Shanghai aunt

My aunt is only in Shanghai. I believe that her heart is never there. Her heart should always be stationed in a small town called Nancheng in northern Jiangsu.

Auntie left her hometown and went to Shanghai in the early years, naturally to make a living. My aunt said that before 1949, she was cooking at the home of a university professor. Later, the professor moved his family to the United States and invited her to go with her, but was rejected by her aunt. Later, one of the professor’s daughters also stayed and often visited her. The aunt said that she was in her thirties and her daughter was young. She was in her hometown and looked after by her sister (my grandmother). And her husband died earlier under the bayonet of the Japanese soldiers who invaded China.

At that time, Shanghai was modern. Although her aunt was born in Hangzhou, her father was the president of the Chamber of Commerce, but her family fell into disappointment. The aunt who came to Shanghai from the town of Subei was just a housekeeping waiter. The prosperity of Shanghai did not have obvious appeal to her; In addition to working, when you are idle, you are more homesick and your own children. In Shanghai for decades, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road have made a few trips. When her daughter was twelve years old, her aunt’s life became more stable, and she took the children around until her daughter was married at seventeen.

Auntie is illiterate and illiterate. According to my grandmother, my aunt did n’t like studying very much. At that time, her family had financial conditions for them to study; but she likes to study. After three years in private school, she learned some words, otherwise she was blind.

The illiterate aunts burned “tiger stoves” in Xincun after 1949—they boiled water to sell. The new village where my aunt lives is a newly built residential area in Shanghai. It is a one-bedroom, small set of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In Shanghai, such a small but functional one-bedroom has been called a house, and such a suite is already quite luxurious, because more Shanghai residents were still living in shanty, attic, and pavilion rooms. Here, or hit the ground. Xiaoqiang’s family next door to her aunt lives in a family of five as big as her aunt. I am very impressed that his family’s bicycles are hung on the wall of the house every day, and the little stature grandmother sleeps on the bathtub every day. It can be seen that the aunt should have lived in such a one-room household in the 1950s and 60s.

Such a house, whether it is for juniors or relatives, is a luxury-a house is beyond the reach of most Shanghainese at the time. Many older youths are unable to get married, and the lack of a house is the main reason. As a result, the aunt ’s house has some kind of public welfare property. Her grandson married, and the son of a friend of hers married, and once borrowed her house. The grandson lived in her house for many years until it was moved to the house.

Some people may ask, how did an ordinary worker working in Shanghai get such a house in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China? In fact, in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Shanghai Municipal Government has built many new villages for workers, such as Caoyang New Village in Putuo District and Rihui New Village in Xuhui District. The establishment of these residential areas has solved the housing problems of the advanced elements among the workers and some working people living in the shantytowns. This is what the workers before 1949 did not dare to think about. As an urban civilian, the auntie was assigned to her own residence in that era. Perhaps it is not surprising that this is just a manifestation of the promotion of the status of the people at the bottom.

My memory of my aunt started in her sixties, when she was watching bicycles in front of a movie theater. Probably the government takes care of it. She doesn’t have to pay the money collected by the bicycle, she belongs to herself. At that time, a bicycle was charged for two cents, and its income in January was quite impressive, much stronger than the salary for working. However, for her aunt, she has to look at her bicycle every day to earn income. She has no pension protection. Often, if you save a little money in your hand, you still have to post it to the Sun generation for marriage.

When I was about five years old, my aunt took me to Shanghai from northern Jiangsu, and it was half a year. In the vague memory, I once helped her pick up the vegetable skin of the vegetable farm to feed the chicken. I also tied the needle on the wooden stick with a quilt to tie the cigarette butt, then tore the cigarette butt, accumulated the tobacco inside, and sent it to the grandmother who smoked. . At that time, Shanghai was mostly fenced by bamboo fences; squeezing buses was like a war; once my aunt was in trouble, she entrusted me to a neighbor ’s aunt. She took me to a snack bar and ate bowls of wontons … Time has now become a dream scene.

In the 1980s, my father repeatedly wrote to the Fuzhou Military Region, and my aunt was confirmed as a martyr. Her son disappeared in the Battle of Golden Gate in 1949, and was pursued as a martyr more than thirty years later. That year, when I came back from the army to visit relatives, I came to Shanghai to visit her old man. She took out a military certificate with a private seal of General Ye Fei from a biscuit box. At this time, we only knew that the name of my aunt’s sacrificed son was Xu Hongbo. The aunt said that he was a health worker in the army. After the aunt ’s martyr ’s identity was confirmed, he received various cares from the government and enjoyed the martyr ’s pension every month. The street also came to condolences every year. My aunt told me that although my son was gone, I still enjoyed his son’s blessing.

