Disappeared circus

My first job was as an apprentice at the puppet shop in the town. On the day when I first arrived at the store, the sun was shining brightly, and the spring was ripe like a cherry. The flocs flying everywhere gave a mysterious sense of security. Under the push of a small whirlwind close to the ground, they fell on the ground and rolled into one A big gray-white loose ball can be kicked with a kick. The puppet workshop is a small two-story building with no plaque. The building is embedded in the saplings and leaves of the tree. The outer wall is brownish red with traces of repeated paint. The upper floor is a spacious balcony, placed in a conspicuous position. There are some exhibits, including a giant toy trophy, the size is outrageous, you can see the stars on the trophy when you pass by from the downstairs. That day, I came to the door and saw a woman with orange skin, her long hair shawl, lying on the balcony with a toothy smile, and waving her arms mechanically downstairs. Later I knew that she was “Bani”, a puppet sample. The reason why she was debugged was full of mechanical sense, because she was afraid that it would be too lifelike to scare residents.

However, the townspeople are so courageous that they have passed the age of fear of ghosts and unknowable things, and the only thing they should fear now is death. Almost all of them are old people, and they are called here as old people’s town.

1. Mr. Hui
Mr. Hui, the owner of the puppet shop, is a master of art and a doctor of mechanics. His job is to make puppets every day, and then give the puppet body heads with different expressions, all of which are packed in large boxes. Our apprentices helped him sculpt his hair, eyebrows, and beard, and color his body. The process of making puppets was never made public, nor taught to us. He just walked into the house, locked the door, and when he came out ten minutes later, he was holding a large or small genius work. He will make small nude men and nude women, everything is perfect, their waists are delicate, smooth ribs seem to be faintly ups and downs; he will also make all kinds of animals covered with fur, the eyes of kittens will follow As the light changes, the lamb speaks, and the fangs of the viper can cut their hands, so be careful when moving; he will also make babies who can crawl down on their feet and dance when they stand up. The mouth is a small circle, with a saliva like silver beads, and the slow and bumpy steps just fit the style of this town; he can even make a reciprocating solar system, without any energy drive, the eight planets will never stop moving, false The glimmer of the ocean glowed on the blue surface of the earth. He usually does not smoke, drink, or eat irritating food. He and his wife, Mrs. Hui, respect each other.

Although we ca n’t learn anything, we are still willing to stay here, where every meal can be enjoyed and the management system is very loose. Mr. Hui put a strange device on the head of the bed. Every morning, he only needs to blow into the small horn to let this breath pass through the long and tortuous pipes, driving the wind chime at the door of the apprentice’s dormitory downstairs The jingle sound called us to get up. When everyone is finished washing and waiting for a meal around the round table, the puppet “Kwonie” will come down funny from the upper floor, carrying a large plate of differently colored foods, smiling in a small circle in the restaurant, and then put the food Place it firmly on the dining table. For the first few days, we would applaud her, and later, without the hassle of etiquette, just gobble up and eat. “Kuan Ni” is different from “Bani”. “Kuan Ni” is made like Mrs. Hui. The skin is made of soft sheep skin soaked with special liquid. The skin color is beautiful, and she also cooks several kinds of meals. “Bani” It looks much younger and more beautiful. I have only seen “Bani” three times in total. Every time she was silently waving on the balcony on the second floor, her joints made a creaking noise, like a cheap sign hanging on the roof of a nightclub. On a windy afternoon, Mr. Hui was rarely in a bad mood, and actually dragged “Bani” from upstairs to the yard and put it on fire. None of us dared to go out, just peeking into the scene behind the cracks of the window. “Bani” leaned over and fell into the flames, still waving his arms until the skeleton was swallowed up by the fire. After the puppet burned, I secretly ran out to check the rest, but found that there was nothing in the pile of waste, no metal, no wood chips, only a pile of disgusting ashes, light, like the weight is infinitely close to zero Feathers will disappear without a trace when the wind blows.

2. Neighbor
Mr. Hui’s neighbor is a pair of strange old men. Living in the west house is the widower Hu Li, he is a big fat man, video enthusiast, sitting and sleeping. A few years ago, his wife was hit by a meteorite at the door of his house and died, so he learned his lesson and stayed away from home every day, spending time by watching videos at home. Because he couldn’t see the sun, his facial features gradually shrunk, his face was covered with wrinkles, his nose was as big as a toad, and his eyes were squeezed into only a thin slit. He likes to watch an entertainment program that has long been discontinued, even recording every episode, playing it over and over, criticizing every female star that appears in the program while watching. He especially likes to watch the two episodes where the actress “Fifi Nightingale” starred. Because of the excessive number of plays, the tapes of those two episodes turned into a snowflake and the sound was completely inaudible. Hu Li, with his memory of a hundred steels, was able to repeat the content of the program verbatim-who said an irreverent word in the first few minutes, where the poodle was peeing on the stage, and what was the fish-eye high-heeled shoes of Fifi Nightingale Fall off to the ground. When not watching the video, Hu Li scored the TV program. He changed channels one by one, watched each channel for five minutes, gave the program a score, and then changed to the next channel. Once I delivered to him, I saw that the paper used for scoring was stacked high on both sides of the sofa, even higher than the top of the head, adding a bit of majesty to this slightly collapsed sofa. Hu Li sat in the center of the throne, like a The harsh judge, the dense fog of smoking wraps the body like a weather-robed robe.

If the widower Hu Li is like a judge, then the poet Mr. Long who lives in the east house is the wizard Gandalf. Mr. Long’s beard is very long. He must be wrapped in cloth before going to bed every day. The method of knotting the cloth is very particular, so that the beard curls into a perfect arc after it is opened early in the morning. He has few hobbies, except to write a long poem that never ends. This poem changes rhythm every seventy-one lines. It has completed 5,500 lines. The poems sing about things that do not exist today. Because they do not exist, others cannot imagine, and the author has obtained the supreme definition. Mr. Long is very satisfied with his work. Every day he falls asleep listening to the recording of his recitation poems. During the recitation, his tone is different from usual, with a strange accent that fluctuates a little, the nasal sound is thick, and the stamina is full. When he drove the chant of autumn to the maximum, the whole town trembled slightly. From this perspective, he was successful. Even though he has never published a line of poems in his life, he is still the most influential celebrity in this town.

Mr. Long also owns a beautiful garden in which many beautiful flowers and plants are planted. He usually does not have time to manage them and let the flowers and plants die on their own. But the flowers grew very lush and spread out from the garden. Their seeds were taken away by bees and birds, scattered on both sides of the path, and grew up in the sun, becoming the most enchanting one in the town. view.

3. Traveler
In the town of the elderly, the time is fine and comfortable, and it can’t leave a deep impression. The first spring and summer hurried past, I do my own work seriously every day. On a cool day, I was carving wings for a little owl—first I fiddled with the left wing, remembered every detail engraved by Mr. Hui in my mind, and then reversed it by subjective imagination Slowly carved on the right wing. After a while, my eyes started to dizzy and my head rose. When engraving the pattern recently, Mr. Hui only did half, and let the apprentices do the rest. He asked to be as perfect as possible, to maintain the consistency of the pattern to the greatest extent, but today, one of the three apprentices is sick and one is on leave to go on a date. Only I am in a hurry to work, which makes my face further down. But if I do n’t look up, no one knows what kind of expression I ’m making.

