Social responsibility of medical drama

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, just over a month ago, it is destined to leave indelible memories for many people. Those anti-epidemic front-line retrograde heroes are fighting the virus day and night. We who live at home may be able to understand the hardships and difficulties of medical staff from medical dramas filmed in recent years.

Healer’s heart and human love

Medical dramas were first formed in the United States. As a pearl in professional dramas, medical dramas have always been the enduring focus of American dramas. Since the 21st century, China’s medical film and television dramas have also sprung up. “Healing of doctors”, “heart surgery”, “obstetricians” and “emergency doctors” have all aroused heated discussion among the audience. These movies and TV shows have a variety of life, a doctor’s heart, and a lot of human love.

Almost every day the hospital staged a parting of life and death. For the general public, the threshold of the medical profession is relatively high, and the work of medical staff is full of mystery. In “Healing of the Healer”, there is a case where the patient suddenly deteriorates and dies when his condition is stable and people just see hope. The director uses a strong plot gap to make the audience feel the fragility and impermanence of life in the unexpected.

“Obstetrician” has shaped the image of excellent doctors represented by Xiao Cheng and He Jing. With their superb medical skills and benevolent hearts, they are exhausted to welcome the arrival of a new life. In “Heart Technique”, doctor Huo Simiao seems to be cynical. However, his professionalism in saving patients showed his inner kindness and compassion. The medical staff’s benevolence and benevolence displayed in the drama correspond to the opposite roles, which makes the drama more intense and becomes an indispensable warm background in the medical drama.

In addition, some localized plot design will be incorporated into domestic medical dramas, which is more likely to resonate with the audience. For example, the family members of the pregnant women in the “Obstetrician” superstitiously asked the doctor to perform a caesarean section for the pregnant woman in violation of medical laws in order to be able to have children at the “jijishi”; The plot of rescue in the disaster area.

However, domestic medical dramas that are still in the development stage still have some defects that cannot be ignored. The first is that some plots are not rigorous and unscientific. As a major category of professional drama, medical drama is its unique skill to attract audiences. The suspense between life and death and the tension in the medical treatment process require a lot of real details to create. However, some domestic medical dramas make jokes because of the plot design that violates basic medical knowledge, which not only makes the audience play, but also makes professional medical staff embarrassed. The other is the excessive attention to the personal emotions of the medical staff. The stories are too much around their love, family and other daily lives. It is undeniable that the enthusiasm and energy conservation of medical staff increases the drama of medical dramas, but too much attention will reduce the unique charm of medical dramas, resulting in less prominent styles of medical dramas, and it looks more like family ethics drama or youth Idol.

Documentary performance is dazzling

In recent years, domestic medical documentaries have received a lot of praise, and show the trend of blowout development. Medical subjects such as “Shengmen”, “Emergency Room Stories”, “World of the World” and other medical subjects are aimed at the hospital. The shooting content involves doctor-patient contradiction, medical science, and incurable diseases. Popular topics such as choice, contradiction between doctors and patients, and organ donation, give full play to the advantages of documentary film and objective and real records, so that the real power is more touching.

Excellent medical documentaries are not simply recorded. They use a variety of narrative techniques and expressions to present the humanity in the hospital, and have won praise from many audiences. The fourth episode of “Emergency Room Stories” records the story of a young couple coming to see a doctor. The wife, who accompanied her husband to the hospital to see stomach problems, accidentally stepped on the road and sprained her feet. She had to let her husband bear the stomachache and go back to the orthopedics department. The fixedly placed camera recorded the scene of the young couple talking, laughing, and gently opposing each other. The scene of tenderness was touching.

Mankind is still unable to get rid of the final fate of aging and death. The medical documentary documented the true voice of the patient in the face of illness and death. Seriously ill patients bravely face death, family members ‘care and companionship, and doctors’ full treatment … These details have deeply touched the audience and can appreciate the value of health. In the “Breath” episode of the second season of “The World”, a patient with pneumoconiosis failed to survive the infection checkpoint after undergoing a lung transplant. The patient’s son finally gave flowers to every doctor involved in the treatment to express gratitude. The film shows the trust of the patient’s family members to the medical staff and the understanding of the risks of medical treatment. It is very valuable for alleviating the current tension between the doctor and the patient.