Although her aunt lived in Shanghai more than her hometown, she never regarded herself as a Shanghainese. She has lived in Shanghai for more than sixty years. She has not learned Shanghai dialect, and she can only say “thank you” in Shanghai dialect. She even has opinions about the stinginess of her children. She still misses her hometown. As long as someone from her hometown comes to Shanghai, she always buys a lot of things and asks them to take them home, and tells Zhang Sanli and Si to fear that they might make mistakes and make people put notes on every thing. Auntie especially likes to go back to her hometown and stay for a while. The city I lived in was actually more than 200 kilometers away from my aunt ’s hometown, but for my aunt, when she arrived in northern Jiangsu, it seemed to be her home because the simple folk customs and customs of the northern Jiangsu area are very similar. Once, my aunt lived in my house for more than a year, many people in her father’s unit thought she was my father’s mother, and the father smiled and tacitly accepted. The last time my aunt returned to her hometown was at the age of eighty-five years old. Originally, I just went to visit her old man’s home. As a result, my aunt insisted on returning to Subei with me. I had no choice but to take her home. At that time, there was no highway, and the condition of the long-distance bus was very simple. My aunt followed me in the car for more than ten hours, bumping all the way, making people sweat.

On a business trip for a year, I turned to Shanghai to see my aunt. At that time, my aunt lived in a poor nursing home in Wujing, Shanghai. A room was crowded and lived with several elderly people. Auntie had almost no room for herself except for a bed, and all her personal belongings could only be put in a bedside table. My aunt was very happy to see me, but also very surprised, because she didn’t know that I would visit her before. That year, she was almost ninety years old. That was the first year I retired from the army to the local area. I gave out a hundred yuan to my aunt, and the aunt said, “Give me the money back,” and she accepted it happily. She knew that this was my filial piety. Because of other things, I sat by my aunt ’s bed for more than half an hour. I also took out the camera and took a picture of my aunt—Xiaguang shines through the window and shines on the silver-haired aunt ’s face On, the aunt smiled slightly, and the aunt sitting beside the bed looked thin in a red halo. Later, the film was printed, but the photo was not washed out-it made me feel ominous.

In the nursing home at dusk, I did n’t know that this was the last time I talked with my aunt. I only remember her old man who asked me if I had a girlfriend. Although I specifically went to visit my aunt, I was in a hurry. It seemed that my aunt had to leave in a hurry before she could see my face clearly. I haven’t been able to learn more about my aunt’s information, more about the situation. When I said goodbye to my aunt, my aunt said nothing. On the contrary, she was afraid of delaying my time and told me to go; but from her eyes, I clearly read nostalgia. However, I did not expect this to be the last time I talked to my aunt in my life.

When my aunt stayed in the Wujing Health Center, she was unconscious. I rushed from northern Jiangsu to Shanghai and only saw her sleeping. A month later, her old man died. That night, I talked about my aunt in a program hosted by the radio and couldn’t help crying. My aunt took me when I was a kid—this is not the point, the important thing is—I can deeply feel that my aunt is someone who really loves me. Perhaps, deep in her heart, she unconsciously pinned her miss on her son to me.

After many years, maybe it was a fate, maybe it was a coincidence. I moved from northern Jiangsu to settle in Shanghai, and the unit I worked for was a step away from the neighborhood where my aunt lived. For this, I wrote a passage:

Auntie, do you know

Every day I pass by Rihui Cinema, I will stare deeply at it

How I wish I could go back in time and see you in the apron watching the car

Auntie, now theaters always show “traversing” movies

I do n’t know when you can “cross” once

I will see you again at the door of Rihui Cinema

Auntie, tell you

Rihui New Town is now built on the ground of the village of Rihui

And I often take lunch breaks

Go to Rihui New Town to find your shadow

Auntie, I feel like I’m “crossing” in a trance

And you missed your appointment

Grandpa’s Campsis

The town became very clear after being washed by a storm in the summer. The rain washed all the dirt and dust from the road into the sewer, revealing a smooth, cobblestone road smoothed by vehicles and pedestrians. The water coming down from the mountain is also collected in the sewers, making the sound of water impact and beating on the stone walls. The water flowing down from the mountain is very clean. On both sides of the mountain stream, many women are hitting their clothes with a mallet. After washing, they twist it casually and spread the clothes on the hillside. The air is full of the smell of plants, that is the peculiar smell of the mountain valley, the volatile smell of various flowers and trees. Looking up at the mountain, I saw a curved cloud at the half-waist of the mountain, but it could not block the rapidly rising sun.