Doorbell rang.

Mr. Hui was in his study, Mrs. Hui went to the toilet, so I stood up from the puppet pile in the studio, rubbed my eyes, and went to the living room to open the door. A skinny middle-aged man appeared at the door. He was wearing a yellow sports suit, carrying a backpack, and had a gray beard on his chin.

“Aha, a puppet shop!” He said.

“What’s your job?”

“I am a traveler.” He said, “Can I come in? Look at these masterpieces, maybe I will buy one.”

“Please come in.”

I moved away and let him in. He thanked me, walked quickly into our reception room and showroom, turned his neck like an albatross and scanned around, then found a comfortable position at the table and sat down.

“A beautiful place, as it was then.”

At this moment, Mr. Hui appeared at the corner of the stairs. He slowly came down and glanced at me with implied blame. Mrs. Hui also came to the living room with water dripping on her hand.

“Sir, forgive me.” Mr. Hui said, “You said the same as before? Have you ever been here?”

“Yeah, many years ago.” The traveler replied. He rubbed his forehead and showed an asymmetric smile on his face, as if the skin on the right face was firmer than on the left.

Mrs. Hui came over with a plate of dim sum. “Do you drink tea?” She asked.

“Okay,” the traveler replied happily. “Thank you.” He sat more comfortably and began to pull things out of his pocket-a crumpled coated paper, a dark brown certificate, a watch With faded watch. He buckled them all face down on the table, as if we were a laundromat here, and he had to empty his pockets before washing his coat. Mrs. Hui went to make tea. Mr. Hui narrowed his eyes and sat diagonally across from the traveler. He seemed uncomfortable, opening his mouth, closing it again, and opening his mouth again-“Looking at your dress, going a long way?”

“Very far away, yeah. But Mr. Owner, shouldn’t you rather ask me what I want to buy?” Said the traveler.

“The current inventory is in this hall,” Mr. Hui said, “please help yourself.”

The traveler smiled. Mr. Hui also showed a smile, but the smile faded very quickly, like the beard on his lips shook gently.

“Tea is here.” Mrs. Hui brought the tea up.

“How about Kwa Ni?” Mr. Hui turned to ask her.

“Quaini? Didn’t see it.”

“Quaini, what a nice name.” The traveler interjected, “I don’t remember anyone in the town called Quana.”

“She is a maid.” Mrs. Hui said.

“She is a puppet.” Mr. Hui said.

“I miss this place, my wife,” said the traveler. “How have the people in the town been for so many years? Is anyone gone?”

“Everyone is good,” said Mrs. Hui. “Everyone is having a good time.”

“Ma’am, you should cook.” Mr. Hui said.

Mrs. Hui grunted.

“Is it?” The traveler’s voice rose, and he looked at the owner and his wife. “He said it’s time to cook. You’d better go quickly. Be careful, not everyone can escape their responsibilities.”

“If you are making a special trip to provoke, I think you should leave.” Mr. Hui said seriously. I saw his beard twitch again, and I felt a golden spot shining in front of my eyes, dazzling, as if I had a feeling of falling, but the feeling disappeared immediately. My eyes hurt, and I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

“Mr. Hui, want me to say that you are a real master.” The traveler said, “Look at all this, how beautiful puppets, how beautiful art.”

“I say it again, please leave.”

“Okay.” The traveler calmed down, turning his gray hairy head to me.

“What time is it?” He tapped the watch dial on the table. “My watch is out of order, sorry.”

“Apprentice, what should you do now?” Mr. Hui issued a serious and unquestionable order.

So I lowered my head and walked back to the inner hall without a word, away from their chatting like constipation, and continued to carve my owl wings. The outside hall was quiet. I heard Mr. Hui’s clicking upstairs. When I turned around, I found that the traveler had disappeared.

4. Circus
This winter is very fast. I ate all day in the puppet shop and engaged in boring manual labor. I could n’t remember how the winter passed. It was probably a warm winter.

The day the circus came to town, Mr. Long’s casual natural flower exhibition just opened. There are countless orange-red giant gerberas in the whole town growing in anger under the sunlight enough to reverse the flowering period. The bell-shaped digitalis expands into the stripes of a python. On the path, white solitary stone flowers dot the space. These flowers seem to spontaneously organize a parade on the street, and Mr. Long ignored them. However, when the first tent of the circus appeared on the widest road in the town, all the flowers were immediately eclipsed, and it was completely defeated. The hundreds of bright colors intertwined on the surface of the tent made them old before they were in full bloom. Some of the colors seemed familiar, but they couldn’t be named. They seemed to come from a mysterious area in the color spectrum. And when the second tent entered the town, the ancient black as deep as the tarmac absorbed all the vitality, the wind gradually stopped, and the birds chanted only in the seams of their beaks. As the convoy marched, the black tent The roof gradually turned into shining silver and white in the sunlight, and the brown spire became a meteorite falling on the surface of the snow-white lake. At this time, the third and largest tent appeared. The sun began to hide behind the clouds, because this most magnificent tent was more dazzling than the sun, and the pure gold background on the awning surface shone with the wheels trembling, covered with crystal-clear three-dimensional patterns It is like a micro-city inhabited by a god. The details of the micro-world are sculpted by the best craftsmen. If you have n’t seen the content clearly, the three-dimensional crystal will melt into a fiery magma heart and rusty yellow. Sunset glow. The texture of the image is constantly changing and flowing. It is a metal made of water, the life of metal, and the pigment of life. They spray out thinly, like prominence leaving the surface of the star, without a fixed pattern or a fixed shape . If you keep watching it, your soul will tremble deeply.

The circus passed with arrogance and dignity, and went straight to the central square. The tent was put up and the sign was hung:

“In the afternoon, when the shadow of the big tree falls on the sign, the first performance will be presented to you.”

At this time, the stubborn old people in the town hid in the distance, peeping at the huge, beautiful, and thrilling tent. They were waiting, and they didn’t know what to wait for. Finally, a man volunteered and stepped forward to watch the performance. He was a dumb idler, often thought to have disappeared. When the dumb walked into the tent, the town became silent like a cemetery. Everyone watched the awning change from gold to dark blue and back to orange. All eyes and energy accumulated in the unstable core, waiting for the final sentence.

After a while, when the dumb came out happily from the tent, the long-depressed ancient passion of the whole town broke out-because the dumb sang songs with his head high. This is the first time in his life that he sings like a graceful bird in his throat, citing high songs in desperation and burning life, even the oldest man in town has never heard such a wonderful song The longest stream is no match for the melodious song. People swarmed up and surrounded him, asking about the content of the circus performance. But dumb still could not speak, just singing desperately, his face flushed with excitement, waving his hand, as if he was going to perform on stage. So the anxious people left him behind, all flocked to the circus tent.

The big tent is closed, and the sign reads a line:

“When the first dim star rises at night, the next performance will be on time.”

5. Apprentice
In the first three days of the circus, ten performances dissolved everything. The whole town seemed to be soaked in spirits, and the treetops were flushed. I have never found so many people in the town before, as if the Creator had been drunk these days, pouring mud everywhere. Half of the town ’s residents have watched the show, indulged in excitement all day, strolling around the town, warmly recommending it to the people, they ca n’t tell the specific content of the program, but their eyes are very sincere. The intoxicated face felt itchy. People who have n’t watched the show are coming in line continuously. The space in the tent is limited, so everyone has to wait patiently.

