Leave a small corner for innocence

  There is a boy who graduated from the Chinese Department of a prestigious western university. When he started working, he was assigned to the office of an institution in a small county town. The post was secretarial. But in specific work, he was regarded as a golden oil. In addition to daily official documents, reports, and newspapers, he was often sent to do other tasks. It was normal to serve tea and pour water, clean hygiene, and organize newspapers. But he also repaired toilets, lights, doors and windows. Once, in order to change a piece of glass, he accidentally fell from the second floor, but fortunately did not cause serious injuries.
  I am a friend with him. On the weekend, I went to see him and had lunch at a small roadside restaurant. I finished the order and waited for a while before he came too late. As soon as he entered the small box, a sour smell came. His white shirt sleeves rolled up stained, I was surprised and said: “? You’re working in a children ‘
  .” Ah units on the second floor, the third floor of the toilet is broken, can not find a weekend mechanic, so …… “His words I was interrupted halfway through.
  ”You are a college student and the post is the secretary. You can leave other jobs completely, just push it away!” I said to him indignantly.
  ”It’s okay! Everyone is very busy. I’m young. I’m a bachelor. I should run more errands and do miscellaneous things.” He said with a naive smile peculiar to Northwestern boys.
  ”As you do, you can judge advanced individuals by the end of the year?” I teased him, thinking that advanced can’t have his share.
  ”I’m doing things in a down-to-earth manner, being honest and honest, and I believe that leaders and colleagues will recognize them.” He didn’t even hear what I was saying, and he really followed my words.
  Looking at the Northwestern boy in front of me, I couldn’t help thinking of the stubborn little yak on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but I couldn’t find any more words of persuasion, so I shook my head.
  He saw me silent, and firmly reminded me with an emphasized tone: “Really, I believe that the sentence ‘pays always returns”. ”
  ” Really naive! “I replied helplessly to his three words.
  After dinner, I went to sit in his dormitory. The small dormitory is located on the second floor of the corner of the unit’s compound courtyard, facing north, and a small window is opened along the south-facing corner of the corridor. It can occasionally penetrate a little sunlight. A shabby desk is placed under the window, and a light blue table The desk lamp was used by him in college and was filled with books, newspapers and magazines. Most of them were brought from the school, but there were a few more books on work.
  He said he liked this little corner very much, and the favorite in the room was the old desk soaked in time by the corner of the window. In this quiet corner, he can read and write. Whenever there is sunshine, he will write poetry, dream, and travel far away.
  Looking at him, I couldn’t help but label him “naive”.
  For work reasons, I know several colleagues in his unit, but when it comes to mentioning him, no one would laugh at him for being too silly, too naive, and too naive. Since then, there is such a naive silly boy in this unit, and he continues to be naive as always.
  Two years later, the office of the county party committee selected secretarial secretaries. With his excellent writing skills, he successfully passed the written test. In organizing the inspection, he actually got the full score of the unit’s opinion poll. In individual interviews, his colleagues rated him the most as “honest, hard-working, hard-working”. Soon after, he was transferred to the county party committee office, and within three years he was raised to the city, and then he was promoted to the department leader and became the city’s outstanding young cadre representative.
  Another winter day, I went to this small county town on a business trip. After passing through his former dormitory, I instinctively wanted to see him, but I thought that he had moved to the city long ago, bought a new house, and had a new home. But I don’t know why, my legs seemed to be drawn by a magical force, and came to the second floor unconsciously.
  Sure enough, the doors and windows were locked tightly. But through the bright glass, I saw the warm winter sun slowly crawling to the old desk in the corner. I seemed to see the boy who used to work innocently, read innocently, and wrote poems innocently, still sitting in the little naive corner he loved most.
  I know that this time it was his innocence that dragged me to this small dormitory. But this innocent, who was once ridiculed, has now produced pure fruit. In an instant, I seemed to understand that, in fact, it is not him who is really naive, but me, those people who have laughed at his naivety and are now gray-haired.
  I remembered a word from Xin Qiji: “Sparse and faint, ask who is comparable to the naive color.” It means that the plum blossoms are full of branches, the flowers are sparse, and the color is light, who can match the natural naive color Comparable. Today, the naive boy has gone through the vicissitudes of life and sweat, but I still pray that he will always leave a small corner for innocence in the long journey of life, and always be a naive boy.