Watching the sky clear, the women and children in the house began to get busy again. They moved the Campsis flowers that had been drying in the sun before raining from the house to the center of the yard, or unfolded the reed mats, laid the Campsis flowers on top, or directly scattered the flowers on the blue stone floor of the yard. And more flowers are still on the branches. In the town, the walls of every household are covered with the branches of Camphor flowers. The vines that have grown for decades, are strong, vicissitudes, powerful, and have the beauty of both rigidity and softness. The red flowers blooming like a trumpet, goose yellow stamens, are still innocent, still revealing a light and calm fragrance-it is a fragrance that is not extravagant, a more upright fragrance, a kind of close to civilians Aroma. At this time, I don’t need to check what Baidu, I prefer to read her literally and her own gesture, to understand her, to watch her-Ling Xiaohua. At this moment, I also admire our ancestors for giving this flower such a decent name-please carefully touch the word “Lingxiao”, which was born from the ground, but then followed by the spirit of heaven Herbs.

Yes, Ling Xiaohua came from the mission of helping the world; as a blind traditional Chinese medicine, in the fight against disease, she supports righteousness over evil, and she helps life. The grandfather brought Lingxiao flowers from the field to small towns for planting. The original idea was very simple and pure. My grandfather was originally a flower-loving person. He not only likes to admire flowers, but also likes to plant all kinds of flowers and plants. Grandpa’s love of flowers is not only a manifestation of his life’s interest, but also an extension of his artistic hobby. My grandfather loves calligraphy and painting, and his attainments are very deep. After liberation, he became an art teacher. After retiring, he was also invited by the local cultural department to become a calligraphy and painting consultant. At that time, Jiangsu TV station’s “Art Forest Walk” column also interviewed him. It can be seen that it is not accidental that Grandpa likes flowers and plants, which is in the same vein as his artistic intention and temperament endowment. However, it was very accidental that he met Lingxiaohua and took her to the town. If it was not the accidental discovery and liking of a hike, the town would not have every family of Lingxiaohua.

Knowing the medicinal value and economic value of Lingxiaohua, Lingxiaohua was truly spread in the town. Ling Xiaohua has become a legitimate supplement to the income of the people in the town. Every household and every family asked their grandfather to ask the young seedlings of Lingxiao to take them back to plant. The grandfather always had what he wanted. Gradually, Ling Xiaohua grew into a scale in the town and gained fame. Not only does it beautify the environment, but some people also regard Lingxiaohua as an important source of family income. The roots of the walls are planted with a little vacancy, which solves the money for children ’s schooling and the elderly ’s medicine.

My grandfather was old, and he couldn’t climb up and down to pick flowers and dry flowers, so he handed over the task of picking Lingxiao flowers to his grandchildren at home on summer vacation. After a busy summer, the money spent on selling medicines to buy the station can just pay the tuition for the new semester. The rest is left for the new year to make new clothes for the children. I remember that summer vacation that year, I took the neighbor’s free ride to the town to see grandpa and grandma. When I arrived in the town, I also assumed the glorious task of picking Lingxiao flowers. The Lingxiao flowers climbed on the high wall, the flowers hanging down were reachable, and more flowers were blooming on the wall heads, so it was necessary to move a bamboo ladder, put the ladder on the wall, and then climb up, to open the flowers One by one. The picked flowers must be seized with time to dry, otherwise they will be covered. In summer, the sun is hot, but there is also plenty of rain. Pick up the flowers as soon as they bloom, and after a few days, the sun will be safe. The dried Ling Xiaohua arrived at the medicinal herbs purchasing station, and once it was over, it was money.