Over the past few days, Mr. Hui has been in a bad mood, and his face is somber. If he does not move, he will get angry with us, and he once ordered to burn Kwani. Hui is too big to cry-“We are here when we are not married!” Seeing her crying, Mr. Hui waved his hands impatiently and tossed a teapot at Quarney, the ceramic pot shattered on her shiny goat skin. Quarni had to obediently search for the broom and pick up the debris. In the past few days, the poet Mr. Long kept coming to Mr. Hui and complaining to him endlessly.

“It’s nonsense!” Mr. Long said, “Everyone is pursuing visual nothingness and shallow stimulation these days.”

“Don’t bother me.” Mr. Hui said.

“The circus engulfed the town!”

“I don’t want to provoke it.”

“Like what you did last time, burn the puppet, burn it.”

“Take care of yourself, it will leave sooner or later.”

“I’m going crazy these days! A little boy from a relative’s house comes to play in front of me every day. He rides a tricycle up and down near the garden. The sound of the bell makes me sleepless. I’m going crazy.” Mr. Long He said that as he tightened his beard, he was pulling his chin off his face. “The circus is from hell!”

“I will find a way.” Mr. Hui said, “but I can’t burn things.”

“Can you act quickly?” Said the poet.

“Shut up!” Said Mr. Hui, and turned his gloomy face to me and another apprentice. “You are not allowed to go to the circus. You must not go.”

I nodded, and the apprentice said nothing. We returned to the studio, ready to finish today’s finishing work. The studio is very chaotic. Mr. Hui never packs up, and the semi-finished products are scattered all over the place. We turned on the lights and picked up each one and began to sculpt. No one around, our progress is very slow.

“You know, K eloped after watching the circus.” He whispered to me. ——K is the kind of love among apprentices. I usually wear a thin braid behind my head. There is always a flute on my waist, but I have never heard him blow it.


“Early today. He asked for leave from the boss and said that his throat was uncomfortable. In fact, he eloped with the woman. The goblin was the youngest servant in the mayor’s house. K won’t be back. I saw him breaking his flute. ”

“He never blows it anyway.”

“I know, but he won’t come back. He watched the circus last night and came back in the middle of the night. You all fell asleep. I opened the window for him and climbed in. He was ecstatic and told me he was not doing it. The servant of the mayor’s house stayed together, walked away, and immediately broke the flute. ”

“Wait,” I interrupted him, “Who is the mayor?”

He froze for a moment and said angrily: “I don’t know, how can I know.”

In the middle of the night, I was lying in bed and had trouble sleeping. As soon as I was a little drowsy, I heard a murmur on the opposite bed. My roommate turned over and got out of bed, dressed in black.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to the circus. They foretell that there will be a show at midnight tonight.”

“The boss will be angry.”

“I don’t care, I want to see it too much. Are you going?”

I shook my head, “I want to sleep, and I have to work tomorrow.”

“Work? Jokes! What are you afraid of, the old man who is afraid? Is there anything worth keeping in this job?”

I thought about it, but did not come up with any particular reason.

“Forget it, I’ll go by myself.” He said, “Lock the door of our room so that the old man doesn’t see it.”

I nodded in the dark, he walked to the window, opened the window and turned out. I lay back on the bed, and it took me a long time to fall asleep.

Early the next morning, the apprentice came back. I was relieved. I thought he would disappear like K. However, his mental state is not very good, he has been silent for a long time, and he has to worry about eating and drinking at breakfast. On this day, our work progressed very slowly. Mr. Hui did not pay any attention to it. He was so worried that he either walked around in the living room or sat in the kitchen and looked out the window.

After dinner, Mr. Long hurried in and reported a news.

“Hui … Hu Li …” He ran out of breath, “Ah …”

“What’s the matter? Speak slowly.”

“Hu Li … Widower Hu Li went out, he saw the circus in the afternoon!” The poet shouted.

“Hu Li? You said our neighbor, Hu Li who never went out?” Mrs. Hui asked.


“Tell me carefully.” Mr. Hui said.

“Just now, I was chasing the terrible little boy, who was riding a tricycle to crush the flowers and plants in the village. Damn things.” Mr. Long gasped for two breaths. Hu Li was sitting at the door laughing. He saw me coming and stepped out of the door in one step. ”

“God, the circus has cured him!” Hui Hui shouted too big.

“Don’t interrupt!” Said Mr. Hui, “and then?”

“I asked him, why did you come out of the house? What are you laughing at? What’s so happy about?

“He said-I’m going to the circus! That’s great! That circus is really a genius, you should go and see it too!”


“Then he burst into tears. I was overwhelmed and had to step forward to comfort him. But he smiled again and hugged me with a smile, making my nose runny. I tried to break free and hurry to come to you. He smiled and hugged his shoulders as I walked, shrinking into a ball. ”

Mr. Hui nodded and began to pace the house.

“Go and see him.” Mrs. Hui said.

“none of my business.”

“He is your friend.”

“Ah, okay, okay,” Mr. Hui waved his hands impatiently, “Mr. Long, let’s go to make this clear.”

The poet nodded. Before leaving, Mr. Hui turned and pointed to us, “You two, did the rest.”

After they left, Mrs. Hui shook her head and returned to her room. We also went to the studio in the inner hall obediently. In the bright workplace, my roommate stabbed my elbow.

“You really don’t want to go to the circus?”

“You have seen it, tell me. What programs are there.”

He shook his head, “I can only see it by myself, trust me.”

“Then … when will they perform?”

“After the moon rises tonight, it plays three consecutive times.”

I looked at the moon outside the window.

“It’s now.” He said.

“But I still have some work.”

“I will do it for you, I will do it faster than you.” He said, “The boss won’t be able to come back in a while.”

I thought about it, nodded, and got up from the small stool. I’m going to the circus, I think, at this moment, I suddenly felt the thrill of free drinking and wine on the nerve line, a desperate adventure impulse filled every cell.

“Quick, go through the back door!” He said.

6. The Circus
When I arrived at the circus, the moon just spilled the soft light on the ceiling. People were crowding into the venue. I lined up behind the line and followed the flow of people into this temporarily built venue. The dome inside the large tent looks tall, and the four-sided tents are covered with rainbow colors, depicting the pattern of icebergs. The part above the water surface of the iceberg showed a translucent light black, and the part under the water was blurred, like a huge shadow.

Everyone sat well, although it was evening, the tent was warm. After a while, the music rang, the theater light became brighter, and the beam of light gathered in the center of the stage. A raccoon appeared there.

The raccoon stood on his hind legs, raised the microphone with his forearm, and began to speak, with a cheerful female voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the circus!” The raccoon’s lips fluttered quickly, and the vocabulary burst out of his mouth, but I think it was “double reed”, and someone must be dubbing this animal.

