Have you heard of breaking off? My meal friend Affi is a person who has left school too far. She says she is willing to throw everything except food.

Affi and her boyfriend A Jun originally lived upstairs in my neighborhood. I often meet her in a restaurant where business is very deserted. The owner of the restaurant is a poker face, with a sloppy attitude, and the dishes are sloppy. But I like single-person packages where there are different tricks every day. Eventually I couldn’t do it anymore, so I closed the door. On the last day, the guests were only me and Affi. I didn’t know what to eat. Affi ordered a single seafood pot. When serving the dish, the boss’s poker face had a sad expression, saying that she was thankful for her frequent help, so it was usually a small pot, but that day was a large pot.

Affi told me for the first time: “I can’t finish it by myself. Why not eat it together? The seafood package is not fresh. I don’t like waste.” So we ate a large portion of seafood pot face to face together that day The meal was quiet but not awkward at all.

Later, Affi asked for my phone and said to me, I don’t know if she can call me next time when she wants to eat seafood pot.

In this way Affi became my meal friend. We often eat together and eat at various restaurants in the city, ordering food and quietly eating, and pay AA after eating. I like to eat with Affi, because she takes a good order. Often two girls eat just right, they are not warm, never say extra words, and most importantly, she never goes after serving. Said to wait and take a picture to send a circle of friends.

I didn’t ask her why she didn’t eat with A Jun. I guess she must also hate people being overly curious about their lives.

One day Affi called me and finally didn’t talk about eating together. She said she was moving and wanted to ask me to help pack up. Her voice on the other side of the phone was a little hoarse, and she said that Ah Jun was not there and she couldn’t find anyone else.

I went upstairs. She opened the door for me, and she seemed to cry, but her expression was calm. The room is very small, yet very stylish and welcoming, with few things apparently carefully selected. When Affiy packed up, she was so aggressive that she had to throw half the things in the house, and almost all her clothes and books were packed and sent to poor mountainous areas.

Later, Affi made me a dinner to thank me. I watched her cook next to her. Affi made a simple version of a seafood pot. The action was very slick. A clam spit out the sand. Two crabs cut out the shell and cut the gills in half. Ginger garlic, clams, crabs, and four shrimps, add cooking wine and stir fry for a while, add the right amount of boiling water, add cabbage to soften, season, and sprinkle green onions, very delicious.

Affie didn’t eat as much as usual. She asked me, “Do you think I’m willing to throw things?”

I said, “Yeah, it’s actually very good like that folding plastic stool, and the basket is very cute, so you can go shopping on your side.”

Affi said: “The plastic stool is very chicken ribs, and it is not usually used, do you want it? I can send it to you. As for the basket, it is convenient to buy vegetables or plastic bags, and the fruit is too large and takes up space. Extra If you do n’t throw things away, the house will become a utility room. When I stayed in the utility room for a while, I did n’t want to live again. Once in the middle of the night, a cockroach crawled onto my face, and from that time I decided to escape. Utility room. ”

“No, it’s scary, but why do you live in a utility room?” I asked. “The family is poor. My parents are patriarchal. I may be redundant, so I was put in the utility room.” Affi began to scratch the crab in his hand.

I didn’t know how to answer the conversation. I felt awkward for the first time, so I was silent and started to eat. A pot of seafood quickly reached the end, and there was no leftover of green onions in the end. I helped clean up the dishes and washed dishes with Affi. Washing and washing, Affi suddenly said to me, “I dumped Ajun.”

I asked her, “Are you okay?”

She said, “It’s okay, I get used to throwing things, I just can’t bear food.”

After Affi moved away, I once encountered A Jun who was lingering while throwing garbage downstairs, and A Jun also saw me. I turned to prepare to leave, and A Jun stopped me. Really, this couple really loves to stop others.

Then A Jun said that he wanted to ask me for help, and asked me to go to a nearby cafe.

A Jun said: “You are probably Affi’s only friend in this city. She is very chic and affectionate, and often turns and walks away, a woman with the same wind.”

I said, “In fact, we are just meal friends. I don’t know Affi.”

Ajun is not the same as Affi. It is a chatter, and the conversation is endless. A Jun said: “Her side is so indifferent to me that there are not many people. She probably didn’t want to accept the concept, and she divided the points. In fact, I blame me because I need to go abroad for two years because of work. When she heard the news, she laughed Asking me what to do, I was wrong in silence and did n’t give an answer. In fact, if I said to wait for me, she would wait. As a result, she slowly alienated me from that time, often going out without a word. After eating, I finished shopping and re-made me a meal. As a result, I was about to leave now, she told me to break up directly and said that she had no feelings. I knew she was afraid that when I would not want her, she dumped me first .

I and her are elementary and high school classmates. When she was a kid, she was a follower, often following the other three girls who did n’t really want to play with her. Once after school, I saw what she was looking for by herself, and then sat on the stairs in a daze. I greeted her in the past, only to realize that it was hide and seek, but no one was found. Finally I realized that everyone was going home first.

Affi later broke off with them. All the elementary school students did not contact again, and all the parties did not come. I later recognized her when I was in the same class as her high school. After we were together, she said that it was called breaking away, and she had to throw away the extra people and things around her so that there would be no burden.

I often think that the time she was hiding in the hide-and-seek, if I could invite her to have an ice cream.

So I would like to ask you to accompany her for a few more meals. She is a foodie and will not feel lonely after eating. ”

I actually took that plastic stool and basket. That plastic stool was good for sitting and washing my feet, but the basket was really tasteless and I threw it away.

Affiy later bought an air ticket and said he was going to find A Jun. Then came back, I don’t know if they were together again, Affi didn’t say.

I still often eat with Affi, because it is really difficult to meet someone who can get a piece of food. Affi still doesn’t have much to say. I guess she likes to go to the closed restaurant, partly because the expression of the boss’s poker face is actually similar to her.

Later we had another seafood pot. At that time I asked Affi, are we actually friends? Affy sucking the clam shell, he said vaguely, “Forget it.”