Mother’s hand

 Every year on Mother’s Day, my mother and I will send greeting cards to each other. My mother lives in a town next to me and meets every day, but she still sends me postcards from time to time, as if sharing life wisdom with me in a distant place. After I became a mother myself, I asked her one time: “I don’t know how you did it. I would be as good as you are.” My mother wrote on the postcard sent to me: ” Do n’t demand yourself, you ’
  re doing well. ”It ’s not easy for my mother to pull me and my brother up. When I was young, my father died and she became a single mother all at once. Six months after my father’s death, I just turned 13 years old. When I was young, I always loved thinking, afraid that my mother would send me and my brother to an orphanage. I need my mother more than ever before, and I do n’t want her to leave me one step at any time. If she went to the store to buy things, I would count every minute at home until she came back. My mother filled in my missing fatherly love, but as soon as my mother left, my heart would soon be lost.
  So whenever possible, I will be around my mother. When she met with her friends on the weekend, I became her follower and followed her to the appointment instead of spending the weekend with her friends. My mother knows when to meet my needs, she will even postpone the trip to watch my first graduation ball. But she also knew when to push me out.
  ”I want to go to Rutgers to go to college.” When I was graduating, one day I told my mother like this.
  ”Ali Alexis,” her mother said with a sigh, “Rutgers home only two 15 minutes by car, you go there to learn the old to run home.”
  ”Then how do?”
  In the next weekend My mother took me to a few schools in Pennsylvania, where it was a 90-minute drive from home. Later, I chose Lehigh University. She smiled and said, “This university is close to home, but not too close. It’s good.”
  During my first week at Lehigh University, I had many difficulties. I called my mother a lot and asked her to come and see me once. “You just got there!” She said to me the third day I arrived at school. That night, she came to me by car and took me out for a meal. Later, outside my dormitory, she looked at the tearful me and put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You can spend this time.” At the
  beginning, I did not believe her, but Soon after, my life started on the right track and I met some new friends. Finally, I felt the unexpected gain from walking out of the house. My anxiety is less, I feel the freedom of young people, and I have completed the school activities that every college student must participate in.
  That being said, when I was about to graduate, my mother and I were together again. I have a degree in journalism to complete, but I am eager to join my mother’s team planning company. “No,” she said. Then she encouraged me to find a job in the outside world.
  I found a temporary job at a pharmaceutical advertising company, but then I found that the working environment was not good. “I will work with you.” I begged my mother. This time she finally gave in and said: “OK, you have some work experience outside, you can come to my company to try it.” After
  my daughter Avery was born, I did not take maternity leave at home. Just a few months after the child was born, I took her to work. When I was working, I put her in a rocking chair by the desk. “What should I do?” I asked my mother, I was worried that I would take care of the task while taking the children. Mother thought for a while, and tied a balloon loosely to her granddaughter’s big toe. “I think it might make her happy for a while,” she said. We all laughed, and Avery kicked her feet, and the balloons jumped up and down.
  I admire my mother very much, whether at work or in life, she can come up with ideas. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I asked her how she brought two children of the same age at the same time. She said: “You can’t be prepared seamlessly, but you can do it as long as you can.” I think this is a truth. My mother pulled me and my younger brother to grow up, relying on this proverb, there is no choice.
  After the second daughter Ella was born, my nervousness eased a lot. When I was too busy, my mother would come to help me. One morning, I called my mother: “Avery is going to join a birthday party. Can I send Ella to you?” After
  a moment of silence, my mother said, “I think you can handle it.” I was disappointed I hung up the phone, but my mother was right, I can handle it. On the team, I used a feeding bottle to feed Ella, and Avery had fun with other children on the side. I felt great.
  In my life, my mother knew when to help me and when to let me work hard, which gave me confidence. I thank my mother for teaching me everything. I think that in the future, if my two daughters encounter the same confusion, I will also have the wisdom of my mother. The hand holding the child is neither too loose nor too tight.