Be a CEO by being a teacher

  Thirty years have passed, and Hangzhou has grown larger and larger. I did not expect that I was getting closer and closer to my alma mater. My current office is only one or two kilometers away from Hangzhou Normal University, so sometimes when I look back, I know where I came from and never forget who I am.
  A few days ago, I arrived on the campus of Hangzhou Normal University. The alma mater ’s evening was very quiet and the atmosphere of reading was very good. I am glad that our school has a good school spirit.
  I think Hangzhou Normal University is one of the best universities in the world. I always say this when I speak at other universities. I will also tell them that if you graduated from Peking University or Tsinghua University, please look at those schools that look like ordinary, such as Hangzhou Normal University, with an appreciative eye. If you graduated from Hangzhou Normal University, please look at yourself with appreciation. In fact, we still have a lot of opportunities. Our opportunities are great. The unique value we have created is far from being realized.
  I spent a very happy four years in Hangzhou Normal University, and it is also the most important four years in my life. I will not forget these four years. As you know, I took the college entrance examination three times and failed twice before being admitted to Hangzhou Normal University. I thank Hangzhou Normal University for giving me such a chance. Therefore, before entering Hangzhou Normal University, it has taught me a lesson-what is failure and what is frustration, which makes me always strive to be a successful loser.
  The second remarkable thing that Hangzhou Normal University taught me is to train me into a teacher. I often say that I have never been or learned how to be a CEO. I am a teacher to be a CEO. In my opinion, the CEO is Chief Education Officer-Chief Education Officer. Therefore, I brought all my experiences in Hangzhou Normal University to my entrepreneurial experience. Because teachers are a very great profession and the greatest profession.
  The only purpose of being a teacher is to make your students stronger and better than you. No teacher wants his student to go bankrupt, and no teacher wants his student to have an accident. We all hope that students do better than themselves. If the CEO ca n’t do the same as the teacher ’s idea of ​​accomplishing others, not to help employees succeed, not to help customers succeed, or to help partners succeed, I believe this company Difficult to succeed.
  Many Alibaba executives are teachers. There is a kind of idealism in the teacher. It is this idealism that has made Alibaba a unique company. Four years of teacher training, six years of teacher career, and these ten years of experience have made me what I am today. I have always remembered that I am a normal student, and it is my greatest honor to be a teacher in my life.
  In fact, I have never stopped being a teacher. I am getting busy now, but as long as I have time, I will go to university and look forward to sharing. Others may think that I speak a lot, but this is an occupational disease for me as a teacher. I am also proud of this occupational disease. I always hope that one day I will be able to go back to school, not to be a teacher to be a teacher, but to be a teacher for the future, because I am more and more aware that education will definitely change dramatically.