Recently, I went to a town that was far away for many years. The town has changed a lot. It turned out to be an ancient mountain town built entirely of natural stone. Now it mixes various materials and styles, just like other places. Demolition of old and new. Throughout the ancient town, in some modern courtyards, the traces of Ling Xiao Hua have been found, and in the ancient mottled courtyards over hundreds of years, the tenacious branches of Ling Xiao Hua climbing upwards still exist. It is early spring now, and the Lingxiao flower has not yet sprouted. I believe that in the summer, the Lingxiao flower will bloom year by year. In her blooming red glamorous, I will see the smile of my grandfather who has left us for a long time.

Father’s kitchen

The metasequoia tree stretched straight up to the sky. The sky was still blue. I knew it was screaming on a certain tree. Occasionally the wind blew through, and the leaves made a noise, revealing some kind of summer tranquility. Under the Metasequoia tree is a red-brown square table with a bottle of unopened beer. My father was busy in the kitchen. He was cooking-the summer dishes, green pepper fried edamame, green pepper fried potatoes, tomato fried eggs. These are the most frequently eaten dishes at home in summer. At this time, my father should be frying another dish that everyone loves to eat in the summer-rooster fry edamame, because through the screens of the kitchen, the aroma of the dish has been dispersed in the wallless courtyard with metasequoia. “The little rooster has to choose not to call, about a pound.” Father’s voice still echoed in my ears.

Father has the habit of getting up early, even if he does not go to work on Sunday, he also gets up early. We haven’t gotten up yet. My father’s dishes have been bought back. At that time, the chickens I bought were all to be killed by myself. The first thing my father bought when he bought vegetables was to kill the chickens. The father will take a bowl of cold water, put a little salt in the water, wipe the chicken around the neck, and the chicken blood will drip into the bowl. When the chicken was roasted at noon, the chicken blood formed a lump, poured into the pan, and roasted with the chicken, the taste was very good.

The vegetable farm is just across the road from the agricultural reclamation yard and is a spontaneously formed vegetable market. The farmers who came here to sell vegetables were farmers from the nearby western suburbs. There were many kinds of vegetables. They were picked from their own vegetable fields early in the morning and were very fresh. My father likes to buy food at fixed stalls and likes the familiar and friendly feelings between people. My father does not bargain when buying food. Sometimes his mother went to the market with him, and when he saw his mother bargaining, his father always gave her a wink, meaning that she should not bargain. My father would rather suffer a loss in price than he would like to affect the harmony he built and built.

In the past, cities and villages did not have absolute boundaries. The city is basically transformed from the countryside. It is very common to grow some fruits, vegetables and some chickens behind the front door. In an era when materials are not abundant and life is relatively poor, the micro-farming and breeding of urban families can indeed improve lives. In my memory, I have grown vegetables, raised chickens, and even planted oyster mushrooms.

I remember that year my father bought strains from an edible fungus research institute in the city, and in accordance with the guidance of the staff of the research institute, dug a shallow pit about ten feet square meters deep in the open space in front of the cottage, and then put The fungus and the crushed cotton seeds are stirred together and laid flat in the pit. Before putting cottonseeds, you need to sprinkle some lime in the pit for insect control. Finally, spread a plastic film over the pit and spray water regularly. About ten days and a half months, the bacteria began to grow. Soon, the father’s own oyster mushrooms were eaten in his father’s soup. My father’s first understanding of Pleurotus ostreatus came from a large group of unknown fungi that grew from the root of an old tree in the earthquake-proof shed. My father cut off the fungus on the root of the tree with a knife, and asked the neighbor who was studying agriculture next door. The neighbor said, this is Pleurotus ostreatus, which can be eaten. So his father gave him the fungus. Later, the roots of this tree grew many bacteria, namely Pleurotus ostreatus, so my father used it to cook soup. The taste of the soup can only be understood now, but it is impossible to tell. It is by no means comparable to the taste of pleurotus ostreatus widely planted now.

As a child, he did not understand the hard work of his father buying vegetables and cooking, nor the difficulty of changing patterns in the kitchen. In order to add luster to the dining table, my father and I will encourage my sister and me to pick fungus after the summer rain. In fact, during the summer vacation where I’m doing nothing, I’m very happy to pick fungus to dig the purslane. In the gap between the roads of the agricultural reclamation courtyard, the porch grows very lush; on many sawn wooden piles and dead wood, the fungus is also available everywhere. Postharvest purslane needs to be boiled and cooked in the air, and put it together with pork. It is a good ingredient for Chinese New Year buns; let alone fungus, as a nutritious edible fungus, it can not be better in tomato and egg soup .

