Mailing of potato chip bag “envelope”

  Recently, an event called “Posting Potato Chip Bags” Envelopes “” has quickly become popular in the UK.
  The average person finishes eating potato chips and throws the bag into the trash. But in the UK, nearly 300,000 people do not do this. Recently, the British sealed the finished potato chip bag, posted the mailing information, and put it directly into the postal box of the Royal Mail. In fact, many post offices in the United Kingdom provide free white envelopes, but people do n’t use envelopes and mail the finished potato chip bags directly. Why?
  It turned out that this was an environmental protection activity initiated by an environmentalist named Gerant Ashcroft. Some time ago, Gerant watched the marine life documentary “Blue Planet 2” produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. After reading it, he was deeply touched and collected some data. Gerant found that the British consume 6 billion packets of potato chips every year, but plastic potato chip bags cannot be recycled, and most of them can only be landfilled, causing great pollution to the environment. Therefore, Gerant pointed at one of the world ’s largest potato chip producers, Leshi, which produces at least 4 billion potato chip bags every year, and then launched a petition online, calling on everyone to participate in the “mailing potato chip bag” envelope “” Activities: “Plastics have a very serious impact on land, sea and living things. They will take hundreds of years to be broken down. Now, please send the finished potato chip bags back to Leshi to let them know that these are produced. The harm of potato chip bags! ”
  Unexpectedly, Gerant’s petition was received by nearly 300,000 people. Leshi previously registered a free mailing address online. For those responding to the event, it is very convenient to send out potato chip bags without postage. When mailing potato chip bags, many people not only fill in the address information of Leshi Company, but also attach the words they want to say to Leshi Company, such as “You produce 4 billion potato chip bags every year, we will now send them back to you, This way you can ‘produce and sell your own’. “” When so many non-degradable potato chip bags are stacked at your door, do you realize how much garbage you make every day? ”
  Facing a large number of potato chip bag “envelopes” received every day, Leshi’s senior staff had a headache. After many meetings and discussions, they issued a statement on the official website, saying that they will seriously solve the problem of potato chip bag recycling in the future: “Leshi will achieve 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging in 2025. At present, Leshi has started to use degradable packaging in the United States, India, Chile and other countries. Leshi attaches great importance to the potato chip bags sent by you, and the company is still studying more ways to solve the problem, so please everyone Don’t send potato chip bags anymore! ”
  After the announcement of Leshi, the” envelope “incident of mailing potato chip bags came to an end. But it is far from over, because it brings people all kinds of discussion and thinking.
  Some people think that this matter seems to be a punishment for Leshi, but in fact it is busy with the Royal Mail. Although the Royal Mail is obliged to receive and process and send the potato chip bag to the mailing address, the potato chip bag is not a general envelope and cannot be sorted by machine. It can only be checked one by one manually, so it is time-consuming and laborious.
  Therefore, it was suggested that the potato chip bags should be packed into envelopes before being sent to Leshi. But when such a proposal came out, many people were worried about another problem: What if the envelopes were filled with Royal Mail?
  Not only that, but many British people went to the supermarket to buy potato chips, eat potato chips, and mailed potato chip bags. After the event, many people realized that something was wrong: Doing this made them fat and not to mention, but also increased the revenue of Leshi, does it really make sense?
  Netizen Pasquali’s question on Twitter is most thought-provoking. He said: “What if we just save the planet and our cholesterol by not buying potato chips, instead of buying potato chips and sending the packaging back?