Full-time wife looking for a job, how to set sail again

Xiaowen after 90, 29 years old, was originally a teacher in a vocational school in Shenzhen. Xiaowen belongs to the kind of people who have a smooth wind. After graduating from a normal university graduate school, she became a teacher and then got married and had children. She had to feed her children and take care of her husband. In addition, the child’s head was somewhat skewed. A series of troubles caused her to quit her job and became a full-time wife at home for three years.

Xiaowen’s husband works as an engineer in a communications company. The depression in the market has brought a lot of negative effects on employees’ work and life. Xiao Wen felt that it was difficult to support the family by her husband alone. Due to this sense of crisis, she was anxious to find a job to subsidize her family.

However, Xiao Wen, who had not stepped into society for three years, was shocked to find that she had lost her original self and lacked confidence when she was about to enter the society again. Not long ago, Xiao Wen finally found a middle school as a substitute teacher, but she did not find a sense of being a teacher in the classroom during the trial. She was incoherent and always said the wrong thing. She laughed in the face of the students. , Xiaowen was at a loss. Before waiting for the bell to ring, Xiaowen had to finish the job interview.

Then, after casting several resumes with no news, Xiao Wen gradually became inferior. She has repeatedly lowered her job search standards. Later, she only worked in a private kindergarten near her home, teaching children to recognize words, and her monthly salary was not even 3,000 yuan.

Xiaowen is very depressed now, because of the derailment from society and career, Xiaowen really feels that it is really difficult to reintegrate into the workplace, even if it is a barely found job, it cannot reflect its value. Not only is she no longer youthful when she left the workforce, her competitiveness will be greatly reduced because of a long battle. The opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. How should full-time ladies break through?

For the recruitment unit, the identity of the full-time wife and the previous working background may not be the most important. The most important thing is how your current knowledge reserve and ability are, and what can be done for the unit.

Because of the roles of wife and mother, the expectation of family members that women have to bear is more, which has caused women to be weak in the workplace to a certain extent. However, no one will lower the selection criteria and requirements because you are a woman. Therefore, it is essential for a full-time wife to return to the workplace and create a unique competitiveness. This requires paying attention to the dynamics of the workplace before coming back and preparing for it in a targeted manner.

A full-time wife may wish to do some part-time jobs before starting a job. For example, it is okay to work in kindergarten like Xiao Wen. Of course, the key is to adjust your mentality, learn to experience the workplace in an informal state, explore your interests and abilities, and check Missing vacancies. You can also participate in some training or seminars to update knowledge and make up for the gaps in knowledge, which is also a process of fulfilling self-confidence.

In addition, full-time wives like Xiao Wen must especially learn the “balance” technique when they plan to return to the workplace. During the time as a full-time wife, the main energy is to take care of the family and children, and play the role of wife, mother and daughter. At this time, for working women with multiple jobs, it is especially necessary to balance work and life, as well as the relationship between the various roles. It must not be overkill and cause serious family conflicts from one extreme to the other.