Friends are used to trouble each other

How long have you not had trouble with your friends? I don’t know when to start. When we need help, we become afraid to open our mouths to our friends. Trouble others, it becomes trouble for others; seeking help, it becomes consumption of humanity. But in fact, true friends are never afraid of trouble. As Benjamin Franklin said: “If you want to make a friend, ask him to do you a favor.”

Roman Rowland once said: “Whoever encounters a friendly heart in the world, and experiences the realm of the liver and gallbladder, is to taste the happiness of heaven and earth.” Life is really difficult, most of the time, we are for personal benefit Yingying Gouguo, but please believe that when you are really in trouble, real friends will not refuse your request. Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid, reach out to him, he will hold you firmly, pull you, don’t let you fall on the edge of the cliff.

At the end of one year in college, I had a severe cold and fever. I drank into the bed in the middle of the night to drink water. I needed to hold the table to stand. At that time, everyone was working hard to review, and sleep was not enough. Although I was particularly uncomfortable, I still didn’t want to disturb my roommates to rest and tried not to make a noise. Unexpectedly, Xiaoxue just woke up and went to the toilet to see that I was burning badly, and it just dragged me to the hospital. Helped me to hang up the emergency department, went to the infusion station to dispense medicine, and sat with me in the hall for infusion, and basically did not sleep all night. At that time, I was full of apologies for her. I always felt that I had caused her a lot of trouble. Afterwards, I specially invited her to dinner to express my gratitude. But she later said that she didn’t think it was too much trouble. On the contrary, she was quite fortunate to be with me at that time, giving her a feeling of being needed. She said that I usually borrow some class notes for her, and occasionally bring her a meal and help her with a card, she always feels that she is asking for it from me. This time, it was her turn to trouble me. Carnegie once said in “The Weakness of Humanity”: “If you want to make the relationship last for a long time, then you have to let others do a little thing for you properly, which will make others have a sense of presence and importance.”

Properly troublesome friends can give each other a sense of presence and need while solving their own problems. Friends, for us, it is not only the existence of pleasure, but also the arms you can rely on in times of trouble. Don’t be afraid to bring trouble to the other party. Perhaps, he is expecting to be needed, troubled, and dependent on you. It is only human relations that come and go. Wu Zhihong wrote in “The Great Baby Kingdom”: “Many people are afraid to trouble others, but the relationship cannot be established without bothering each other.” The relationship between people is often trouble. I will help you with a meal, and afterwards you will eat and chat with the table, and gradually become friends; you help me carry a suitcase, and I will send you a bottle of beverage as a thank you … In the process, it grew quietly and took root. As the song sings: We want to owe each other, we have to cut the silk. It is also written in the Book of Songs: “To vote for me with papaya, and to Qiongju. Bandit also reports, and always think it’s better.” No one is an isolated island, we all need to have contacts with others. Anyone will meet Kaner who has never been there, and when someone needs someone to help, they do n’t have to grind their teeth to face alone. This time, you helped me carry the wind and rain; next time, I will accompany you through the difficulties.

Just as Cai Kangyong once said in “The Wonderful Flower”: “Human relationships are not gold jewels, and there is no such thing as human relationships when you are locked in a safe. You can only be called human relationships when you have contacts.” As light as water, it can help you in times of crisis. True friends, you are not afraid of trouble, but you are not afraid of trouble. Trouble is all right. Of course, the trouble for friends is not just reaching out everywhere, nor is it bothering everyone. Not a lion without a sense of scale and sense of size, but when he is truly faced with something that cannot be solved by his own strength, he then opens the right mouth to the right person. Those who can rest assured that you are in trouble must have mutual friendship. If you are just a new friend who has just met, and you just ask someone for help, it is an insignificant performance. In addition, trouble has to be troubled with ideas. Obviously, if you can solve small things yourself, you also have to trouble others. Although you save your time and energy, but let others pay these costs for you. Of course, everyone’s abilities are limited. If you trouble your friends, you have to be within the abilities of others. Others help you with love, but it does not mean that you are going to bankrupt for you. As written in “Dream of Red Mansions”: “Everything is well-educated and knowledgeable, and humanity is an essay.” Intersect with others and live in the same way. Everyone needs to carefully weigh and carefully grasp the difference.

