Landslide wish

  I dipped in the original ceremony of the New Year,
  stroking the red phosphor paper in your eyes, the
  light is stacked with the wishes of spring,
  looking forward to a sweet construction.
  This winter construction is called “Wishing”, as if in a traditional festival, build your own wonderful private station, waiting for the tram called “Hope” to pass and stop in the cold. This tram carries different shapes of wishes, with lantern-like red light passing through every station built with dreams. And these stations, big or small, or far or near, are with the people at the turn of two years, looking forward to its arrival.
  The tram packed all private wishes, weighed them and displayed them on the important destinations of our lives, waiting for those who finally realized them to retrieve them personally and give them gifts of the years. However, in recent years, as a public transportation bound for spring, it has also encountered some puzzled problems.
  Question one: The stations it stops at are built by fewer and fewer adults, and what they see are mostly children’s stations.
  The ringing of the New Year’s bell heralds the beginning of the tram, which sets off against the sky and fireworks. On both sides of the railroad track, it saw many children with their hands folded together, some old people who had fallen into the twilight, and the scattered stations of adults. Perhaps, under the pressure of the times, the adults who are wrapped in matures are tired of longing and even forget their precious wishes. They no longer believed in the meaning of the wish, no longer carried out this spiritual construction, and instead dismantled the stations built in childhood, discarded them in the thick shadows, and then became the weight-bearing gear in the actual order again, putting themselves Rotating in a position that is no longer a fantasy, one circle after another, deviating from hope, and worn away are those precious desires in the feelings.
  There is a shallow sun outside the tram, and a sun inside the tram. It always keeps the colorful carriages for tired adults, so many colorful scenes are enough to represent their colorful life. It will stop at the stations of those adults more and retain their clear youth.
  Question two: After weighing the desire, its “burden” is getting lighter and lighter, and most of the changes are the wishes of young people.
  After feeling the winter of all subtle angles, the tram has collected all the wishes, and it wants to store these fresh secrets and fashion boxes. Those young people who live on a day as strong as toast, dilute their dreams and dilute their feelings in the ingredients of the years, and instead add a little helplessness, letting the day be paralyzed in the traditional formula and losing what it deserves Tendon and sweetness. The online dictionary refers to this phenomenon as a “landfall wish”, which is interpreted as “want to be a scientist and astronaut when I was a child, wanted to realize all my own values, and to be a useful person to society, but after being educated again and again, my desire One year is not as good as one year, and now we just want to avoid unlucky things. ”
  The slide of desire is not only the slide of life forced to increase, the speed is forced to increase, but also a kind of self-deprecating self-deprecating to oneself, the dream that once dared to imagine, has grown into a failed work in the oven, burnt, bitter , No flexibility. Because of these setbacks, the young people lost confidence in the wish, but they did n’t know that as long as the ratio was adjusted, on a soft morning, they would see the kind of desires added to the day, strong and tempting.
  Through the window, the tram saw the ambiguous aspirations, which bound those young people’s wishes to today’s wishes, hoping that they could remember the person they wanted to be, and the serious childish words. Bogey, coupled with such weight, no longer slide.
  Question three: After years and months, fewer and fewer people retrieve their wishes, and most of them are left unfulfilled.
  After traveling through the four seasons, the tram is waiting at every major destination in life, waiting for those who have fulfilled their wishes. It is ready for years of generous gifts and rewards to the original builders to greet everyone who is crying with joy, or who has gone through the hardships from darkness to the stars. However, its waiting was accompanied by more and more solitude. More people forgot the moment when the station was built, and enjoyed the sweetness that was passing by at that time, but forgot to move on. And those who are diligent in writing and eventually become novelists, those who are good at sharing and eventually become public welfare people, those independent musicians who are not unique to the general public, and those who have been the weakest but all-round disabled people Through the palm, through the smart fragments of memory, integrated into a force that penetrates life, through more and more wounds bound by gauze.
  The tram still hovered beside the vomiting sun, still waiting for more people to retrieve their wishes. But now, it is waiting for more and more people to realize their dreams, using hollow carving knives, tiling and flipping life, and fine lines engraving those folded wishes.
  And unfolding them will be a more complete and amazing day.
  After resolving these complicated problems, the public transportation to spring again set off again. In 2019, it has collected a lot of wishes, filled with cars of twelve different months, crossed mountains and ridges, went to those end points that we did not know, and became a little bit beautiful in our lives.

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