One trip, one story

  One night, Hanmei and I returned to the inn after dinner. The stone road of the ancient city was uneven, and there were endless stairs. When I was climbing tiredly, at the end, I was attracted by a burst of singing.
  A young boy whose face was still immature sat on the stairs and sang to the score on the tablet. In front of him was a large guitar case with a piece of paper standing inside. : Lijiang street artist. There were only a few people who listened to the song, and occasionally strange travelers approached in a lively way, figured out what was going on, and left quickly. Looking at me approaching with interest, he asked me: “What song do you want to listen to, order one?”
  Almost without thinking, I asked: “Will you sing Zhang Weiwei’s” Midian “?”
  This It’s a very old folk song. NetEase Cloud Music’s annual report tells me that I have circulated singles more than 100 times a day. I don’t know why, walking on the stone road in Lijiang, I remembered this song.
  March misty rain, precarious south
  you sit on your empty rice store
  your apples in one hand, one hand holding the fate of
  looking at your own incense
  In fact, the wind was cold that night, and with my sister in Standing side by side in the wind, listening to one after another. Some people kept stopping to join us, and others looked over to stop for a while, and then left in a hurry. I always think that is the cutest scene I saw on the streets of Lijiang.
  The young boy was holding a guitar at the end of the ancient city and singing a song more mature than his age. The crowd around him turned into the background at that moment, the moment he spoke, the time became smoke.
Newcomer to Lashihai Honeymoon

  Horseback riding in Lashihai, all the way across the mountains. Due to the shadows that had fallen off my horse when I was young, I was very nervous and nervous along the way.
  In stark contrast to me, the girl in the back enjoys the time immediately, looking at Lashihai under the mountain, and even hummed “South of Caiyun”. The bumpy road didn’t affect her singing at all, the voice didn’t tremble or tune out, the singing was very pleasant.
  When dismounting, someone took a picture of our horse riding just washed out and sold it for twenty yuan. She came over to borrow cash from us and we really knew it.
  We were all snapped up in the photos, and I was surprised that she was willing to buy each one, so she couldn’t help reminding her: “Are you sure you want each one?”
  She said firmly: “Just commemorate “Then pointed to the boys around me, a little embarrassed, but still unable to hide the joy, explained:” This is our honeymoon trip. ”
  I realized this, and then nodded his approval. In exchange for me, I will buy each one as a commemoration, after all, such a trip can be very satisfying once in a lifetime.
  At noon, we decided to eat local chicken hot pot together. I only learned when I was eating that it was a military marriage.
  The two came from Guizhou and had just finished their wedding not long ago, but their honeymoon vacation was in a hurry, only five days. The boy said that this was still shy, and while pouring tea for each of us, he said, “I will take her for a few days when the holiday is at the end of the year.”
  Somehow the topic leads to the future life, which was a bit shy. The boy dropped his restraint, looked at the girl next to him, and raised his head and smiled at us: “I just hope that when I change jobs, I can do some small business with her. I don’t want her to be too tired, just a simple life. ”
  The mist of the hot pot burst on the boy’s face, and the girl beside him nodded while adding vegetables to his bowl. I sat across from this scene, and suddenly felt that the love in people’s mouth is probably like this.
  Distance can’t separate us, nor can we work, because we all have a heart occupied by each other, and because of such a heart, the complicated life and messy red dust have become so cute and simple.
Lugu Lake · Tears of the Goddess

  Before going to Lugu Lake, I only knew one poem about it, but now I finally embarked on a journey there. We started from Lijiang, and the journey was long. After nearly five hours of driving, we finally arrived at our destination.
  Some people say that Lugu Lake is the tears of the goddess, which is attributed to the blue tear-like clear water of that lake. We traveled by boat on the lake, the boat slowly moved on the blue waves, the two sides were distant and magnificent mountains, the gap between the clouds sprinkled with the cold and cold sky, the flocks of seagulls flew over our heads, and then stayed on the water Go with us. This situation made me have a poem that I learned when I was a child-the ape on both sides of the strait couldn’t keep up, and the light boat had passed the Ten Thousand Mountains.
  In the evening, we settled in the inn by the lake. The advantage of the lake view room is that the blue lake can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows, which is as quiet as a piece of amber. The Mosuo people have always been able to sing and dance. We watched the bonfire party for a while, and were rushed back to the inn by the sudden rain. The lights were turned off at night, and all the sounds were silent. Only occasional lightning flashed by, and a large sea of ​​grass outside the window fell into a dream.
  Early next morning, in order to watch the sunrise, we got up early. It’s a pity that Heavenly Father doesn’t make beauty, the golden light is blocked by thick clouds, leaving only a hazy and blurry shadow, so we went to sit in the local Mosuo people’s house.
  Lugu Lake still retains the tradition of maternal clan society. The grandmother is the head of the family and has the most noble status. There was a chill in the house and the lighting was not good. In March and March, a large group of people still warmed around the brazier.
  It was a little girl of my age who introduced us to the Mosuo culture. Her name was Dolma. Because she had been in vocational high school for several years in Kunming, she was selected by the village as a cultural representative and introduced to outbound tourists. local culture.
  Caohai, Lige Island, and Jinsha River are all the scenery that I have seen in this way enough to be described as “magnificent”, but I am most impressed by the Mosuo girl’s interpretation of her national culture. At that time, I looked up and looked up at the black-tiled roof of the old house. There was a ray of sunlight pouring in between the cracks, and the dust passed through the beam of light. The lingering posture was still clearly visible.
  When I left, I could still be on the bus, looking from the high to the clear blue water. People around me took out their phones to take pictures of the beautiful scenery along the way, but I was thinking about the poem I had seen:
  Raised high in animal husbandry whip
  pumping missing laden melancholy sunset Mountain Pass in the
  fall nameless clear Lake of ancient legends whispering in the shadows of the past weave full of
  mother married red shoes ah
  Lugu Lake Zhu Caochuan