Please close your eyes in the sun

  At 8:30 in the morning, I wore a scarf and gloves, set the music to random play mode, and stepped out of the hospital door.
  In winter, the sycamore trees on the street had already lost their leaves, pedestrians hurriedly walked around, and few people in or out of the shop were seen. It was really depressed and cold. Every breath I breathed flowed into my body with the coldness of winter, and there was nothing warm in my body.
  Oncoming, either a student carrying a schoolbag to go to school, or a young man going to work … except me, I was just off work, with deep dark circles, and a tired body and mind. For a moment, I felt particularly embarrassed, unable to resist these nine winters, and unable to walk with energy in the early morning.
  Standing at the intersection of traffic lights, I couldn’t help sighing. After the green light came on, I walked forward and found few people in the same direction as me. After a few steps, I closed my eyes, thinking that if I bumped into someone else, I let him scold. However, when I opened my eyes, I found that I had reached the middle of the road, and I didn’t meet anyone, and no one accused me. It turned out that I thought too much. At the golden moment of 8 or 9 o’clock, everyone is focusing on their own way.
  After crossing the road, I continued walking along the street. Suddenly, I was obsessed with the feeling of walking with my eyes closed, especially when I was not sure if there was a pothole in the road ahead, or if there was a vehicle passing through, I stood with my eyes closed. At that moment, I could feel the sun shining on my face, warm and gentle, and I thought of a word in my mind: Ru Mufeng. Bathed in the sun, the chill in the body began to be repelled slowly, and the frozen heart began to recover.
  What do people and vehicles pass by to me? I’m just tired, and the people who enjoy the winter sunshine for a while will be beautiful in an instant. There are all things in the world, and there are all things in the world. Things are right. It is because we have too many desires and have no time to take care of our hearts. With my eyes closed, I can still see the scenery, and it is the scenery that I can’t see when I hurriedly walk.
  In the ear is the chirping bird song, which makes me feel like I am in the spring, the flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are dancing. The wind blew past him, like a child skating in summer. It was naughty and passionate.
  After closing my eyes, I opened my eyes again, looking for the sunlight that had just shone on my face, and found it full of eyes. Spread your hand, it jumps in the palm of your hand, warm. I remember when I was reading “Genius is on the left, Madman is on the right”, I thought about the validity of the senses. The story is that a person meditates, drinking water and eating white buns for a week. When he decides to return to society from a person’s world again, he will eat apples prepared in advance. The sweetness of the apple will awaken his sleepy senses, he tasted from the fragrance of his mouth and mouth is the happiness that other people can’t recognize even if they eat the taste of Shanzhen.
  For a long time, my senses were asleep. The sweet, sour and bitter tastes in the society have made me gradually numb and unable to recognize the beautiful taste. In the sun, with my eyes closed to feel, my senses can wake up, it turns out that it really exists effectively. There are many things in the world that can’t be forced and competed, but the sun is fair to everyone. As long as you are willing to feel, it will shine on you and make you feel warm.
  I photographed myself with my eyes closed in the sun and smiled secretly. This is not the most beautiful picture, nor the most beautiful face, but it is my purest moment this winter. After sending it to the circle of friends, I continued walking back, walking lightly, and brought home with sunshine.
  Wake up and see photos sent by colleagues sister. A picture of her wrapped in a scarf, wearing a large cotton-padded jacket, closing her eyes and laughing in the sun. She said that in this weather, you should bask in the sun. I smiled, and she dissipated the cold in my heart into a warm current. I silently collected her photos and remembered her eyes closed in the sun.
  Next morning, will you choose to close your eyes in the sun for a while?