Hawking’s three bets

  Hawking is one of the most outstanding physicists after Newton and Einstein, and is known as the “king of the universe”. In addition to scientific research, he is optimistic and humorous, and loves life. He once appeared in the American drama “The Big Bang Theory” and wrote the popular science book “A Brief History of Time.” In addition, Hawking is also a famous “gambler”.
  At the age of 33, Hawking made the first scientific game. Whether the X1 binary star surrounding the Swan constellation contained a black hole, he made a bet with the theoretical physicist Thorne. Thorne thinks it contains black holes, and Hawking thinks it doesn’t. Both parties wrote a gambling letter with utmost care. If Thorne wins, Hawking subscribes Thorne to the magazine “Penthouse” for one year; if Hawking wins, Thorne subscribes to the private detective magazine for Hawking for four years. In 1990, the gambling contract was fulfilled, and Hawking broke into Thorne’s office, turning out the gambling receipts of that year and imprinting the thumbprint, acknowledging defeat.
  Only one year later, Hawking once again bet with Thorne and another scientist, John Preskill, that there can be no naked singularity in the universe, and the loser must provide the other with clothes that can wrap “naked”. The funny thing is that in less than 4 months, Hawking found himself losing again: after the black hole has evaporated, it may indeed retain a naked singularity. Until 1997, scientists at the University of Texas proved that when black holes collapsed, under very special conditions, naked singularities could theoretically exist. Helpless Hawking conceded defeat again and bought a T-shirt for each of his opponents.
  Hawking lost two games, but this did not dampen his enthusiasm for betting. In 2000, Hawking wagered $ 100, betting that the “God Particle” Higgs boson would not be found on any collider, which triggered a protracted war between cosmic physicists and particle physicists. In July 2012, the European Center for Nuclear Research announced that it had discovered a new particle on the LHC most likely to be the Higgs boson. Hawking pledged to lose, and he sent a $ 100 check to physicist Higgs.
  Usually, people who bet want to be winners, but for Hawking who must lose every time he bets, he does not care about winning or losing. Hawking once explained to people: “If I lose, the other party will get a great scientific discovery; and if I win, then there is nothing new for science, but at least I can win the bet, and I will not be unhappy “Behind the good bets is Hawking’s true passion for scientific research, which is appreciated by everyone who knows the truth.

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