Eat 4 more vegetables in spring, healthy and healthy

As the saying goes, one year’s plan lies in spring, have you also planned your own spring diet? The following 4 kinds of vegetables are conducive to spring health care and should be eaten.

Bean sprouts prevent symptoms of dry mouth and dry lips. The spring climate is dry, prone to dry mouth and lip dryness and other symptoms of angular inflammation, and bean sprouts are delicious, which is a good choice for nourishing dryness, clearing heat and detoxifying. Whether it is soybean sprouts or mung bean sprouts, compared with the original beans, their vitamin content increases, mineral utilization rate increases, and protein and polysaccharides are more easily absorbed. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, eating bean sprouts in Kaichun can help the five internal organs to change from Dongzang to Chunsheng, which is beneficial to liver qi dredge, spleen strengthening and stomach. There are many ways to eat bean sprouts. They can be boiled and mixed with cold water. They can also be used as soups or as hot pots.

Shepherd’s purse can supplement calcium. Right now, although it hasn’t really picked up, the most cold-resistant shepherd’s purse is already on the market. Shepherd’s purse is rich in nutrients, its vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals content is relatively high, especially worth mentioning is that its calcium content is close to three times the milk of the same quality. Shepherd’s purse has a certain medicinal value. Traditional medicine believes that it can be used to assist in the treatment of diseases such as dysentery, enteritis, and gastric ulcer. Shepherd’s purse can be used for stuffing, and can also be boiled for cold mixing, spreading eggs, boiling soup and porridge.

Lettuce is anti-allergic. Lettuce, also known as “spring vegetables”, is one of the most suitable vegetables to eat in spring. Lettuce is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber and other ingredients. Japanese studies have found that a certain substance in lettuce can resist rhinitis caused by allergies in spring, and can relieve the suffering of allergic patients. Lettuce can be used for cold salad, roasting, frying, and can also be used for pickled pickles and kimchi.

Leeks increase resistance. Although leeks are edible all year round, they are of the best quality in early spring. Leek is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and effectively prevent the occurrence of habitual constipation and colorectal cancer. Leeks are warm in nature, so eating in spring can fix Yang yang and improve people’s immunity, especially those who have cold hands and feet on weekdays may wish to eat more leeks. There are many ways to eat leeks. Scrambled eggs with leeks or fried lean pork with leeks are good choices, but not everyone is suitable for eating leeks.

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