  Working with insects every day, Zhang Yuebai knows that the lifespan of insects is limited. In order to retain these beautiful elves, he began to learn to make specimens, and gradually developed his skill in making insect specimens, and produced a lot of wildness and fantasy. Beautiful insect specimens. In the past few years, he has produced and collected more than 500 kinds of insect specimens. He even owns the only Amazon giant bird-eating spider in China.
Putting mechanical armor on insects

  ”Yao Mozi” has been around for a long time, Zhang Yuebai feels that no matter how delicate the insect specimen is, it is just a dead body. Is there a way to rejuvenate these beautiful lives? One day in 2013, he inadvertently entered a web platform called “Steampunk Bar” and saw the steampunk-style machine insect made by American art designer Mick Libby using waste watch gears and scarab specimens. The work is immediately irresistible: the punk spirit plus mechanical aesthetics is the love of young people today. If this unique art is applied to insect specimens, insects will be given a “new life” after death.
  Zhang Yuebai decided to readjust the “moths”. Slowly, he clarified his thoughts: the so-called steam insects are crafts formed by installing mechanical parts on insect specimens. It was easy for him to make insect specimens, and mechanical parts could be disassembled from old objects. The most difficult thing was to splice the two together seamlessly. To master this technique, only trial and error was required.
  In November 2014, Zhang Yuebai began his first production experiment and chose a specimen of gibbons. He carefully used a scalpel to hollow out the internal organs and muscles, and then spread the wings, but the wings did not listen to his fiddling. Not only did they break after a few tossings, but they also crushed the fragile chest cavity of the giardia. The work was unsuccessful. Specimen is invalid. But he was not discouraged, and continued to practice, using insect needles to fix the wings and body of the giardia on the foam board, and then glued the insect and the disassembled watch gear together with glue, and finally finished. He uploaded the first insect work in “mechanical armor” to Steampunk, which was well received.
  Obtaining the affirmation of the friends, Zhang Yuebai’s energy was more powerful. He gradually mastered the splicing performance methods such as connection, energy box, battle damage, outer armor, and perspective warehouse. At the end of 2014, Zhang Yuebai established the “Steam Insect Bar” in Baidu Post Bar under the net name of “Blueprints”, and became the owner of the bar. He uploaded many and good works, and there are more and more fans who come here. .
  In May 2015, Zhang Yuebai chose Peter’s scorpion with strong claws as a hunting tool, filled the scorpion with clay, and then installed mechanical parts. The mechanically strengthened claws seemed to have more powerful power … After the work was posted to the bar, it attracted the attention of all the friends with a strong visual impact and a unique style. Immediately, there was a private letter to buy it.
  The whole “Yaozizi” finally had a substantial return. Zhang Yuebai gradually became better, and his works were more refined. Some people paid for his works. He also became a famous “Baidu Post Bar Master”.
“Yu Mozi” made into a single copy

  In 2016, Zhang Yuebai resigned and worked as a full-time steam insect designer and designer. He opened a shop at the Taobao Guild, selling and accepting custom-made steam insect crafts. Make a copy.
  Zhang Yuebai puts the highlight on the design of the work, and arranges a backstory of a huge industrial firm that controls the world in which he lives with demon spirits and mechanical power. All the series of works are centered around the story, and each specimen plays a different role, making The work has a soul.
  Zhang Yuebai designed the Triceratops as “Whistling” series, made a large and bulky armor for it, and half wrapped the edge of the front chest, highlighting the thick and thick feeling. Under the sheath wings pulled up by the two hydraulic rods, it is a rear-mounted power design, which has a screaming situation; he designed marine shrimp and crabs with broken battle damage, exposing sophisticated mechanical devices in the abdominal cavity of the animal. Highlights the indestructible heart of the “Son of Storm” series; the “flying gem” series selects small insects with beautiful colors of about 3 centimeters, supplemented by exquisite and small machinery to express the fineness of female characters …
  In the design of individual shapes, Zhang Yue Bai also strives to express accurately. The characteristic of the thunder dragon gossip is to use the corner to hit and overturn the opponent. He uses a hydraulic rod on the head corner, armor on the chest, and an energy box on the back to show the combat power; the jaw foot of the Pipi shrimp can play a huge He made a spring supercharger on the jaw foot to render this feature. In addition, Zhang Yuebai also improved the process, abandoning the simple and convenient glue bonding method, and using enamel for splicing, which not only plays a fixed and beautiful role, but also makes the work look more natural and more textured.
  Zhang Yuebai’s professionalism and intentions have won him a lot of fans. The Taobao store has reached more than 10,000 fans, and Weibo has more than 4,000 fans. Up to now, he has designed and produced more than 100 steam insect works, many of which were taken as soon as they were put on the shelves, and there were many works customized by customers.
  Zhang Yuebai, the only full-time steam insect artisan in China, made the “Yao Mozi” into a unique one, which not only won the title of “Most Innovative Young Designer” of Taobao Creation Festival, but also became a recognized steam in China. Founder and leader in the field of insects.