“You just made the most important choice in your life. Ah, you old people!” The raccoon sucked like a human and blinked his eyes. “You are the smartest old people! The circus never disappoints you! Please sit down Okay, quiet, quiet, the show will start immediately, let’s cheer for the wonderful show! ”

As soon as the voice fell, the stage lights were all dimmed. When the lights turned on again, two strong tigers appeared on the stage, and they sat around a table like a human. The pair of beasts placed their hind legs on the ground, their buttocks and backs leaned on the sofa, held up two large wine glasses with their fat front claws, toasted and clink each other, making a vague whine in their mouths. One of the tigers drank the wine from the glass and sulked for a long time, and there was a laugh in the audience. The tiger on the side sticks out his tongue and licks the big glass, rolls the drink to the bristles of his hair, and then tilts his head in satisfaction, making a heavy “meow” sound. The audience laughed again. They drink you a cup and I have a drink, and a radish-like thing fell from the darkness above the stage. The tigers turned their heads to look, and the ground was actually a bloody broken arm. The audience exclaimed. But the tiger waved his front paws impatiently, turned his head back, and humbled each other humbly, chatting again and again when chatting. The amputated arm suddenly moved, and it walked flexibly with its fingers, quickly creeping closer to the table. When the beasts looked down, it suddenly stopped, but when the tiger raised his head, the arm continued to crawl forward. Eventually, it climbed to the wine barrel beside the table, and showed the empty palm to the audience first, and then used magic tricks to get a long match from the palm of the hand. The fingers flipped cleverly, and the match ignited the flame. . The tigers saw this scene and roared to stop it, but it was too late. The broken arm threw the match into the wine barrel, and a loud bang made a very real explosion in the middle of the stage, and the flames and smoke quickly rose. The audience screamed in shock, and I felt the shock wave of the explosion rush to my face, but it was like the touch of the summer warm wind, with a mild fragrance. The smoke dissipated, the stage became empty, the table, the tiger, the arms, all the fantasy scenes seemed to follow the fireworks, and there was no burnt mark on the ground.

The audience applauded excitedly. At this time the stage was dark again, and two dazzling light beams shot towards the upper left corner of the field of view. A swing was hanging there, and a girl with two long braids stood on it.

I guess this is probably “flying trapeze”.

Sure enough, the girl grabbed the swing arm with one hand, opened it with one hand, leaned sideways, and flew under the traction of the sling. She revolved around the stage quickly, with a streamer flying behind her, like a red comet, marking a blood stain in the air. At this time, the headlight directly above lights up, and a huge scarecrow appears in the center of the stage. It is about seven or eight meters high, with a rough shape and long limbs. Its head is like a huge bird nest, and a tree stick sticks out of its mouth. The braided sharp teeth spewed out the smell of straw rot in a heavy gasp. The scarecrow held a straw hat with a diameter of several meters in his hand, shaking it and throwing it to the audience. The audience in the front row yelled in fright and stretched out his arm to stop it. Seeing this scene, the giant withdrew his hand holding the hat back, and gave out a muffled laughter, splashing a mouthful of grass juice on the stage. At this time, the flying girl gradually lowered her height and began to spin around the scarecrow in the air. The monster seemed very annoyed, waving her hat to catch the girl, but the flying man was extremely flexible. She constantly changed the flight path, making the straw giant confused. The giant was somewhat disappointed, yelling a few times, throwing off his hat, and slumped on the ground in dismay, causing the whole tent to tremble. The girl was more active, and she flew up and down around the scarecrow teasingly, not caring about her opponent’s huge limbs and a sturdy yellow rhizome. The girl was getting closer and closer. At this time, the monster waved his giant arm like lightning, and actually grabbed the girl in the air. The girl looked disappointed and started struggling fiercely in the giant hands, but the monster did n’t care about it at all. In the screams of the audience, the arrogant trapeze was stuffed into her mouth and chewed, and then slowly leaked thick meat Swallow it.

After eating the snacks, the Scarecrow nodded in satisfaction, stretched his arms around the field to celebrate, roaring endlessly. As the audience yelled and thumped their feet, the straw giant performed a song with a hoarse voice:

This is my go to heaven,

Thirty years!

Standing at noon in summer,

The following town

Full of October blood!

At this moment, a red figure suddenly emerged from the scarecrow’s neck and shoulders. She jumped dexterously and climbed the scarecrow’s head in three and two steps-it was the trapeze girl! The furious straw giant shook his head and reached out to catch her. She hid the pair of giant palms at once, then raised her arms high in the shouting cheers and gently patted the snowy white hand on the scarecrow’s head.

“Sleep, mother.”

With a loud bang, the scarecrow burned up like a huge torch, and the whole body was red and bright, reflecting the day in the theater, and the fire in the big tent flew. Accompanied by crackling and popping noises, the giant knelt on the ground, collapsed in a gradually weakened struggle and roar, and collapsed into a ball, no longer moving. The trapeze girl was carrying a swing, leaping out of the flames, and performing a curtain call performance around the theater. She flew and danced, and her skirt and streamers were not burned by fire, and her beauty and face were not detracted. As the audience applauded loudly, the stage curtain pulled down, and darkness returned to the ground.

In the darkness, the audience’s cries gradually subsided, and all sounds settled in the dark primary colors until all syllables could not be found. I tried hard to listen, there was no sound of anyone breathing around, only the shaking of the dust falling, swaying the silent world chord.

“Like time dripping gently,” a female voice said suddenly. In the dark, only the woman’s voice can be heard, and no raccoon body appears.

“Snow, snow, snow.” She said.

At this time, a light spot appeared in the center of the field of vision, such as a lit cigarette, slowly dancing and exploring in the air.

“Its tip trembling, trembling–”

I seem to have heard this poem, but I ca n’t remember it anymore. The memories are like the mist of the twilight, making the illusion and the reality indistinguishable.

“Too lazy to bounce off—”

Is it going to fly up? I think. Sure enough, the spot of light rose straight up, and I looked up, and my vision moved up with it.

“Cigarettes flew into the fire.”

Open it and let it fly out. I think.

The dome seemed to have life. After a moment of hesitation, it split from the center to the surroundings, revealing the night sky. The moon is gone, the clouds are gone, the stars like wildflowers on the grass are gone, only a dark night sky. The light spot rose, “Stop!” I thought, so the light spot really stopped in the center of the universe curtain.

At this moment, the part of the brain responsible for the imagination is running at a high speed, and I feel a burst of ecstasy, and the desire to drive the throat is almost shouting. It’s going to explode! I think. At this moment, there was a tremendous explosion in the light spot, as if countless giant fireworks merged into one, the dazzling light covered the entire night, and the stars were ejected by the center of the fireworks, projected like black diamonds on the blue On the colored sky, millions of stars and hundreds of thousands of nebulae appeared in my field of vision. My eyes were deeply illuminated by the center of the universe. All the water evaporated, but new water was added immediately. In the ocean of eyeballs, it was tears that could not be narrated and stopped, and the vast and endless stars almost blinded my eyes.

No, exercise! I think, don’t stop!

The whole sky became active again. I saw supermassive stars burn out in seconds, and young black holes swallowed each other hungrily, attracting countless stars to themselves. The sight is turbulent, and the sky is performing a magnificent epic. The galaxies are formed, they continue to collide and expand, and eventually become a wriggling super giant, which collapses and collapses due to obesity. Where is the earth? I think, where is the mother? The field of vision in one corner is enlarged, and the blue planet flashes suddenly, hiding in the sea of ​​stars. I rubbed my eyes, above the dome, the chaotic system worked quickly and gorgeously, performing a feast on the screen that shrouded everything, and I was like a director who was at a loss behind the camera-what next? Expand, shrink or freeze? I didn’t think about it, and this circus didn’t give me an answer. But this great performance scared me. My responsibility has exceeded my own awareness. I don’t know how to advance the next game. If I close my eyes, I do n’t know if it will exist. There is a blank in my mind.