Later, with the improvement of living standards, my father thought about what to burn and how to burn, and raised to ask what we want to eat. Before he went out to buy vegetables with a canvas bag, his father always asked what he wanted to eat today. Generally speaking, as long as there is something in the vegetable market, my father will always buy it back to meet our requirements. Sometimes, the dishes we ordered were not available, and my father was apologetic and always had to explain. One year, when I saw people eating hot pot on TV, I proposed to my father the idea of ​​eating hot pot. There was no hot pot at home, so my father went to the work hall to borrow an aluminum hot pot that was eliminated by the copper hot pot. Buy lamb, chop it into large pieces, add carrots, and stew in hot pot. Since it was the first time to eat mutton hot pot, there was no experience, and the mutton was very cooked, so I ate two. Because there is no charcoal, the hot pot burns wood that has not been fully burned. The hot pot burns while choking ashes. After eating, the family’s face was blackened.

At home, the kitchen has always been the place where my father spends the longest time. In the past, when I came home from work, I saw my father beckoning and greeting me from the kitchen on the third floor. Suddenly, my father has left us for ten years, and I can no longer find his father in the kitchen. Father, how much do I want to secretly smoke a cigarette with you in the kitchen.

“At the time when the deaths of new coronary pneumonia in the United States surged, the White House issued a guide to restart the economy.” The “New York Times” reported that the US government published an 18-page “opening the United States again” document on the 16th to guide states to restart the economy in three stages But the final decision-making power is handed over to the governors of each state. Unlike when he said on Monday that he had “absolute power” in relaxing restrictions and other aspects, Trump told the governors on the conference call on the 16th, “You are all capable … you can make your own decisions.” He believes that some states are “in good condition” and can enter the first stage as early as the 17th. Right now, the focus of public opinion in the United States is that its detection range is far from reaching a level where people can safely resume work-of the 330 million people, only 3 million people have been tested for nucleic acids. The new U.S. Coronary Pneumonia case data does not look as optimistic as Trump believes the epidemic “peak has passed”: According to the US “Wall Street Journal” report, as of 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the 16th, the country has added The number of deaths was 4591, which was an increase of more than 2,000 from the previous day. The cumulative deaths exceeded 33,000, and the number of confirmed cases reached 671,000.

“Cautious” restart in three stages

“We will not conduct simultaneous operations nationwide, but will gradually restart the economy cautiously.” Trump told reporters on the 16th, “The United States wants to restart … our economy must run, and we hope the economy will recover very quickly.” The White House This non-binding guide does not propose a specific timetable for restarting the economy. Instead, it states that after satisfying conditions such as a decline in the number of newly diagnosed cases for 14 consecutive days, states can enter the first phase of restart, namely, cinemas, restaurants, gyms, Religious places, etc. can be opened under strict social distance regulations. The second stage includes conditionally opening non-essential travel, and the school can also resume classes. The third stage allows the elderly, people with chronic diseases and other conditions to resume socialization conditionally.

“The New York Times” said that Trump proposed this guide mainly to cover the rapid restart of states in the southern and western US where the epidemic is not serious. The governors of these states are mainly Republicans. Trump said on the 16th that if it meets the standards, some states with fewer cases can enter the first stage as early as the 17th. “Look at Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. , New Jersey is very different. ” He previously said that as many as 29 states may be able to restart soon.

Washington State Governor Insley said on the 16th that he was very pleased to see that the President “let it go” in restarting the economy and did not violate the powers of the states. Before Trump and the governor held a conference call, Insley told the media that the president made the public think that the crisis would end early. “If he repeats the same mistakes and made the mistake at the beginning of the epidemic, then the consequences are devastating.” Insley said, “because he did not recognize the seriousness of the situation, we had wasted a month.”

British Reuters said on the 17th that Trump issued guidance documents instead of issuing orders, avoiding the conflict with the governor for resumption of economic power. However, the US “Washington Post” quoted anonymous officials as saying that Trump’s “all responsibilities are borne by the states” posture is mainly to save himself from accusation-if some states restart the economy, a new round of outbreaks will occur And other issues.

