My life is messy


I broke the window paper with Tang Feng’s window paper first. My mother was worried when she knew: “Whoever loves the most when you are in love, the deeper the hurt will be in the future.” She also reminded me repeatedly that women should be more reserved, the more you take others seriously, the more others will be Don’t take you seriously. I couldn’t help laughing at her: “Mom, do you still understand this?” The mother said smugly: “Your mother is coming here. I will have experience in this area after my mother teaches you how to do it.” Go to heart. Besides, the day is when Tang Feng and I live together. How do I get along? I have a good balance. What I did not expect was that my mother used her “training husband” strategy completely and completely in my marriage with Tang Feng.

Because the Tang Feng family is in a remote mountain area, and my family is on the outskirts of the city, and is facing demolition immediately. So as soon as I graduated from college, my mother urged us to get married, and then asked Tang Feng to relocate his hukou to my house, and then set apart our hukou and parents. In this way, in addition to the parents can be assigned to a house, Tang Feng and I can also be assigned to a house under construction.

Tang Feng’s people are good, because of their excellent business capabilities, they have signed several large orders one after another, and they have been upgraded to the head of the marketing department of this foreign-funded company. They often fly around the country. Every time Tang Feng came back from a business trip, his mother sent him to do some housework. I complained to her secretly: “Mom, Tang Feng is so hard outside, you can let him take a good rest for two days at home?” The mother said firmly: “No! Men are all cheap. You dare to treat him as a grandfather.” , He would dare to treat you like a dog. ”

During the Spring Festival in the first year of marriage, considering that my in-laws had n’t seen us for more than half a year, I wanted to go back to accompany them during the New Year ’s holiday. The mother said: “New Year’s Eve, people still sing on TV, even if I help my mother to beat the back and wash the dishes! I still want to wait for you to enjoy two days of blessings, and the result is to enjoy the cold!” I said I usually have no time to go back, so I have to go back during the New Year. In order not to make my mother feel cold, I held her arms and coquettishly said: “Actually, I still want to spend time with you at home!” The mother immediately came to the spirit: “I know that Tang Feng called you back to the countryside Right? Just stay at home if you want to stay at home. My mother told him about it. “I explained that this was not what Tang Feng meant, but my mother did n’t believe it. She told Tang Feng that evening I wanted to have a new year at home. I didn’t want to go back to the countryside, but my mother told Tang Feng. He said that his father and mother were all parents, and said that I was not used to the countryside, so Tang Feng took care of it. Fortunately, Tang Feng was very generous. He said he would go back on the second day of the first day. Anyway, there was a big brother and sister-in-law at home.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, we got up early to prepare to return to our mother-in-law’s house. As soon as I walked out of the bedroom, I saw my mother packing a lot of things at the dining table. Ginseng, bird’s nest, milk, fruit, leather shoes, down jacket … Seeing us coming out, hurriedly greeted: “This is what I bought for my relatives, mothers and relatives, and quickly moved to the car.” I was going to help move, my mother stopped me : “How much can you take? Tang Feng just runs one more trip.” Tang Feng ran three full rounds of things and almost filled the trunk. I roughly calculated that for this pile of things, my mother had to spend at least a few thousand yuan.


Because both of us work far away from home, when we signed the demolition agreement, we didn’t ask for a house. We got a demolition compensation and prepared to mortgage a commercial house near the company.

My mother said that Tang Feng only got those dozens of square meters of compensation for marrying me, so in the future, the real estate certificate can only write my name. I said that Tang Feng is my husband. According to the tradition handed down from generation to generation, her husband is the backbone of a family and the pillar of the family. If you really want to write a person’s name, you can only write Tang Feng’s.

The mother said angrily: “The tradition passed down from generations to generations is’ marrying a man, marrying a man, dressing for dinner. He can’t pick up a house in vain?” What is white picking? Am I an item? Besides, we are husband and wife, we are a family, a whole, we have to live together in the same wind and rain forever, how can we pick up the cheap as you said or not? ”

“You girls are hurt by the poisonous chicken soup written in the book. They are sold by others and count the money for others!” The mother looked like he hated iron: “You are the daughter-in-law of his old Tang family. Is n’t it right that he got the compensation of dozens of square meters because he married you? Is n’t it necessary for you to have a child for his old Tang family in the future? Does the child have to be born with his Tang family name? When he married you, he did n’t even have a gift at all, and he was n’t called Bai Zhan? “” What logic are you doing? Isn’t my child born mine? “The mother’s mouth has always been strong, from small to big, I almost I haven’t seen anyone able to compete with it, and I am no exception.

