Non-linear returns in life

  The hard part of life is to wait. Your abilities, your virtues, and the rewards they receive are almost not in the present, but seem to be in the far future. This is a non-linear return in life. In the short term, it seems that there is little difference between being good and bad, hard work and laziness, but at a certain moment, a person who has accumulated character and ability will suddenly have a big jump in level. It’s like a good stock and a good house. They don’t add prices evenly every day, but they boringly fluctuate for a long time, but suddenly rise in a short period of time.
  If you want to repay every day, you can’t bear the boring waiting, and naturally you can’t enjoy the surprise brought by the skyrocketing. The same is true in life.
  But this truth is really difficult to become a creed. The truth about people is not complicated literally, but to become a creed and action, we need to have painful skin. Perhaps after ten or twenty years, you have witnessed some people’s real success, and you have watched some people’s Huang Liang dreaming, and then you will know that every ordinary act has an intangible record, or reduced Points or extra points. From this point of view, you have hardships and hard work to do, which is actually a good thing, because you know that you are doing extra points; and the more deceptive the behavior is, the more deceptive it is to you. , Because these are deductions.
  After all, this world belongs to good people, virtues, and diligence, otherwise, humanity will be extinct long ago. People who don’t believe this are just persuading themselves to do evil, and attribute the cause of evil to others.
  Based on this principle, I really like the principle of honesty in cooperation. If you like each other, just speak out and praise each other sincerely; you can also be honest about your own requirements.

  If you pursue this strategy, will you meet someone who sits on the ground? Tell you honestly: yes. There are a certain percentage of people who ca n’t understand your sincerity, but instead think, hey, there ’s a fool who does n’t kill white. But what does it matter? After all, you and I are not stupid, and have a good understanding of the general market conditions. If the price exceeds the reasonable fluctuation range too much, you will know. Besides, anyone or any commodity is not irreplaceable. If you meet someone who is not in the right direction, you do n’t have to deal with him. Most people, when their efforts and their products are affirmed by others, their vision of giving back to you will be full of goodwill, thus greatly improving the efficiency of communication with each other. If you are really taken advantage of by others, and you lose once, it is not wasted. This is the cost of knowing people. Pulling these people into the blacklist will increase the quality of your collaborators. This It is also upgrading your system.
  Sincere, but not stupid, only choose partners who will give you sincere rewards. This is both an evolutionary strategy and a waiting job in life. You have to wait for your energy to grow, so you will meet collaborators with greater energy; you have to wait for the system upgrade you are in, and all the participants’ energy is growing. A person who wants to be better will also tend to be kind. He will hope that his city and country will be better, and that the whole world will be better. Complainers, curses, and other people reflect that He is getting worse.
  To gain temporarily with unscrupulous means, the final result may be lost forever. Kindness may temporarily bring you a little loss, but if you are not particularly stupid, you can quickly stop the loss and enter the stage of small profits. You will have a stable job, a stable business, and in a non-linear life, wait for your personality to explode. You can only do this if you believe this.