Experience a French meal

The French have always been known for being good at eating sperm. French cuisine is still ranked first in the world.

I have been to Paris once, and I have also read Mr. Yu Qiuyu’s “Walker Without Borders”. An article called “French Appetite” has such text: French cuisine “extravagant luxury” “exquisite taste and sentiment” “It’s a leisurely enjoyment.” If a French chef fails to make a dish, he “will even blame himself for his reputation”. French chefs firmly believe that they are “comparable to Rodin and Debussy, and only between Bourgeois and Sartre and Picasso.” So the chefs who write in France are among them. Raising the cooking experience to the height of philosophy and art, the bookshelf of the French bookstore, books in this area are voluminous.

The author stayed in Paris for 3 days, except for breakfast, lunch and dinner are arranged Chinese food. Have an idea, but it’s not easy to say it. With this arrangement, I guess it may be that we are not used to Western food, just like letting foreigners take chopsticks in China; or it may be because of the tight time, Mr. Yu said that French restaurants are “slow to serve and make people wait for the wild”; there is another It may be a matter of funding … I missed a good opportunity and only left a long regret.

Unexpectedly, after a lapse of many years, the real experience of the French meal turned out to be in the city where you live.

On that day, a few retired idlers were invited to a western restaurant called “King steak” by the scenic inner harbor on the south side of the city. The host said that what is available is time and enjoying an authentic French meal can make up for the regret of your trip to Western Europe.

The gentleman’s waitress smiled and introduced us to the restaurant. Looking around the four walls, the famous Western European paintings such as “Napoleon’s Battle for the Alps”, “The Grand Versailles” and “Mediterranean Style” on the wall are scattered; the palace-style crystal lights flash a soft and warm light against the bead curtain of Miaoman; Beethoven piano music flows slowly like a mountain spring; royal luxury chaise longues, scarlet tablecloths, the table is sprinkled with rose petals, the fragrance is overflowing; exquisite western tableware, gold and silver are arranged neatly. Before eating, the thick European style has been vividly displayed in front of our eyes.

Without waiting for the end of the world, the experience of the French dinner kicked off dramatically. The dining procedures contain French-style aesthetics and give people a dreamlike feeling … A bottle of red wine comes up, which is the best match for French-style Western food. As far as the scientific and healthy diet is concerned, the tannic acid in the wine (TannicAcid) helps to eliminate the animal fat in the food; in terms of the atmosphere of the scene, the charming color of the red wine and the soft and mellow smell are enough to make people shake their hearts There is alcohol that is not drunk and everyone is drunk.

Opening the menu delivered, every dish that catches your eyes, such as the artwork in the Louvre, is pleasing to the eye, and like a jumping elf, it is interpreting the story of “King steak”. The white napkin is wrapped with crispy and delicious bread, Italian diced tomato and French tuna sauce, and two kinds of dipping sauce can be mixed. Chewing on the bread, it is a soup of Simon mushrooms, which is a must, which can slowly wake up the taste buds. This soup is made from a variety of mushrooms and milk, and is said to be the masterpiece of Prince Simon’s mother. Then came a plate of salad. The crystal plate was covered with crystal clear smoothies. The tops were filled with tender abalone, smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, and the luster was as beautiful as a bathing girl. The rose petals were glamorous and white. Fog, there is the kind of momentum free from the castle.

This kind of dining is a bit like music, step by step, smooth and smooth. A cup of sour plum soup is just right, not only appetizing, greasy, but also dispel garlic flavor, help digestion. Taste the supreme Bordeaux, mysteriously and leisurely appreciate the affection of my best friend.

Inadvertently, the waiter opened the steel cover of the main meal, and the scent of beef that smelt at that moment slowly diffused in the restaurant, attracting many eyes. Sure enough, the selected sixth and seventh pairs of beef ribs were immersed in 101 secret recipes for 48 hours, and roasted for 1.5 hours on a slow fire. The “steak steak” really had the style of “the return of the king”. Fresh and juicy and chewy, teeth can not help dancing happily, the tip of the tongue is alive and rolling very carefully, the beef crawls over the tip of the tongue, over the throat, over the esophagus and slides into the stomach, the fresh and delicious taste can stay in yours for a long time. Feeling. The beauty of it is that it is difficult to sue in person.

At this time, it was late, the lights were shining outside, and the lake water was rippling. The Chopin’s “Nocturne” in the room is delicate, light and soft, and the thought of wanting to say and the penetrating charcoal passion brings us into a moist human context, which in turn produces warmth that touches the heart and spleen. meaning–

To experience another kind of food culture is the same as tasting and enjoying the “Chinese taste”, it can also be “drinking alcohol to a little bit, and fiddle to ecstasy.”