It is the most rare fate in this world to live in one’s life. And own, and cherish. Editor / Liu Yang

At 5:30 pm on the 7th local time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appeared on the TV screen wearing a mask and officially released the “Declaration of Emergency Situations”, which entered into force at 0:00 on the 8th and continued until the end of May 6. Seven prefectures including Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka will be eligible. Although the Japanese government has stated many times that it will declare an emergency at an appropriate time, the announcement of the “thousands of calls” has brought tension to the Japanese society. To this end, the Japanese Cabinet Chief Sugai Suga said that the police will continue to patrol after the implementation of the emergency order to maintain law and order and prevent social chaos.

One month later, the number of confirmed cases in Tokyo will exceed 80,000?

After issuing a declaration of emergency, Abe held a press conference at 7 pm that day to introduce the reasons and specific measures for the government to issue a declaration of emergency and called on the public to cooperate. Abe said that there are currently more than 1,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Tokyo. At the current pace, more than 80,000 cases will be diagnosed in a month. “For expert estimates, we will all redouble our efforts to obtain the number of patients after 2 weeks. It will reach its peak and then gradually decrease. “In addition, Abe emphasized that the declaration of emergency is not a” closed city “, the government will not block cities and roads, and public transportation will continue to operate. In addition, basic social issues such as power supply, gas supply, communications, finance, and garbage collection will continue as usual, and the manufacturing and processing industries of daily necessities, logistics and transportation, and small retail will continue to operate.

At the same time, the governors of 7 prefectures including Tokyo also held press conferences to explain the “Declaration of Emergency” and answer related questions. Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” analysis said that the rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases in Japan has caused a collapse of the medical system and there is a sense of reality. The government issued a declaration of emergency only one month after the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued a plan to prevent the collapse of the medical system. It must be said that the action was too slow. In the future, the problems that the Japanese government needs to solve, such as how to prevent infections in hospitals, how to prepare ordinary hospitals so that they can accept patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and how to increase the output of artificial respirators, are still piled up.

“Escape from Tokyo” is accused of “too selfish”

According to the declaration of emergency, Japan’s relevant prefectures will be given temporary powers. For example, local governments have the right to ask people to reduce unnecessary trips; require schools, nursing homes, kindergartens and other places to temporarily close their doors; require concerts, sports competitions, etc. to temporarily stop. In addition, local governments can also requisition land or buildings for the construction of temporary medical facilities without having to obtain the consent of the land or building owners. Despite this, the Japanese people can still go out for walks, shopping, rallies, etc. without any penalty. Therefore, many voices questioned whether this measure could effectively curb the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

At the same time, on social media in Japan, “How to leave Tokyo?” And “New Crown Virus Evacuation” are on the hot search list. Many Japanese people are considering how to avoid the severely affected areas and seek refuge in safe places. Since a few days ago, the summer resort Karuizawa, which is about 3 hours away from Tokyo, has many vehicles from Tokyo, which makes the local supermarkets overcrowded. Most people expressed dissatisfaction with behaviors such as “escape from Tokyo”, accused such behaviors of being too selfish, and urged everyone not to leave their place of residence. As long as everyone can abide by the rules, the situation can be controlled. According to a Japanese TBS television report, although people’s lives have been affected to a certain extent, the latest polls show that 80% of the respondents believe that a declaration of emergency should be issued. Some analysts say that this reflects a change in Japanese people’s perception of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

Identify 7 trillion emergency economic countermeasures

“The Japanese economy is facing the biggest crisis after the war.” Abe emphasized at the press conference and said that he will implement emergency measures with all his strength. Japan ’s NHK website reported that the Japanese government held a temporary cabinet meeting on the evening of the 7th to determine the third round of emergency economic response to the expansion of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The scale of funding is 108 trillion yen (about 7 trillion yuan), which is equivalent to The 20% of Japan ’s GDP is the largest economic aid plan in Japanese history. The main support targets for the third round of emergency economic measures are households and SMEs affected by the epidemic. According to “Japan Economic News” reports, starting from May, the Japanese government will in turn issue 300,000 yen in cash to eligible households and up to 2 million yen in subsidies to SMEs.

Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” said that the determination of huge fiscal expenditure plans reflects Abe’s strong sense of crisis. Seven prefectures including Tokyo accounted for 48% of Japan ’s total GDP in 2016. As of January 2019, the total population of these regions was about 56.17 million, accounting for 44% of Japan ’s total population. Released, the Japanese economy will bear a huge impact. Japan ’s SMBC Nikko Securities senior economist Miyako Mae also said in an interview with NHK TV that the Japanese government ’s emergency economic response is worthy of recognition, but if the new coronary pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, any emergency policies will not stimulate economic development.

As of the evening of the 7th, a total of 4340 cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed in Japan, and 97 deaths. In addition, the number of diagnoses of the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship was 712.

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