By the time the White House announced the guidelines, the states had already formulated plans for the next step of epidemic prevention or relaxing restrictions. Seven states including New York State decided to extend the family order to May 15 on the 16th. According to reports from the US “Politics” website, more than a dozen states have extended the implementation period of the family order until after April 30, which was previously set by the White House. During the outbreak, more than 90% of the population of the United States was covered by the home order. Of the 50 states, 7 states refused to take this measure. Over the past few days, some U.S. governors have stated that they will coordinate a regional restart plan, focusing on measures to detect and track contacts. Seven governors including Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin announced the formation of an alliance on the 16th to restart the economy in the Midwest.

Polls: Restrictions may be relaxed too quickly

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Pelosi issued a statement on the 16th, criticizing the White House ’s guidance document as “ambiguous and inconsistent,” “not helpful to make up for the President ’s previous failure to listen to scientists’ mistakes, nor to the United States ’rapid expansion of its testing capabilities. Biden, the former vice president of the United States and the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, told CNN that he would not call “Trump’s strong desire to restart the economy” a “plan.” Provide any “hard core” suggestions.

The New York Times believes that the White House ’s guidance document does not answer some key challenges, including how to provide billions of dollars to expand the scope of testing; whether travel restrictions should be implemented between states; if a second round of virus transmission occurs, how should states do Respond to shortages of medical protective equipment. The article complains that Trump always repeats some policies. About three weeks ago, he said he hoped to restart the economy on April 12, and later changed it to May 1, and now there are no restrictions on the date. In the early days of the epidemic, the Trump administration has played down the threat of the new crown virus, saying it will “miraclely” disappear when the weather warms up. As the patients crowded into some hospitals, Trump accused the governors of being weak against the epidemic. Even if federal aid was not in place, he still praised the central government’s actions.

Whether on the 15th conference call with business representatives who participated in the government ’s economic restart committee, or during the 16th call with the senator, Trump was asked to expand the scope of nucleic acid testing before restarting the economy, even his Political allies and Republican Senator Graham think so.

According to a poll on the 16th by the Pew Center in the United States, two-thirds of U.S. respondents are concerned that the state ’s restrictive measures to delay the spread of the virus may be relaxed too quickly. “I don’t think the epidemic has reached its peak, no matter where it is in the United States … If this is the case, then this should be confirmed by strengthening the detection capabilities.” Lipsic, an infectious disease expert at Harvard University, said.

According to the “Washington Post” reported on the 17th, there are currently 3.3 million Americans under test. The testing capacity last week reached 140,000 per day. Although it is much better than the initial situation, the number of such tests is For the country, it is far from being able to resume work. In the early days of the outbreak, Germany, with only a quarter of the population in the United States, had 350,000 weekly tests. “Japan Economic News” said that even in Germany, there is a strong sense of crisis when considering relaxing restrictions.

The United States is still in the “severe pain period” of the new coronary pneumonia crisis

This week, a series of data released by the United States reflected the severe impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on various economic sectors. According to the British “Financial Times” reported on the 17th, the US industrial output value and retail sales have experienced a historic decline. Since mid-March, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits in the United States has reached 22.02 million, almost erasing the new jobs created since November 2009 (224.42 million). According to Netley, an economist at Netherlands International Group, the unemployment rate in the United States will reach 14%.

Many US media believe that Trump, who seeks re-election in the November election, wants to quickly reverse the economic downturn. However, if the vaccine is not successfully developed or there is no effective detection and treatment system, even if the economy is restarted, the effect is limited. The Wall Street Journal quoted American business executives as saying to Trump that Americans will not be able to “return to work confidently, eat in a restaurant or shop at a retail establishment” without being able to screen employees and customers for the new crown virus. . The American Vanity Fair magazine website said on the 16th that it is impossible to return to normal before the virus is effectively controlled. The United States is still in the “severe pain period” of the new coronary pneumonia crisis. “Unless people feel safe, secure and confident, the economic shock will continue to exist in some form.” Goldman Sachs Group CEO David Solomon said.

Reuters said the core obstacle to the economic restart is that this is a public health crisis. When Trump and the governors quarreled, they may remember: After the “September 11” terrorist attack, American air travel was only closed for 3 days, but the industry took 3 years to resume; 2006 housing construction activities There was a decline, and there was no financial crisis at that time. It took 5 years for the balance between builders and buyers to reach a sufficiently healthy level. The speed of recovery of the impacted public behavior is very slow, and the US economy has a long way to return to “normal”.

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