My friend Karoo

  One cold day eighteen years ago, I saw a big black dog rolling on the young wheat just after it had just grown. I was a little annoyed. In the past few days, I have always wanted to blow it away, but it just didn’t go.
  I told my father that this dog destroyed a large piece of wheat seedlings. “Blame you,” I blame my father, “A few days ago, why did you give it milk?”
  ”It looks hungry,” Dad replied, “Hey what stray dogs not to let it.”
  ”Yes It’s nothing, but it wants us to keep it now. ”
  ” What’s wrong with this? “Dad asked back.
  ”We already have a Jiabo, and it won’t let other dogs go to its territory.”
  Dad adopted several stray dogs, and I gradually loved the dogs, but the big black dog in front of him looked very fierce. , I’m a little scared.
  At that time, we had just moved from the city of Haryana to the countryside shortly afterwards, and we were very unfit for rural life. There are no neighbors near the house. There are a lot of nasty guys such as wild monkeys and mice, and sometimes a snake will be drilled from somewhere.
  At that time, I was a law student and I went to Delhi University to attend classes every week. When I was not at home, this black dog was right next to my dad, sometimes sleeping beside his bed. I wanted to get rid of it. My dad stopped me and said, “It’s clever and honest.”
  Jiabo shouted when he first saw this new partner, but the other party was indifferent. Jiabo had no choice but to get along peacefully . A few days later, poor Jiabo was hit by a bus and died outside the house. “If I listen to you, we don’t have any dogs now.” Dad said to me.
  Once, I saw a 12-year-old boy, Ankit, stealing pomegranates on our farm. I pulled the black dog and walked calmly to tell him: “Get off the tree!”
  I was surprised to find that the black dog not only did not bark but also waved his tail towards the boy. “This is my dog.” Ankit shouted from the tree. He didn’t care about stealing pomegranates, he patted the black dog affectionately, and said, “When he was very young, I took it back home. But then my mother found out that I was only playing with dogs and forgot to learn, so I hurried Go out. ”
  Ankit told me that the dog’s name was Karu, and Karu had been wandering on the street during the time Karu was driven out by her mother.
  Soon after Karu came to our house, he proved his ability. With it, the number of rats in and outside the house immediately decreased. As long as the mouse is seen, it can’t even catch up with the food to catch up, and of course it will inevitably knock over some bottles.
  Now, our family’s farm has become Karu’s site. If a stranger enters the gate, it will drive them away. When Karu was on the farm, even the wild monkeys dared not come. One night, I walked to the tube well and wanted to water the wheat field. Karu suddenly grabbed the ground with four claws and screamed nervously. I turned on the flashlight and was surprised to see a snake lying on the ground a few steps away. If I walked forward, I would step on the snake. The snake felt trouble and escaped into the grass.
  When sleeping at night, as long as there is a little movement, Karu will cry, just like an alert patrol. At 1 a.m. one night, Karoo’s cry awakened us. “Is there a thief?” Dad whispered to me.
  ”Who’s there?” Dad shouted out the window, and no one agreed. Karoo was more anxious. Suddenly, we heard a man shouting, “Help!”
  Mom didn’t dare to go out. My dad and I went out and saw Karoo thump a stranger in the moonlight. On the ground, the man’s clothes were torn by Karu. Sure enough, it was a thief who entered the house at night. With my dad’s help, I pulled Karu away. The thief got up from the ground and quickly disappeared into the night. Since then, we prefer Karoo.
  Karu was used to freedom and did not like being locked in the yard. After a long time, it will roar to the sky until we untie the chain. Once, Karoo ran out for two days, and when he came back, he brought a brown-red bitch. Caru licked his father’s hand, as if begging his master to leave his partner. Dad happily left the bitch and went to the market to buy it a new collar and a new chain. “We call it Larry.” Dad said to us while pouring milk for the bitch. A few months later, Lali gave birth to five puppies! Caru is a competent dog father, who has dug a deep hole in the farm land to serve as a nest for puppies. Although we feed the puppies every day, Kokaru still returns the bones found outside the nearby restaurant to his children.
  Karu lived with us faithfully for seven years. One day, he went out to play with his old friends and did not return for three days. An old lady who opened a teahouse told us that she saw Karu’s body. We followed her to the accident site in shock. “It seems to have eaten poisonous things.” The old lady said. So we buried Caru sadly.
  Later, we raised several dogs, including a Labrador and a Doberman, but none were as brave and loyal as Karoo. I did n’t like this unbelievable stray dog, but it made me understand the truth of my life: never judge who looks outside, you become his friend, he will become your friend.