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It has been published in both Japan and Taiwan, and has received warm response. Now the simplified Chinese version has finally met us. When looking through this book, in addition to admiring a cute hairy child, you may also wish to observe these paintings carefully. What materials and ingenuity did Nakoko use? If you like graphic design, or if you like to keep a handbook, then this book can also get you more creative inspiration.

Naoko Nakako, a Japanese illustrator and cook who is known as “a brush and a spatula in one hand,” is good at mixing watercolors, paints, and other paints on used newspapers, cardboard boxes, inside pages of used books, cartons, or other waste materials. Start creative. Her paintings look smart and interesting. As early as the “Japan March 11 earthquake”, Naoko Nakako began uploading her creations to the Internet, and used these paintings to warm the people in the disaster areas. Her “365 Days: Happiness with Cats” is based on the theme of furry, independent and cute cats. From the perspective of cats, she reexamines the world, jumps for a good weather, exults for a meal, and finds everything in life. A little flash point. “This book made me think again. For everyone, every day is so important. There should be no boring and boring days. Cats who go out to play, live leisurely, they only focus on what they like … even if there are no special days, they seem to be very happy. “This is the author’s message to Chinese readers when the simplified Chinese version of” 365 Days: Happier Cats “was published.

January 4

The black cat Gomaru is a bright cat.

Yesterday, it stayed in the forgotten entrance

Waiting next to the Chinese New Year gift box.

A face

“Did you forget something?”

Today, after seeing her daughter open the lucky bag again,


“Are you stupid?”

April 25

There is a cat serious

Sitting in a suitcase by the road.

Not a kitten

Not cute,

Just an ordinary cat.

Say hello to it,

It responded briefly with “meow”.

May 14

A black cat oil painting hangs next to the thermometer in my home kitchen.

The black cat above was so desperate.

June 1

I want to eat cheesecake,

Just bake one.

While putting the cake in the oven,

I looked at the recipe again,

Found at the end:

“It is more delicious the next day. A

I thought about eating now.

July 1

Xiaoyu and Xiaoba,

Actually had no interest in the evening glow.

July 27

I am eating watermelon

Suddenly wondered

I have a few watermelon seeds today.

They put watermelon seeds on the table,

As a result, I left it untied,

Scolded by the mother who returned home.

November 18

My friend started raising cats,

I didn’t expect that the cat nest was prepared first.

This surprised me.

Also, the cat actually lives in the cat’s nest.

This also surprised me.