“Okay! Our Wang’s daughter has guts! That’s right, the house he lives in was uploaded by our old Wang’s ancestor, and the meals he ate were in our old Wang’s pot, and the children were born in the belly of our old Wang’s Yes, what qualifications does he have for a child to follow his surname in the future? “I was speechless.” Mom, does the child have such an important surname? Why do you have to fight for anything? “The mother was not angry and said with a smile:” That is, the child is not the same as whose surname? Is n’t it just a name! ”

I am too lazy to break up with my mother, because Tang Feng and I have already negotiated and the names of the two of us are written on the real estate certificate.

We took a look at an existing house through an intermediary. On the day of property ownership, my mother had to follow. In order not to disturb my mother, I deliberately dragged my mother and let the agent and Tang Feng handle it. After I finished it, I took a real estate certificate and saw that it was only my name. I know that there must be something stupid in the middle. Otherwise, Tang Feng and I had a good discussion, and Tang Feng could not have made a claim without letting me know. I glared at my mother and asked Tang Feng: “Isn’t it OK to write the names of two people, why am I the only one?” Tang Feng said with a sullen face, “Mom is right, this house is not me “Yes.” I didn’t get angry and wanted to ask my mother why she interfered with us on the spot. Tang Feng stopped me and whispered in my ear: “Forget it, wife, I understand your thoughts. But Mom is also for you. I can understand.”


After the new house was renovated, because I was pregnant, considering the formaldehyde problem of the new house decoration, we did not move in immediately. Tang Feng and I had already given our children a name. The boy was Tang Shichi and the girl was Tang Shiyun.

My mother-in-law knew that I was pregnant, and from my hometown, I gave me a few big cocks and some eggs from my hometown, and I was fortified to give me two thousand yuan to buy nutrients. I accepted the chicken and the egg, but I would never take the money. My grandparents are so old that it is not easy to grow some crops in the countryside for some money. The mother-in-law said: “You can now bear the grandson of our old Tang family, this body can be replenished.” The mother heard this, and said with a smile: “Don’t fight with her mother! She’s belly What is in your arms is that your grandson’s grandson is not fake, but it is our grandson’s grandson! We have all negotiated, and when the child is born, he will follow his mother’s surname Wang. ”

The mother’s words stunned everyone. The mother-in-law looked at Tang Feng with grievances, and Tang Feng stared at me angrily: “What’s the matter?” I shook my head and said that I didn’t know about it at all. Upon seeing this, the mother pushed Tang Feng away: “What? Isn’t that a name ?? Besides, the child was born in October after my Wang’s family was born. What’s wrong with the mother’s surname?” I used to pull In order to pull her clothes to tell her not to make trouble, the child’s surname is not a trivial matter. My mother glanced at me: “What are you afraid of? Didn’t you just say a surname, what is he fighting with you for?” I suddenly remembered that my mother had mentioned this not long ago. However, I did not agree to the child’s surname.

I just wanted to explain that Tang Feng pulled away from her mother-in-law. I chased it out and was caught by my mother: “Come back! Don’t move and think that the earth won’t turn without him!” I set her aside and cried while shouting at her: “What are you doing?” Is it necessary to make our chickens and dogs restless to be at ease? “I have never been so fierce to my mother, she was very uncomfortable, and there was no reaction for a long time there.

I love Tang Feng. The moment he turned away, I felt like my whole heart was hollowed out. I stumbled into the bedroom and called Tang Feng vigorously, but the other side of the phone was either left unanswered or hung up. I heard my mother’s footsteps coming to my bedroom door several times, and then a long sigh. I heard my father blaming my mother in the living room: “Look, what are you doing! Fight for everything, now you are satisfied!” The mother is like a child who has done something wrong: “I just talk about it , Didn’t really think about it. ”

The father dialed the mother-in-law’s phone and apologized to the mother-in-law and Tang Feng on behalf of the mother. Two days later, mother-in-law and Tang Feng finally returned. The mother first kept a straight face, and when she saw her mother-in-law apologized to her, she ignored it. Tang Feng said: “I’m sorry, wife! Actually, it hurts me to leave you. It’s just because of mom, I feel so tired.” I said we don’t have our own house? As soon as the baby is born, we move back to our house to live. Tang Feng nodded, worried. In fact, not only Tang Feng, but even I am not sure, as long as the mother’s “training husband” strategy is not changed, no matter where we move to, it will be restless.

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