The night suddenly dimmed, all the stars disappeared like clouds and mist, and the sky returned to a heavy black, as if everything had just been done.

“Dear viewers, 4:41.” The gentle voice of the woman came from the depths of the curtain.

Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed my arm hard, and I turned my head in a hurry, and Mr. Hui appeared in front of me.

“Go away!” He said.

7. The widower
Mr. Hui dragged me like a farmer dragging a lost lamb. I followed him numbly and stumbled forward. The night outside was quiet, the moonlight was soft, and I still thought about the incredible performance just now. We walked out of the circus tent and paddock one after the other and came to the first fork. The sign on the roadside read:

“The next performance will be presented to you at 6:30 in the morning.”

Although at night, I can also see Mr. Hui’s suddenly gloomy face. The expression is not so much anger but rather fear.

Back at the shop, Mr. Hui said nothing, and waved at me, and went upstairs. I walked into the bedroom and my roommate was not there either. I felt tired, so I lay down with my clothes and wanted to save my last little sleep before dawn. My fatigue is not like the feeling of the body, but more like the daze of the mind, like the memory is separated from the body, isolated in the melancholy of no cause, floating in the white void.

“Has it been so fast tonight?” I thought before falling asleep.

I wake up in the morning and I finish my breakfast by myself, and I work alone. Mr. Hui does not seem to be in the mood to make a puppet, so there is not much work today. I was absent-minded for a while, and I always miss the image of the circus in the night. At the moment, the shop was empty, Mr. Hui had been in the study room for a long time, Mrs. Hui was missing, and Kwani was cleaning the backyard alone. I realized in a trance that this was the best time for me to slip out and continue to watch the circus. I made up my mind that if Mr. Hui took me back again, I would run away completely, leave this workshop, or even leave this dull town, and I would go to the end of the world with the circus.

So, I gently closed the door of the workshop and sneaked out of the back door, carefully avoiding Mr. Long who was entangled with the boy on the bike. The air in the town is good and the weather is good. My mood is bright and I ca n’t wait to get to the square. But after I walked on the road, I felt something strange. Today the town is surprisingly empty. In recent days, the whispering whispers or the loud laughter that has enveloped the town have nowhere to look. The square is getting closer and closer, but I haven’t seen the brilliant circus of the circus, nor the countless townspeople who lined up for admission. My heart slowly fell like a swamp, and I ran up until I stepped onto the square, and I still couldn’t believe what I saw-this piece of space that once became the center of the town was empty, and those hoods were missing Only the empty, spotless spot was left. Where did the circus go? It seemed to disappear without a trace, and the square was cleaned before leaving, so that every dust was sleeping quietly, every grass was gently swinging, every stone The bricks are white and flawless. The circus was gone as if it had never been.

Some people stood in the square, staring at the land that had brought them surprise and joy, as if the disappearance of the tent had taken away their souls. I found a few people and asked where did the circus go? They didn’t say a word, they just looked at me blankly, like puppets who lost their threads.

I was so disappointed that I had to walk back to the workshop in dismay. Mr. Hui was standing by the door. When he saw me coming back, he didn’t get angry. He just patted me on the shoulder and pointed to the workshop in the back room. I walked in obediently, took the door, and sat back in the puppet pile. The number of puppets seems to have increased. Looking at the piles of ugly semi-finished products, I felt sick. I felt that I couldn’t stay here for a second, so I threw the knife on the ground, preparing to showdown with the boss.

At this moment, there was a huge smash of the door in the living room. I looked out from the imaginary studio door and found that the door was open, and the widower Hu Li dragged his bloated body in, followed by Mr. Long.

“No, sorry, I can’t stop him.” Mr. Long said.

Hu Li stepped into the room and walked to the meeting table. He opened his mouth, panting heavily, and the facial features huddled together anxiously.

“Old friend, what’s your job?” Mr. Hui asked.

The widower waved his hand in pain. “Where did you get the circus?” He asked.

“Circus? Those guys who play tricks on worms?” Mr. Hui frowned, “I don’t know, what does this have to do with me.”

“You have to get them back.” Hu Li said, “just today.”


“They can make my thinking a reality.” Hu Li said.

“Now, be honest.” Mr. Hui made two words from the teeth. “Don’t you experience what you are experiencing? Your illness is cured, you can go out happily now, stop thinking about it, old friend.”

“Quickly get the circus back, and get it back today.”

“You don’t need medicine anymore,” Mr. Hui said. “There is no long-term special medicine. You have to rely on yourself, go out on your own, out of the garden, out of the town.”

“I can’t live without them.”

“Maybe you have to learn to leave.”

Hu Li stopped talking. He suddenly pulled out a sharp knife from his pocket and took a step back with Mr. Long who was beside him.

“This is the knife that Feifei Nightingale used to commit suicide.” Hu Li said.

“old times?”

“The era of murder, the era of arson.”

Mr. Hui finally got up from the chair.

“what are you saying?”

“Please get the circus back.”

“I said it has nothing to do with me.”

“The sign says that at 6:30 in the morning, there will be a show that I don’t want to miss.”

What time is it right now? I think it should have passed by 6:30, what time is it now? What time is 6:30? There seemed to be golden spots again in the field of vision, and the feeling of falling was fleeting.

“It has nothing to do with me, please leave.” Mr. Hui said.

Hu Li raised his sharp knife and slowly approached. The smoke lingered around his fat body. I seemed to smell the cigarette on the handle.

“The era of murder and arson,” he said, “just at 6 in the morning …”

A sharp gunshot made the widower Huli tremble with fat, widening his eyes like slits, and his body fell down dullly like a puppet. Mr. Long shouted aside, his beards falling, like a fine white snow. “You, what are you doing!” The poet yelled like a woman. Mr. Hui looked ashen, holding a pistol tightly in his hand, turning his body to Mr. Long.

“Don’t point the gun at me!” The poet shouted wildly.

Mr. Hui seemed to relax, slowly lowered his arm, and thrust the weapon in his hand back into his pocket.

The poet lost his strength and slowly sat on the ground.

“What are you doing?” He said, “Why kill Hu Li?”

“I am protecting us!”

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang like a curse.

“God, what shall we do now?” The old poet asked.

Mr. Hui turned his head and looked at the huge clock in the corner of the living room.

“Hide him in the clock.”

“He is a fat man.”

“Shut up!” Said Mr. Hui, “you open the lid! I can drag him myself!”

8. The Second Traveler
When a woman wearing a yellow sports suit and a backpack came in, the atmosphere inside the house seemed to be a funeral. The puppet shop owner solemnly crossed hands, and the old poet stood dejectedly in the corner. The woman walked gently like a cat. I hid behind the half-covered door. I couldn’t see the woman’s face. I only saw ponytails with long hair tied into two feet, sagged on her backpack.

“Aha, beautiful doll shop.” The woman said.

“These are not dolls, and those who can’t move are called dolls-this is called a puppet.” Mr. Hui said.

“What you said makes sense.”

The woman strolled happily, all the way to the table, sitting on the sofa that the traveler had sat on.

“How much are these pretty … puppets?”

“The prices are different, depending on which one you want.”

“The best kind.”

“The best is not born yet.”

“Then buy your servant Kwani. I will pay a lot of money.”

