Spring has returned, looking at the beauty, spring

Spring has returned, looking at the beauty, spring streamers. Unreasonable wind and rain, refused to conquer the cold. Swallows in this year are expected to dream of Xiyuan tonight. Unrecognizable, the yellow mandarin recommends the wine, and the green leek piled up?

However, Dongfeng laughed, and since then Kaoru plum dyed willow, no more leisure. When I am free, I come to the mirror again to change Zhu Yan. Suffering from worries, ask who will solve the chain? For fear of seeing the flowers bloom, Saiyan came back first.

【Appreciation of poems】
“Han Gong Chun · Li Chun Ri” is a poem written by Xin Qiji, a patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. From the curling spring streamers on the beauty’s hair, I saw that Spring has returned. Although it has returned from spring, there are still wind and rain to send cold, like Xu Han still in winter. The swallows have not returned to the north, and they are expected to return to the West Garden tonight. Feeling sad and full of emotions, he has no intention to deal with the festive things.

Dongfeng has been busy decorating the world’s flowers since the spring day, and then came to the mirror in his spare time to steal the youthful appearance. No worries, no worries. Fear of seeing the flowers blossoming and falling away in a blink of an eye, Saiyan came back to the north before me.

This word cuts the topic of “Lichun Day” everywhere. It begins with “Spring has Returned” and writes the custom of the folk Lichun Day, expressing the feelings of the time and personnel.

【Health Interpretation】
The ancients paid special attention to solar health, especially the initial preparations for the “one-year plan lies in spring”, and also had a sense of ritual. In addition to the custom of “Spring has returned, see the beauty on the head, the spring streamer”, many places also have the custom of eating spring rolls. So from the perspective of TCM health care, what should be paid attention to during the Spring Festival solar term?

● There are five taboos in Lichun
Avoid bodily injury
The five organs in spring belong to the “liver”, and the focus of natural health is also the liver. Chinese medicine believes that the corresponding five elements in spring are “wood”, and the corresponding five organs are liver! In spring, the trees grow upward and stretch out. This feature is similar to the functional characteristics of the liver in the five internal organs described by traditional Chinese medicine. The liver has the functions of calming emotions and ventilating the Qi.

Chinese medicine believes that “the liver is the root of striking the pole”, and striking the pole means that the liver is the most powerful and durable, that is, the liver is the most powerful body and can withstand fatigue. Therefore, people with healthy liver are always energetic. But many people want to give a good start to work or study in the spring. They often stay up late to work overtime or study. They feel that they are young and energetic. There is no problem. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the blood that belongs to the liver lies in the liver”, so going to bed and getting enough sleep is the best liver protection medicine, and it is also the easiest way to prevent “spring sleepiness”.

Two bogey acids
TCM health care believes: “It is better to save acid and increase sugar in spring to support spleen qi.” This is because spring is prone to spleen and stomach weakness, so it is best to eat less sour and spicy, slightly sweeter is more suitable, you can choose yam, lily, fungus Wait. Chinese medicine believes that porridge is the most nourishing spleen and stomach. If you usually feel painful stomach ache, poor appetite, easy dry mouth and throat, or even body weight loss, red tongue and less moss, you may wish to eat some yam lily jujube porridge. Chinese yam has the functions of nourishing the spleen and stomach; lily clears away heat and moisturizes; jujube and coix seed strengthens the spleen and stomach, and the combined use of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach and heat and moisturizes the dryness. If the stomach is upset due to a bad mood, it is recommended to eat some fried meat with fungus. Black fungus nourishes the stomach and nourishes the kidney, regulates Qi, and can be used in combination with lean pork to supplement the spleen and stomach and regulate Qi.

Three bogey thin
Although it feels warm in spring, there are three parts that cannot be dressed too thinly.

The first is the neck. The warmth of the neck cannot be ignored to prevent cervical spondylosis.

The second is the navel. The navel is called “Shen Que” by Chinese medicine. This acupuncture point is connected to the body’s twelve meridians and connects the internal organs with its internal organs. It is the “gateway” between the heart and kidney. If Chunhan invades this area, it will affect the body’s meridians.

