Unruly snow

It’s snowing in our northern city. The last snowfall lasted for three days and three nights. The highway was blocked and the subway was stopped. The buses were tied to the snow chains and they dared not drive fast. Humans slid in the snow. In my words, I ca n’t wait for more Stabbed his toes to the ground. I am most afraid of the kind of road with snow on top and icing underneath. Keeping balance on ice and snow pavement requires a lot of mentality rather than skill. There are also art masters who walk boldly on slippery roads, as in the difficult and rough world, some people walk on thin ice, others scream.

Of all the unpredictable situations, snowy days should be the most unpredictable and even the most joyful accident. Even if the road slips wrong and blame the weather, it will be like complaining about a wayward bear child. Although annoyed, it is snow and icy roads, not spinning snow.

Snowflakes, like fallen leaves, have a fleeting beauty. The scenes of heavy snow in the movies are often arranged when the relationship between lovers changes. In a quarter-speed slow-motion, accompanied by music and slow falling snowflakes or rotating leaves, the male and female protagonists say that no one will turn back, and each will move towards the future without the other … It is a broken love and a breakup, because it slows down the rhythm and lengthens the process. It is not anxious to run to an end point, and it will become poetic and beautiful.

In “Biography of Rugao”, Rugao sat at the door, staring at the heavy snow, as if admiring the fireworks-flowers blooming and gorgeous flowers are easily damaged, and people are scattered easily in the depths, Qing Ying silently said goodbye to her love in her heart. The heavy snow at this moment is not only the sadness of “the white world shatters into snow, all happiness has been shed into tears, and I face the heartbreak of the whole night alone” sadness, but also a ceremony to bury the past and welcome Nirvana.

In some customs, the snowy day is a good day for confession. In the Korean drama “Please answer 1988”, Deshan, who has just begun to love, thinks that his neighbor brother, Shanyu, likes himself. Seeing that snow began to fall in the sky, he waited for Shanyu to confess to himself. Waiting and waiting, they found that Shanyu was confessing to her elder sister Paula. The two stood in the snow, holding their hands against each other, and the falling snowflakes became their emotional endorsement. Deshan realized that Shanyu had always cared for himself enthusiastically because he secretly loved Paula and Wuwu. Deshan was immediately sad and sweet, moved and lost, and three people mixed in a snow.

If falling flowers and fallen leaves symbolize the glorious early spring and late autumn, falling snow is the unrefined innocence and freedom. A cat, a friend, had a small hair, and the two split up and down together. On a snowy day, she remembered the text message “If the sky is loving, the snow falls silent”. She also sent Zhang Xuejing to him in the southern city. He said, “I haven’t seen snow for a long time.” A cat teased, “All the snow I saw was unfair.” The other responded, “Yes, it’s the kind of snow that looks up, no head down, pretends to be ridiculous …” Snow is tentative, and acknowledges that everything is flowing and changing. Don’t rush to be checked and tied up by the micro-power in a fixed relationship. It’s good.

Marshall Bowman has a book titled “Everything Solid Has Dissipated”, and he regards the rapidly melting snow, the accumulating and disappearing quicksand, the footprints and ruts that are soon covered, as a symbol of modernity. Since orchids are fickle, and treat those origins and annihilation, it is better to be like a prince, on a snowy night looking around, visit a friend by rafting and sailing, and walk back and forth, and may not necessarily see he.

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