“How do you know Kwaney?”

“I passed by your shop this morning and saw her cleaning in the backyard.”

“No.” Mr. Hui said, “I burned her down last night.”

The female traveller’s expression froze in an instant.

“I lit the fire,” said Mr. Hui, “she was crying and screaming, but she was still burning. This scene is like the past you want to mention You will forget that voice, you will not forget that voice. ”

The old poet standing at the corner took a step forward and opened his mouth to talk.

“That’s the voice of hell.” The shopkeeper continued, “Boom! Just like the circus performs every day, the fire burns.”

“Stop.” The woman said, “Don’t say it.”

“Okay.” Mr. Hui folded his arms like a young man and sat opposite the woman. “Who the hell are you?”

After waiting for a while, the woman replied: “I am an agent.”

“Did anyone break the law in town?”

“A prisoner escaped from prison. A young man, about thirty, came in the direction of the town.”

“Then he must not have arrived, or went somewhere else.”

The detective took out a crumpled piece of coated paper, exactly the same as the one taken by the previous traveler. She pointed to the folded art paper, “Please take a look at the photo and remember it well.”

“No need, we don’t have strangers here. You only have one.”

The detective stared at him, then turned her attention to the clock in the corner.

“This clock doesn’t seem to be right, there has been a noise since just now.”

“That clock broke and the clockwork is aging.” Mr. Hui said.

The woman stood up, walked to the clock, touched it carefully, and knocked on its panel.

“Do you mind if I open it?” She said.

“Please, please.”

The police detective grabbed the clock’s panel and pulled it apart, and a crackling rattle came from the wood, but the big clock was empty. Slightly confused, she turned around and looked at Mr. Hui.

“Okay, the game is over.” The owner said. He pulled out his pistol again and aimed at the woman with ponytails. The police detective looked very blue, calm and unusual.

“What time is it?” She said. “I want to ask someone behind that door to tell me.”

She pointed in my direction. I shivered, and looked at all three eyes. I slowly opened the door and walked to the living room.

“Please tell me what time is it?”

Mr. Hui did not wait for me to answer, and then pulled the trigger. The sound of the gun rang again in the room. The detective’s body hit the big clock, causing the bell to make a loud cry. The poet Mr. Long collapsed completely. He wailed, holding his head with both hands, and shouted loudly in his mouth.

“Shut up!” Mr. Hui shouted and turned to the poet with a gun. The old poet shivered for a while, stopped crying, and slowly retreated to the corner. I ran beside the policewoman and found that she had been hit hard and had stopped breathing.

“Sir, this is not like what an artist does.” I said to the boss.

“Artist?” Mr. Hui grinned. He held the gun in his right hand, and drew a carving knife from his pocket with his left hand. He threw it accurately at my feet.

“Pick up this knife and do what I said. I will show you what an artist is.”

9. Artist
I picked up the carving knife, which seemed to be the knife I just used. The tip of the knife was stained with debris, and the wooden handle had a residual temperature.

“Now, open the woman’s chest,” he said.

I looked at him in surprise, and did not move half a step.

“You annoy me.” He raised the arm of the gun. “The artist is impulsive and desperate.”

“You are nothing like an old man.”

“Shut up,” he said, “I can never be an old man.”

I looked at Mr. Long in the corner, and he still stood there like wood. I had to bend down, clenching the knife and inserting it firmly into the dead man’s chest. Unexpectedly, the blade did not encounter any resistance. I easily opened a big mouth, no blood and internal organs flowed out, only some rotten cotton appeared in it. I carefully opened the mouth and found that the woman had no muscles, no blood vessels, no heart and lungs, only piles of cotton, gravel, springs and dirty wood chips.

I feel like I can’t think anymore. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“Throw away the knife and go to Mr. Long.”

My mind was in confusion, stood up obediently, threw away the carving knife, and walked towards the old poet. The old poet was still motionless, his face flushed, and only his eyes were following me, like a crab with clawed legs.

“Extend your hand,” Mr. Hui said, “touch him, touch his chest.”


“Just follow suit.”

I reached out a hand and pressed it on Mr. Long’s chest. As if passing through a cloud, my hand got stuck in it and fell deeply into his body. There was a chill in the palm of my hand, and I looked at him, and he looked at me, and his empty eyes were disturbing. Half a second later, the poet collapsed like water, his body turned into a flowing liquid, penetrated into the ground, volatilized in the air, and disappeared instantly.

I was dumbfounded again, and Mr. Hui laughed.

“The game is over,” he said in the same tone as when she killed the female detective.

He raised his pistol. I unconsciously raised my arm to block, but the gun did not sound. I opened my eyes and found that Mr. Hui’s arm holding the gun was relaxed, the gun fell to the ground, his lips twitched like magic, and tears flowed out. At this moment, the golden spots appeared again in front of my eyes, the field of vision began to shake, I could not open my eyes, and I felt that the world around me could not open its eyes. At that moment, I seemed to be connected to the world. I felt light and flickering, and I was about to move out of the short history of life. It was like an illusion in the body in motion and became the illusion itself.

I started struggling to walk forward, I tore away the invisible hand that grabbed my shoulder, tore the blurred space covered with golden dots, and walked towards my boss, the floor was twisted, and I saw the gray wall With the lines of steel, I bent down and picked up the gun that was about to disappear with my invisible hand. The gun was like a cabbage, and the elongated handle was like a cavalry’s spear. I picked up the gun, the world slowly stabilized, and the golden spots gradually disappeared. I raised my pistol and pointed it at Mr. Hui. After a few seconds, he stopped stupefying and shaking, and he came back. He looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you.” He gasped, tears still hanging on his face.

“no need thank me?”

“Thank you for stabilizing this world.”

“What exactly is going on?”

“Okay,” he took a deep breath. “Erect your ears. Let me tell you the truth.”

10. Confession
I am not a master of art, nor a doctor of mechanics, nor a puppet shopkeeper. I will not make puppets. I do n’t even know how to carve a chicken butt.

who am I? I am a worker, working in the greatest metropolis you can never imagine, where there are millions of people like me, and there is surrealism made with realistic hands. No, I do n’t need to explain, you know where, because you know what I know, they are my blood and the secret knowledge in your body.

My place of work is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. It became the tallest building in the city a month before it was completed, but it was surpassed by the latecomers 15 days later. This kind of story happens every month and the people in the city Be accustomed to everything, even if a person becomes a whale, they will not attract their attention. It was an unfortunate day. I lost my mind just before the maintenance machine was completed, and my fingers were cut off by the merciless iron things. How many are cut off? There are three on the left hand and four on the right hand, but only two thumbs and a pitiful little one are kept. The monster unkindly swallowed these sausages and shattered it like engineering waste.

An hour later, I was lying in the hospital, desperate, and my hands were still in pain after the treatment. “My finger is broken!” I complained to the doctor. “Is there any way!” Said the doctor. “Do you know how many fingers this city has to break each year? Ten thousand!” He stretched out a finger, which was the one I had lost. “Ten thousand roots!” He said, turning around and walking away. After a while, our boss came. He is the boss, there is a bigger boss on top of him, and the boss of the whole project is on top of the bigger boss. , There is a world we do n’t know. I do n’t care about those. I just want to know how I will spend my second half of my life. My hands have become a pair of sad duck breasts. I feel like a duck about to enter the oven. The boss looked dignified and unsmiling. He paid all the medical expenses, threw a sum of money at the bedside, and verbally released my labor relationship. They don’t want me anymore, like kicking off a bone that is obstructive. After I was discharged from the hospital, I found a lawyer and spent a small amount of consulting fees on it. The lawyer told me that my problem was to sign a problem contract. There are big problems in this problem contract. No way can solve any problems. The idiot was too talkative, but he was still a lawyer with an idea, and he reminded me not to try to solve it by violence-it inspired me.

