Don’t take yourself too seriously as an outsider

In The Marsh, Luda is a friend who has a sense of boundary and is worth making.

In the wild boar forest, when Xue Ba raised his stick and chopped down Lin Zhaochong’s head, Lu Zhishen appeared, and an iron scepter flew to the future to save Lin Chong. But just when Lu Zhishen was about to kill Dong Chao and Xue Ba, Lin Chong said: “Since the brother saved me, you killed him for two lives.” At this time, Lu Zhishen, who was so angry and obedient, was very obedient and obedient, and said, “You two A birdie! When the sprinkler doesn’t look at the brother’s noodles, chop both of you into meat sauce; look at the brother’s noodles and spare you two lives. ”

Lu Zhishen ’s affection for Lin Chong is much deeper than Shi Xiu ’s affection for Yang Xiong, but Lu Zhishen has a sense of boundary. He did not help his own brother who made the decision without permission. , But followed all the way, secretly escorted. Even if two bad people were seen to be bad intentions, they ambushed in the wild boar forest first. In the early years of reading Shui Hu, I still didn’t understand what Lu Zhishen thought. With his martial arts, Lin Chong had just entered the wild boar forest, and he could stand upright and upright. As a result, he had to wait for Xue Ba to lift his stick. ? Now I understand that Lu Zhi understands that this is Lin Chong’s business. He only needs to protect his brother’s life, and the rest is to listen to his brother. Because of this, Lu Zhishen did not kill Dong Chao Xue Ba in the end, but escorted Lin Chong to the densely populated area. After knowing that Lin Chong had no worries, he was relieved to leave.

The so-called boundary sense refers to being able to distinguish the boundaries between oneself and others. It can be said that the sense of boundary is a kind of education deeply rooted in the bones.

Those who don’t get along with each other must be people with a sense of boundary. In communication, they know what to say, what not to say, understand what can be done for you, what can’t be done for you, and not be overzealous. , Not to interfere with your life, naturally people feel comfortable to get along.

In fact, it is not only the friends who need a sense of boundary, but also between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, mother-in-law, and so on. No matter how close your relationship is, after all, you are his or her “outsider”, an outsider, there is always something you can’t cross over, and there are always boundaries you can’t cross.

There is a traditional opera in the Peking Opera, “Man Fu Wat”, which is about the success of Guo Ziyi’s Heian history. Tang Suzong married his daughter Guo Ziyi’s son Guo Yan. This year, Lao Guo and his wife celebrated their 80th birthday. The family came to pay homage. Only the princess did not worship, and Guo Yan was very angry. While the wine was fresh, the family had violence against the princess. Where has the princess been treated, crying all the way He ran back to the court to sue. After hearing about this, Guo Ziyi quickly tied her son up to ask for guilt. Ke Zong smiled: “I am not deaf and deaf, I do n’t want to be a housewife. Why do children ask trivial matters?”

Here, Tang Suzong’s “idiot” and “deafness” are actually a rare sense of boundary. He knows that the young couple’s affairs are better solved by the young couple themselves. If they get involved, not only will they not resolve the contradiction, but also It is easy to escalate the contradiction between the two small families into the contradiction between the two integrated large families, and even extend to the political contradiction between the monarch and the court. But how many smart people like Tang Suzong in modern families and modern interpersonal relationships?