Hibiscus one day, be proud of oneself

  Recently, because of work reasons, I want to collect and collate relevant information of Bai Juyi. I accidentally saw that “the pine tree is dead for thousands of years, and the hibiscus flower is proud of itself for a day.”
  In fact, I had seen this poem when I was in the third or fourth grade of elementary school, but from then until recently, based on my pale and childish life experience, I just felt that such a sentence is quite unusual for Bai Juyi. New idea. The hibiscus flower blooms for a short period of time, and it usually opens and falls. I always thought that Mr. Bai was just complaining about it.
  Until one day, I watched a movie called “Looking for Thousand Li Xiu”. Qianlixiu is the originator and master of the Japanese tea ceremony, and has a profound influence on the development of the Japanese tea ceremony. There is such a scene in the movie: When he was young, Qian Lixiu wanted to rescue the Korean princess who was trafficked to Japan, but was surrounded by a chaser in a beach hut. The two couldn’t speak the language, so Qianli Xiu used the Chinese characters that were common to the intellectuals of China, Japan and South Korea to communicate with the princess of Korea. ?
  The Princess’s answer was to shake her head, and then wrote: Hibiscus is proud of herself for a day.
  Hibiscus, the princess in the play used this flower to make answers about life and death choices. Life is so long, you always have to learn something, you can learn from wherever you want, as long as you are finally exposed to good things for us. At that moment, I deeply realized the beauty of life. In the meaning of the proud hibiscus flower on this day, although delicate and soft, it was tough and noble.
  Lifetime, vegetation and autumn are all laws that do not rely on human will. “Pine trees are dead for thousands of years, and hibiscus flowers are proud of themselves for a day.” This is the case in nature, and life is impossible, and there must be death in life, so people should “why not worry about death in the world, and not be bored with life.” Because there is life and death, it is in line with the laws of natural development. The correct attitude to life should be: consider how to give birth to brilliance in a short period like hibiscus in your lifetime.
  I have always felt that the good is always short, the more gorgeous, the shorter, just like the fleeting sunset, like the full moon leaning against the mountains, like chasing the time of the sunset as a child. The short-lived beauty has troubled me. I am anxious like many people. I am upset by the troublesome things in reality; I am confused about the future, I do n’t know what I am most suitable for; I regret my youth I have failed There is anxiety that is too late to be afraid … All kinds of messy fantasies and endless desires keep my mind in a state of anxiety. But after understanding the hibiscus flower that is proud of the day, a feeling of relaxation and relief came to my mind.
  I suddenly understood this truth, that is, when you do a thing, you must focus, no matter how small this thing is, you have to experience every moment of it exclusively.
  ”Treasure time”, we grew up under such teaching from childhood, it comes from parents, teachers, and even all the aphorisms around. “Treasure time” accompanies our entire growing career, we are familiar with it, but never seem to know each other. But when you reach a certain age, or see a certain poem, you will suddenly find that this sentence is extremely correct. Wang Xiaobo wrote in the “Golden Age”: “That day I was 21 years old, in the golden age of my life. I have a lot of extravagance. I want to love, want to eat, and want to become dark and half dark Cloud. “We are not prepared for the future too much, and today is the most important thing.
  A flower blooms after its decay, and at the beginning, a flower hopes to look out from the outside. A short day is the only one, and all you can have. Your entire life is unfolded in the space of this eternal day, and this eternal moment is also the only constant constant, so why not fall in love with the world, and do n’t dislike and hate life.
  Hibiscus is proud for a day. There is no regret in living your own splendid life.