Sometimes deliciousness cannot be copied

When it arrived in Hulunbuir Modaoga town, it was already 7pm. The north of September seems to be winter in the south of the Yangtze River. The pouring rain was menacing.

At this point, instant noodles were no longer able to comfort our empty and cold stomachs. We wanted to eat stew that was sour and grumbled with hot steam, and we went out for food.

Eight group members, from north to south, made a table and ordered a fish pot. The boss put potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, and noodles in order in a large iron pot, and then placed five or six fish just slaughtered, poured a prepared bowl of red spices, and firewood was fired under the iron pot and stewed. .

The hungry and cold several people stared at the big wok tightly, and every time the boss came to lift the lid, everyone’s eyes glowed, and they hurriedly asked: Is the stew ready? Ready to eat? The boss resolutely shook his head: don’t worry, it’s delicious when it’s stewed.

After a while, the boss lifted the lid again, and saw that he put another layer of ribs and tofu in the stewed and bubbling pot. We retired in anticipation of the expected neck. Until the boss came over with the steamer and threw a dozen flower rolls on it, saying: wait 8 minutes and you can eat! After 8 minutes, lift the lid, and 8 pairs of chopsticks reach out to the iron pan.

Dip the flower rolls in the soup, raise your face, open your mouth and make a big bite at a 45-degree angle. The fish is tender, the potatoes are soft, the ribs are glutinous, and the cabbage and tofu noodles all absorb the flavor of the soup. , The favorite is the eggplant at the bottom of the pot, stewed well and rich in flavor. At that moment, the satisfaction of taste buds transcended everything.

After returning from the trip, I still remember this taste. I went to a local small restaurant called “Northeast Iron Pot Stew” with friends, and went away with great expectations, but returned with disappointment. The same pot, the same ingredients, the same method, but how can not taste the soul-stirring taste of that night. It wasn’t until later that I traveled to Guangzhou that I understood why.

In Guangzhou, I ate a “Yinji sausage powder”, which is a specialty sausage powder restaurant that my friends in Guangzhou tried to recommend. This is a small, old and old shop, but there are many types of sausage powder. Peanut butter sausage powder, meat egg sausage powder, shrimp sausage powder … Unlike our local snack bar, there is only one type of sausage powder. “.

Finally, we ordered the three-filament sausage powder and shrimp sausage powder. The intestine powder came up, poured a spoonful of soy sauce colored as amber, and tasted a bite. The crystal clear casing was delicate and silky, and the elasticity of the shrimp was soaked in soy sauce. I moved my index finger and shouted “Yummy and delicious” because it completely subverted the taste of sausage powder in my memory.

Later I saw an article about Guangdong sausage powder. Saying the intestines to Cantonese people is not just a snack, it is a mark of their hometown. The rice milk used for making intestinal flour is ground with traditional craftsmanship, and the bottle of soy sauce on the table is the soul of intestinal flour. It is made with peanut oil, raw soy sauce, water and rock sugar, plus shrimp, shiitake mushrooms and chives. The recipe of each sausage powder shop is different, and the taste of the sauce is also different.

Why do we love to travel? In addition to letting the ordinary and ordinary people be temporarily separated from daily chores and go to some corner of the world to release themselves, there is also an undeniable point is to explore the food on the tip of the tongue. Although you can buy and rewrite anything you want now, the taste of the food you buy and rewrite is not always satisfactory. Bai Xianyong wrote in the novel “Huaqiao Rongji” that rice noodles taste different after leaving Guilin City.

The practice of food can be copied, but the hometown attributes, regional characteristics, and the atmosphere and mood of the encounter when traveling are a kind of life experience that you can not meet.

On April 1, local time, an An-124 heavy transport aircraft of the Russian Air Force landed at Kennedy International Airport in New York. It was loaded with anti-epidemic materials provided by Russia to the United States, including disinfectants, goggles, masks and respirators. Russia and the United States have given good comments on the cooperation between the two sides in the field of epidemic prevention. However, some forces in the United States have discredited this cooperation, saying that this is only a Russian propaganda method, and Russia does not really help. At the same time, many people in Russia believe that Russia should not assist the United States in the case of shortage of Russian anti-epidemic materials. In this regard, Russian Ambassador to the United States Antonov said on the 1st that the world is facing the threat of a new crown of pneumonia epidemic. Now is not the time for conflict, and Russian assistance has no political purpose.