Over the past few days, after repeated practice, I learned to use my mouth and crippled left hand to tie the knife to my right arm. So I carried the knife and came to the place where the boss lived. This knife was eliminated by my co-workers. There is an old cigarette smell on the handle. It is a little uncomfortable to hide in my arms. For four days in a row, I wandered around, and finally found an opportunity to sneak into the boss ’s villa from the small open window in the toilet. In the evening, I was waiting for him in the cupboard between the toilet and the bedroom, but he did not appear until late at night. I looked out from the crack in the door and saw him embracing a beautiful young woman with long hair. The woman’s skin was light orange in the light, which was quite beautiful. They hug, kiss, fall on the floor in my gaze, and roll together. The woman made a lascivious and poignant cry, and the boss was sweating and majestic like a tiger on the back. As they reached the cry of bliss, looking at the flickering flesh and the gorgeous decoration around them, my momentum was also half lost, and the courage to rise up and the determination to do nothing endlessly disappeared. In the morning, after they left, I also left there sullenly and resentfully.

When I got home, I found that the movement in the bungalow was not right. I listened quietly under the window, but what I heard was the lustful laugh of my wife and the neighbor who was doing small business, and what I heard was filthy words. The pair of adulterers and prostitutes are doing the joy of fish and water. The two of them seem to imitate the actions of the boss, satire me with actions, laugh at me with words, flesh, and incomprehensible copulation, reminding me of the night I just experienced , The most disgraceful night in my life. I’m a counselor. I can’t kill the boss. I don’t have the courage to kill the boss. I can only kill people like me. Only when I kill these people can I get a sense of security. I am ashamed of my tiny guts, this shame overcomes guilt and fear. I want to kill them! Killed my wife who had never stepped into a high-end mall, and her poor adulterer who was doing small business.

In this way, in a rage, I ran to a small gas station a few hundred meters away to buy back gasoline, and quietly locked the door with two fingers. I poured gasoline evenly around the house and lit the fire. It was a windy day, and the fire was getting bigger and bigger. They screamed and smashed the glass, holding the iron fence tightly, screaming, but it was too late. The fire gradually swallowed everything, and both of them disappeared in the sea of ​​fire. in.

I was arrested the next day.

The days in the detention center are very boring. I have avoided all the labor because of my disability. But the death sentence is nailed down and I ca n’t escape. The looming sense of doom makes me anxious and sleepless at night. One night, the hallway did not turn off the lights. I counted the mildew on the ceiling by the faint light. The mildew was various, mainly green and black, and the dim red dots were mixed in it, like the young in the woods and grasslands. Beast, carefully avoiding traps and running for joy, I really want to let myself join them and live forever in the free world of mold. At this moment, I suddenly recalled a book I read a year ago. That book describes how to gradually learn through practice that you are dreaming, and then learn to stay awake in your dreams until you control your dreams as you please. I didn’t believe this statement, but now I’m in jail. This statement has a huge temptation to me. I made up my mind to practice controlling dreams, experience freedom in dreams, and strive to master the passage of time in dreams, and create an eternity that belongs to me.

From that moment on, I started to practice. The specific details in that book have been forgotten, but the basic method is still remembered. The first is to find a sign, a “trigger”, something unreasonable, no matter what you are going through, once you see this happen, you will know you are in a dream. It’s difficult, but I have a fierce desire. I can spend all my time sleeping and learning how to know dreams. My “trigger” is very clear-my finger. If I look at them, they are intact, I know I am having a sweet dream. In the sober state, I insist on looking at my fingers every few minutes, trying to cultivate the habit of paying attention to fingers at all times, so that I can also subconsciously look at them in dreams, to discover their unreasonable points.

A few days later, I succeeded. In that scene, I was sweating and working on the construction site. I talked and laughed with my coworkers. I used flexible fingers to control the machine, used flexible fingers to take the drink that was thrown to me, and used flexible fingers to pull the pull ring— —At this moment, I suddenly awakened. I saw it. I noticed that all my fingers are intact. They are still the blood of my brothers and parents. I am a beautiful part of the human body.

This was the first lucid dream. During the ecstasy, the sky shattered, the building fell, and the dream collapsed.

After touching the door of the dream, I progressed quickly, and the only enemy was time. I know that appealing is in vain, but I still took advantage of the opportunity to appeal so that I can spend more days in jail and use every minute to practice frantically without eating or drinking. I indulge in a lucid dream every day, and for a while the guards thought that I would hunger strike and kill myself, and even forced me to lose nutrition. When the final sentence of death sentence was issued, I was able to control everything in my dreams leisurely, and I could continue the dreams of the previous day the next day. My next task is to build a home. Where is my eternal shelter? These days, I’ve seen grey alien stars that hang over stars and beasts all over the world. I’ve seen the dangerous place of hell like volcanic lava. I’ve seen the end of the world where endless forests and snow-white mountains are interlaced. I have seen enough of this surreal scene in my homeland, and I need a gentle embrace and an eternal hometown.

Do you know the smell of air before execution? It was the smell of a pharmacy, the smell of decayed wood and dried chrysanthemums. These smells started to surround me a few weeks before I was sentenced. The day after the death penalty review passed, I dreamed of a small town. There are verdant meadows, beautiful flowers, beautiful roads, a quiet central square, and a bunch of old and simple townspeople. I immediately decided to build my own home here. I do n’t have much time. I decided not to build and renovate the townspeople again. I ’m going to use all my energy to control the time, try to change the speed of the time felt in the dream, and try to blur the boundaries of time Go to a clear time unit, so that the passage of time in the dream is nowhere to be found. I hope that a second in reality will be a dream in ten thousand years.

On the eve of the death penalty, I fell asleep repeatedly and woke up repeatedly. Whenever I am awake, I feel that time is tightening like a rope around my neck. In the first few dreams, time still passes at a rate that is not much different from reality, but what I need is an exponential gap! I was extremely frustrated, but I did n’t want to give up. Time did not give me the right to give up. During the tossing and turning, I suddenly realized that time gave me the right, or did I give the right to time? In the real world, of course time defines me, but in dreams, my consciousness survives in the cover of the cover. Time is only one of the countless objects in the unreal world. Right, all characteristics should be defined by me. I ca n’t get stuck in debugging the speed of time, but I should change its basic principles again, because in the world of my dreams, time does not require any so-called “flowing” speed. So in my new dream, I defined time as a psychological suggestion and an illusion. It seemed to pass by every second, but behind the illusion, it should only take up a little time. This little time It is the carrier of all illusions.

That’s it. The eternity I defined is not from speed, but from illusion. This is a painful thing, which means that no one in my town will ever grow old, and no one will die naturally, which means everything Life is a deceptive illusion, they are so boring as false, like the most crappy stand-alone game-but for me it is enough. So I started the experience, living in this perfect town, wandering in the illusion of eternal time, a week passed, a month passed, a year passed, everything was still so stable, I did not return to the body of reality . I succeeded, and I seemed to be eternal. But I know that I am not far away from the early morning in reality. The death penalty is set at 6:30. What I am going to experience is the last hours of the night before the execution. This is the last dream, and it must be a dream that never stops. , I must never wake up again.