The third is the lower limbs. Many women wear skirts in the early spring to pursue beauty. Chinese medicine believes that “the cold master collects the quotation” “qi is the handsome of blood, and blood is the mother of qi”. The lower limbs are cold, can not warm the limbs, promote blood vessels, and are prone to cramps and pain.

Four bogey stay up late
“Spring in March, get up early at night.” Spring is full of vitality, the day becomes longer and the night becomes shorter. People should adapt to nature, go to bed later, get up early, and the activity time will be extended accordingly. However, you must ensure that you are asleep before 11:00 pm. Because 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening is the time for the gall bladder and liver meridians to run, the liver is the first to nourish the liver in spring.

“Lying up early at night” also prompts not to sleep late. Spring should respond to the qi of the liver, the liver qi is happy and depressed, and sleeping too long is not conducive to the rise of liver qi, but it will make people feel sleepy. When you move, you will get yang. After a good night’s sleep, stretch your body well, which will help improve your yang energy, and reach your mind and limbs. It will make you feel refreshed and energetic.

Five bogey colds
“Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Wind is also the longest of all diseases.” That is, wind evil is the main pathogenic factor. Preventing disease in spring should be the first to protect against wind. “False evil thief wind, avoid it sometimes.” Wind evils that can make people sick in nature should be avoided in time, such as crossing the wind, violent and violent, most likely to cause disease, so it is not suitable to stay in the wind for a long time, not Sleep here.

Windproof is not airtight with the window closed. Open windows for ventilation every day in spring, which will play a significant role in improving air quality and sterilization and disease prevention.

● There are three suitable health regimens in spring
Yi Yi puts on the hair and slows down the vital energy
The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic pointed out that spring wellness is suitable for “walking in the court and slowing down.” Many women like to wear ponytails, but ponytails are often one of the causes of headaches. Our scalp is covered with nerves and blood vessels and is quite sensitive. Once there is improper compression or pulling, it is easy to cause vasoconstriction, nerve reflex, and headache. Therefore, the ponytail should not be tied for a long time, try “hair slow” to help smooth the head qi and blood. In addition, women who often comb the bun in the spring will encounter the same problem, and their hair should not be too tight.

Eryi lazy waist with deep breathing
According to the theory of health care and health care of traditional Chinese medicine, Lichun solar terms are the turning point from “autumn in winter to nourish yin” to “spring in summer and nourish yang”. When waking up early in the morning or working hard, stretching one’s waist is a conditioned reflex for human health, especially for liver health. When the human body is sleepy, the circulation of qi and blood is slow. At this time, the limbs are stretched, the waist is stretched, the muscles of the whole body are forced, and the deep muscles are used to breathe. This also stimulates the liver function, so that the liver gets “exercise”, so as to achieve the health care effect on the liver.

Sanyi beat back and lift anus
“Chunmian doesn’t know it”, but some people don’t sleep well at night, most of them are not well-maintained with yang. For example, Yangxu is afraid of cold, and can’t sleep and dream more. How to maintain the yang in our body before going to bed?

The back of the human body is rich in viscera and acupoints. Thumping the back can stimulate the points on the back skin and subcutaneous tissues. Through the conduction of the meridians, the function of the meridian system is enhanced, the immune function is improved, and the disease resistance is enhanced. Thumping back can also relax muscles and promote blood circulation, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and accelerate skin metabolism in the back. Thump back technique should be even, the effort must be flexible, tap gently tap, 60 to 100 times per minute, 1 to 2 times a day.

Another method is “lifting the anus”, which can solidify the kidneys and boost the qi. The specific method is: lying on the bed, with your hands close to the outside of the thigh, your eyes are slightly closed, the body is relaxed, inhale with the nose, slowly and evenly, while inhaling, intentionally lift the anus, including the perineum, the anus is closed The belly and abdomen contracted upwards with a little force. Stop for 2 to 5 seconds, relax, and exhale slowly. When exhaling, the abdomen and anus should slowly relax. Do this 9 times with one tightening and one loosening, and insist on raising the anus for more than one year to see results.

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