“Accounts for masks and protective equipment”

According to the Russian satellite news agency on the 2nd, Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy representative of Russia to the United Nations, greeted the batch of anti-epidemic materials and crew members at the Kennedy International Airport in New York on the 1st. Polyansky told reporters that US staff have begun unloading. He said: “The current outbreak in New York is very serious. Every mask and every protective equipment needs to be accounted for. The importance of this assistance is self-evident, and it does not preclude Russia from providing a new batch of assistance to the United States when necessary. Possibilities. ”

Russian Interfax news agency reported on the 2nd that U.S. State Department spokesman Morgan Otags said when he said that he had obtained medical supplies from Russia, which was purchased by the United States from Russia, not by Russia. She said: “The United States agreed to purchase necessary medical equipment from Russia after Trump had a phone conversation with Putin, which was handed over to the Federal Emergency Management Agency on April 1. The two sides have repeatedly exchanged views with each other in times of crisis. Providing humanitarian assistance will undoubtedly do the same in the future. “The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on the 2nd that half of the cost of aid to the United States for epidemic prevention medical supplies will be paid by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the other half will be borne by the United States.

According to reports, the presidents of Russia and the United States finalized this assistance during a phone call on March 30. Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said that the United States recommends that Russia provide medical equipment and protective equipment assistance. He believes that Putin’s decision to aid is based on “when US medical equipment and protective equipment manufacturers are fully engaged in the production of anti-epidemic materials, they will also help Russia if necessary.” However, Peskov complained Some US officials added unnecessary assistance to this assistance.

“Yemei evaded her leadership role”

“Moscow seized a rare opportunity to aid the United States.” The US “Defense One” website said on the 1st that after the Russian military aircraft arrived at Kennedy Airport, overwhelming videos and photos were circulated on social networks, and Russian media also broadcast live the scene of forklifts unloading from the plane. McGeek, who had been a diplomat in the Trump, Obama, and Bush administrations, tweeted on the 1st that “it’s nothing, it’s just that the Russian military landed 60 tons of medical supplies at Kennedy Airport to support the US resistance. In the global epidemic crisis, it was our own government that avoided its leadership role and gave Russia a great opportunity for publicity. ”

Hodges, the former commander of the U.S. forces in Europe, became suspicious after seeing photos of unloading aid supplies. According to the US “Washington Post” reported on the 2nd, Hodges believes that the photos uploaded by the Russian Foreign Ministry are fake, because no country’s air force can put the goods in this way. According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, under normal circumstances, it is the United States that donates materials to troubled countries, but this time it has become a country that accepts donations. These supplies, which Moscow calls “aid”, are bound to attract criticism from Democrats in the United States, who believe Trump and Putin are too close. In addition, in addition to assisting the United States, Russia also sent anti-epidemic materials to Italy, exposing the cracks in the EU and giving Putin the opportunity to launch public relations operations at home and abroad.

Sergei Markov, director of the Russian Political Research Institute, said that it would be beneficial for some US forces to continue to view Russia’s assistance to the United States from an unfriendly standpoint or to remain silent on Russia’s assistance. These people have always regarded Russia as their main enemy, and they come mainly from US bureaucratic oligarchs. He said Russia would not get help from the United States in the event of an emergency. China will be the first to help Russia, and Cuba will be the second. This country, though small, has the best health care system in the world.

80% of Russians oppose aid to the United States

According to the Russian “REGNUM” News Network reported on the 2nd, survey data show that 80% of Russians are opposed to providing assistance to the United States. Russian State Duma MP Zhirinovsky said he was in favor of voices opposing aid to the United States. Zhirinovsky said: “Because we also need these medical supplies now, every Russian can see that we don’t have enough masks, we can’t buy masks in the pharmacy, and people even start making masks.” Currently The Russian government has urgently mobilized the industrial sector to increase production capacity to meet its own needs.

Speaking of criticism that Russia should not deliver medical supplies to the United States, Peskov said on the 2nd: “There are always such criticisms, but international cooperation to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic is an important part of the anti-epidemic activities of various countries, and it is also indispensable. Missing component, because without international collaboration, no country can effectively fight the new crown epidemic on its own. ”

Russia’s New Crown Virus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced at noon on the 2nd that in the past day and night, Russia had added 771 new confirmed cases of new pneumonia, 45 new cured cases, and 6 deaths. Currently, 3548 cases have been confirmed in 76 regions of Russia, and 30 cases have died.

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