Social responsibility of medical drama

For medical dramas, in addition to objectively recording the medical treatment process and reflecting the social real life, they should also pay more attention to the social responsibilities behind them. Medical dramas should not only focus on the display of human emotions, but also play a greater role in medical science. “Emergency Physician” starring Zhang Jiayi, Wang Luodan and others has great innovation in this respect. At the end of each episode of the play, there is a small theater of medical knowledge and science. The actors introduce the correct treatment of scalds to the audience, and provide professional suggestions such as mask selection in smog days. This plot setting is not only close to life, but also vivid and interesting, making medical dramas a good channel for spreading knowledge of health science.

Doctors who are frustrated because of the failure of the rescue, doctors who are tired of their hands because of the long operation time, doctors who kneel on the stretcher and continue to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the patients … , Showing the image of a true and full doctor, through the lens to let the audience more intuitively understand the daily work of the doctor, effectively promote the understanding and communication between the two sides, promote positive energy, and create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.

The author believes that in terms of assuming social responsibility, domestic medical dramas should learn from the film “I am not a drug god”. Although the film is not a medical drama in a strict sense, the precise entry of the topic has aroused widespread public attention to sky-high anticancer drugs, and has accelerated the introduction of measures such as price reduction and supply of anticancer drugs. The social responsibility and great influence of the film and television works.

The medical work is solemn and sacred, and the frontline anti-epidemic medical staff lays down a small family, and weep in tears and thank you for everyone’s spirit. The fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic made more people feel the selflessness and greatness of medical staff. I believe that in the near future, there will be more film and television works to show the magnificence of this anti-epidemic war and the benevolence of medical practitioners. Whether it is a drama or a documentary, film and television creators should use a humanistic perspective to calmly and flexibly present the fragility and strength, shortness and abundance of life, and guide everyone to think about the significance and value of medical work and the selflessness of medical staff Harmony and nobility, and thus more respect and awe for life, this is the vast world of medical film and television dramas.

After the dogs and cats, the tiger failed to resist the attack of the new coronavirus. The Associated Press reported on the 6th that a 4-year-old Malay Tiger new crown virus in the Bronx Zoo in New York tested positive. This is the first animal infected with the new coronavirus in the United States and the first confirmed tiger in the world.

According to the zoo, the female Malay tiger named Nadia developed symptoms of dry cough and decreased appetite on March 27, and was tested for new coronavirus on April 2. The test is performed in a veterinary laboratory and is different from the test used for humans. In addition, Nadia’s “sister”, two Siberian tigers and three African lions also had similar symptoms, but no new coronavirus was tested. The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a statement on the 5th that the animals were infected by a zoo worker who was infected with asymptomatic new coronavirus. “Although their appetite has decreased, they are expected to fully recover under the care of a veterinarian.”

The Bronx Zoo said in a statement that no other animals in the zoo showed signs of illness, including other large cats such as cheetahs and pumas. However, Dr. Ann Hornhaus of the New York Animal Medicine Research Center confirmed that feline cells have virus receptors similar to humans, so they will be infected like humans. After the outbreak of the New Coronavirus in the New York area, the Bronx Zoo has been closed to the public since March 16.

“This discovery raises new questions about the spread of the new coronavirus in animals.” The USDA confirmed Nadia’s test results, saying that there are no known cases of pets or livestock in the United States, and there is no evidence that animals will spread the virus For humans, it is not recommended to perform routine new coronavirus testing on other animals or zoo staff. However, according to Jane Rooney, an official of the United States Department of Agriculture, a small number of animals have been tested in the United States, and all but Nadia are negative. Earlier, the pet cat of a diagnosed patient in Belgium was infected with the new crown virus, and two pet dogs in Hong Kong were also infected.

“Other animals may also be infected with the new coronavirus,” Forbes News said on the 6th. Considering that gorillas are easily infected with respiratory diseases from humans, zookeepers across the United States have taken special preventive measures to protect them. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, researchers have been trying to understand the susceptibility of different animals to viruses and the way viruses spread between animals.

The American Veterinary Association and the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that people infected with the new coronavirus should reduce contact with animals. In addition, wash hands frequently after contact and keep pets and homes clean.

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