Brocade sample water flow

  Su Ying said: “Nalan Rongruo’s ‘Brilliant Years Water Samples’ is best for young girls who are not deeply involved in the world.” In all fairness, I think this is quite reasonable.
  When I was studying, I remember a lot of girls in fancy notebooks filled with similar or vicissitudes or gorgeous sentences. In fact, not only little girls, but even big boys like me have an excerpt, filled with hazy verses, and read them out when they are okay. See through the world.
  Since the Internet, there have been fewer students using notebooks. There are hundreds of friends in my QQ, most of them are my students, from time to time they can see a word in the “talk”. Sometimes they laugh at the words they chew, because so did I. But the carrier we chew is an excerpt, the carrier they chew is the Internet.
  The process of chewing a good sentence sometimes resembles chewing sugar cane. The length of sugar cane varies from sugar to sugar. Sugarcane roots are thick and have the most nutrients, so they are sweet; the tips are small, chewing is not only less juice but not sweet, so the saying goes: “Sugarcane can not be sweet on both ends.” Reading poems should also choose, there is always a sentence in a good poem or A few sentences will make you fall in love at first sight and tremble at the first reading. This is not difficult to understand. Nalan Rongruo ’s first sentence of Huanxisha killed countless poetry lovers in seconds.
  However, chewing a good sentence is not exactly like chewing sugarcane, because after the sugarcane is chewed, only the residue is left, but the better sentence is more delicious. It’s a pity that people like the “sophisticated water and stream” are always difficult to appreciate the true essence. Most of the time they just like to go crazy because of the beautiful rhythm of the sentence. Just as people care more about the appearance of sugar cane, they tend to ignore whether sugar cane is sweet or not.
  At the age of the brocade, the little girls do not realize the speed of the “water stream”. They always think that time is too slow. They often hope that time will go faster and faster, so that they can grow up quickly. When you grow up, you can do whatever you want: buy a tablet, watch Japanese anime, buy a limited edition Guo Jingming novel. Do n’t know, when they really grow up, their hair is white, and their jade appearance is full, when they are fully capable of fulfilling their childhood wishes, they have long lost their desire to acquire. A splendid splendid life. It’s a pity that the splendid years have long since passed away.
  ”Sophisticated water and stream”, such a sentence that can be resonated with forever by sad people, actually reflects the eternal helplessness and sadness of human beings. As time goes by, time is like a shuttle, time, this invisible and untouchable monster is always attached to our souls, and steals our souls unconsciously and takes away our youth. So, while those who enjoy youth are still ignorant, those who have lost their youth are envious of their youth, and they can’t help but “shredded tears in the beads.”
  There are a few lyrics in Faye Wong’s “Liu Nian”, which makes people listen to the heartbeat: “Meeting a firework show, with a reincarnation time, Ziweixing flows, too late to say goodbye, has been away from me for a light year.” Listen Listening, it makes people feel like they are in the reincarnation of the fleeting years, and they have become nothing but ethereal. It was too late for the shark beads to fall, and a light-year distance was born.
  Yan Shu said, “There is no choice but to let the flowers fall,” Huang Lei sang “A glimpse of water in the past, how many years have been understated.” Whether it is an ancient poem or a modern song, there is a sense of sadness. Only, why do people have to wait until the day is thin and Xishan do not know how to cherish it?
  I have a student who always likes to sleep during class. I told him, do you know what is the next sentence of “You don’t have to sleep long before you die?” He was sleepy and sleepy, but blurted out, “I must sleep forever after death.” Very smart person, but, next time, he will sleep. In fact, I really want to give him a sentence I saw: “Sometimes, you will find that you only took a nap under the tree of old age, and then you get old.”