Update your life in time

Ask a colleague to help amend a document, he told me that the system is being updated, let me wait a moment. This makes me very puzzled, he just updated a few days ago! I’m a white computer. I can’t turn on the computer without having to turn on the computer. I never thought about maintenance. As for the update, in the past two years since I used this computer, I have never updated the system once. But I have to admit that colleagues are really efficient in doing things, rarely make mistakes, and there is no such thing as a chain at a critical moment. After finishing the computer, my colleague quickly modified the file for me. At this moment, I suddenly felt that my colleagues’ previous busyness was worthwhile, even though I used to think it was superfluous. It seems that it is really “frequently new” as colleagues say!

In the dictionary, “more” means to change or change, and “new” means to just appear and have not been used, as opposed to “old”. The so-called “update” refers to the replacement of the new, which means removing the old and ushering in the new. When changing seasons, women often ca n’t wait to dispose of old clothes they do n’t wear in the closet, so as to make room for newly purchased clothes; some old and unsuitable items should also be eliminated and new batches of items added … Every time, we need to update ourselves or the things around us.

The same is true in nature. After logging, fire, or other damage to the forest, a number of saplings will grow again, and they will slowly grow and gradually grow into towering trees to restore the forest to its previous appearance. This is the self-renewal of nature.

When I was little, when the leaves were about to fall at the end of autumn, my grandmother would take out the quilt in the cabinet and the cotton clothes we wore, take it out, wash it, dry it, and then add some new cotton. After the grandmother’s clean up, the quilt and cotton coat became fluffy and soft again, and it was attached to the face, and you could smell the sunshine, as if you were in a warm place. Seeing us happy, my grandmother always smiled and said: “These things are also alive, they also like new ones, who wants to keep old ones all the time? Haven’t our girls kept clamoring for new clothes?” Grandma’s words made us laugh. I like Grandma’s statement. This is also the first time I have a concrete and vivid understanding of “update”.

The update on the item is obvious, but there is another update that is invisible to the naked eye, that is, the spiritual update. As our body grows, our thoughts must constantly continually renew and improve ourselves. Only in this way can we keep ourselves fresh and energetic.

Once my mother came to see me in the city where I worked, and helped me clean up the house by the way, put all the clothes I changed into the washing machine and cleaned it, and filled the refrigerator with the food I like to eat. That day, after working overtime, I was as tired as usual, but this time I did not feel wronged. Because I know that the food waiting for me at home is delicious food, not a pile of dirty clothes that have not been washed, and I feel very happy. Yes, update your life in time, you will live a more active and happy life. Edit / Slim hand warmer