Dyson’s 5127th trial

  At the beginning of 2019, a piece of news hit the headlines of major newspapers in the world: James Dyson became the richest man in Britain with a fortune of $ 13.8 billion.
  As a child, Dyson likes to disassemble and disassemble things, toys, home appliances, and tableware. Anything that can be disassembled, he will try to disassemble and disassemble. When he was admitted to the Royal College of Art, majoring in design, Dyson’s hands-on ability was stronger. The design of the “sea truck” transport ship won him a special award from the Duke of Edinburgh. After graduation, the ball-wheeled cart designed by Dyson won the Architectural Innovation Award. This design effectively solved the shortcoming of the three-wheeled cart that was easily stuck in the ditch, and thus became a new favorite on the construction site.
  After marriage, Dyson is a good man at home. On this day, the vacuum cleaner went on strike again, and Dyson ran to the dealer to deal with the problem. The dealer had already been surprised, and answered indifferently: “The dust bag is blocked, and then it is new. Several dust collection bags are available for Dyson to choose. Dyson was very angry and determined to make a bagless vacuum cleaner.
  Drawing, designing, and testing, Dyson ’s test products were done one after another, and the results failed without exception. The experiment affected the company’s effectiveness, and several shareholders joined forces to boycott Dyson. In desperation, Dyson had to sell his shares and resign to go home. Dyson felt guilty because there was no income, and the purchase of test materials required a lot of money, and his wife ’s salary was meager. A year later, the family’s financial situation lights up in red. In order to continue the experiment, his wife used the property as a mortgage, applied for a bank loan for Dyson, and the whole family moved to an old farmhouse to live.
  Two more years later, on the day when the 5126th test failed, Dyson walked in the suburbs in frustration. A robin flew over his head and stopped at a wood processing plant for about 5 meters. High separator top. The cone-shaped separator screamed, and the sound of wood chips falling down could be heard from outside the wall. As a science and engineering man, Dyson has long been familiar with the working principle of a cyclone separator. An excellent test plan has been initially formed. Dyson was very happy and bowed to the robin again and again. At the moment in the sky, the clouds spread away.
  The next day, the assembly of the 5127th test product was completed, and Dyson carefully installed this small centrifugal dust cyclone motor on the vacuum cleaner. The stones, cotton wool, and hair used for verification were thrown on the ground, and they were “swallowed” into the stomach by a vacuum cleaner without exception. “Wow!” Dyson cheered, looking for something to suck in.
  Dyson came to the vacuum cleaner factory with the new product he designed. After listening to his introduction, the boss was reluctant to accept a bagless vacuum cleaner. Dyson had to come to Japan with a prototype. After the trial sale, the bagless vacuum cleaner was much loved by Japanese users. Seeing this scene, Dyson returned home and once again promoted to the British market.
  This time, Dyson did not rush, but made many improvements to the product. After investigation, Dyson found that many British men have the habit of doing housework like themselves. So, in addition to putting products in high-end electrical distribution outlets, Dyson also put bagless vacuum cleaners in fashion brand men’s clothing stores for sale. Three months later, sales of bagless vacuum cleaners in men’s clothing stores were staggering. Many men love the pink color of the bagless vacuum cleaner, and they are full of praise for its transformer-like appearance. Replacing different sizes of suction heads makes men happy, and it seems that they have returned to their childhood. Despite the high price, Dyson’s vacuum cleaner quickly occupied the British market and successfully entered Buckingham Palace, and then achieved amazing sales in Switzerland, the United States, Canada and Australia.
  After the success of the bagless vacuum cleaner, Dyson did not stop, he invested most of the funds in new technology research. Regardless of shape, design concept, or intelligence, Dyson’s products are challenging traditional traditions, and the way in which brains are opened up allows peers to worship. Hand dryers that don’t use hot air, fanless electric fans, donut hair dryers, and self-winding curling irons … Each of Dyson’s products can be praised again and again.
  71-year-old Dyson often said: “Failure is not terrible, because every failure can learn something. Since there are 5,126 failures, we must wait until the 5127th success!”