In this way, with a touch of crisis, I settled down in the town and began to enjoy an eternal life. The time in the town is just flowing, not counting, there are vague seasons, but no specific year. I created my wife and neighbors, operated a puppet shop, and made puppets as I wanted; I continued to build new facilities in the town to let flowers bloom all over the streets. But can I call myself a god? Can’t. I still have one of my biggest enemies, that is my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the ancient god of creation in the dream world, a giant beast temporarily suppressed by me, the mother of all things. Although this town is my paradise, there is still an infinitely vast world in the dream outside the town, all created by the subconscious mind. That great subconscious mind, as I was born and grew up, it is as broad and like the sea. Space is as empty and twisted as hell, everything in the dream is immersed in the subconscious hell. Every person and everything that exists here, whether or not I have been reformed, is a part of the subconscious mind and holds my unknown secrets.

On several occasions, I have seen signs of instability in my creation, almost awakening in trembling. So I learned a lesson, no longer use consciousness to create or erase something, and avoid interfering with the operation of this world. Sometimes people from outside the town come to the town. They are subconscious creations. They are not transformed and constrained by my reason. They are full of wildness and dangerous. In my paradise, the subconscious is counterattacking gradually, and wants to regain control of the dream. That is its instinct. I am struggling against the instinct of God. This is the most desperate job in the world.

In this way, the daily confrontation has been exhausted, and in addition to the daily confrontation, I also have a dead enemy-that is the “harbinger” created by the subconscious mind, which is the horn of victory for the opponent. Although most of the things I have not transformed are the scum generated by the subconscious, there is always a thing hidden in the memory of the truth, or the “expectation” of waking up, which is the trump card of the subconscious. This paradise only needs a “harbinger” to appear, enough to evoke memories of the truth, and there is a danger of awakening and collapse. From the moment I saw you, I knew that “harbinger” was coming. You look exactly like me-I am talking about the real me. When you first met, you wore a T-shirt, which was a gift from my girlfriend on a certain birthday, with a large, colorful “6” written on it. “6”, such an obvious number, hasn’t appeared in this world for a long time, and I immediately remembered my death penalty at 6:30, almost instantly falling awake. Obvious numbers, real time, this is the dead hole of my world, I must eliminate all this at any cost, but I ca n’t kill the snake, “Omen” is too important for the subconscious, it will maintain the stability of the dream and maintain the dream Subconscious world connection. For the stability of the town, I ca n’t let you disappear directly. I think it ’s better to keep you by your side and supervise you, not to intervene excessively, but to redirect you, knead you, and let you live everyday Being accustomed to everything in this town and accustomed to the life of a puppet shop, the essence of “harmony” is deeply hidden and will never appear.

Before the circus appeared, I was successful. The emergence of the circus was the last counterattack of the subconscious. It came to the town with great fanfare, constantly performing fire scenes, and even hanging out the trailer of the 6:30 program-that was the moment when I executed. It broke the rules, which is unacceptable. I should n’t have asked you to watch a circus performance, but I was scratched at Hu Li ’s house that day and almost fell into reality. I spent a lot of energy to stabilize the dream world. After the circus announced the trailer and before the 6:30 show, I had no other way to stop it-unless the entire circus disappeared. So I did this, I stood in front of it, and personally, no, personally wiped it out of the land of paradise with my consciousness.

This is a huge risk, but I have no choice. Sure enough, the world collapsed, and emergencies appeared one after another. I had to kill Hu Li and the subconscious spy. I caused a huge imbalance in this world. In the moment just now, I almost fell again, wandering on the edge of sobriety. Fortunately, you pointed your gun at me. Before I was about to see the iron window in front of me, I saw this scene first. I tried to relax my consciousness, grabbed the dream’s tail, and successfully returned here.

When I talked to you just now, my limbs can’t move, but as the world stabilizes, through adjustment and adaptation, I have been able to move freely. what about you? Can you move? Will I move you now? Do you try moving your hands, moving your feet, and pulling the trigger of your pistol? Oh, I forgot, the pistol is no longer in your hand, it is now in my hand. I am always the favorite child of the paradise, the monarch of the town, and what are you? Do you have any history? What kind of memories do you remember? No. You are just a flat symbol, a sad animal, not even an animal, because you are not an independent thing, your so-called free will is determined early, you are just a mechanical, determined, and inescapable Subconscious slave. Just now, after experiencing a desperate fall, I finally made a decision. I will be desperate and let go, anyway, the world has been crumbling, anyway, I have cleared several subconscious creations one after another, I must take the risk again, clear you, wipe you out, crush you like chewing watermelon seeds, let this “predict “No longer a threat. I do n’t have to spend your noble consciousness to wipe you out. It ’s enough to have this gun. This weapon is reassuring. do you know? In dreams, people will die, this is my long-term definition of this paradise, this is the law, I can kill you with a gun, so that you are no longer active in this false world, let you return to the subconscious In the abyss.

The story is over, that’s it.

11. “Ominous”
Mr. Hui raised his gun and pointed at me. I don’t know if he is aiming accurately, because his hands are shaking slightly. His flexible index finger rested on the trigger, and the middle, ring and little fingers held the handle of the gun. It was a gift from heaven that he did his best to defend.

I want to move my mouth, but my facial muscles are getting stiff.

“I can talk.” I said vaguely with my mouth half open.

I heard him sneer. My mechanical, determined, flat-animal, and sad slave’s head is running at full strength. I want to say the “harbinger”. He is afraid of numbers and time. What numbers do I have to say?

“6:30! Death penalty!” I shouted.

Mr. Hui pulled the trigger and the bullet passed through my left shoulder.

“31 years old!”

The second bullet hit the wall.

“15 years! 77!”

The third bullet was embedded in my abdomen, stirring the internal organs, and the severe pain struck. I think this pain is also his setting for dreams, just like bullets can kill people.

“1501! 412! 607 …” I shouted with all my strength, but the voice was gradually decreasing, and I could still maintain my standing, but the power had left me. I knelt down and felt that the light around me was gradually shrinking, and the darkness was ringing towards the center, getting closer and closer to me.

“Four seasons, spring, summer, autumn …”

Two more bullets struck, and my body could no longer be supported. My manipulative, worthless, and false consciousness was blurred. I fell to the ground, and was about to be swallowed up by the law composed of hint and illusion. At this time, the last bullet of Mr. Hui was also finished, and the sound of empty shooting sounded around me. I finally lost all my strength, leaving only my eyes rolling, but I do n’t understand that since my behavior and will were Decided, why can’t you always say that “harmony”, what Mr. Hui fears most.

Surrounded by darkness, the ring illuminated by the light is getting smaller and smaller. I saw a child on a three-wheeled bicycle passing by. It was a distant relative of Mr. Long. I didn’t know how he came to the house.

“What are you doing?” He said, “Time is passing, it’s dawning in half an hour, and I’m not going to sleep.”

Mr. Hui froze in place, and everything nearby stood still.

“There are 29 minutes and 55 seconds,” the boy said. “54, 53.”

The 19 teams of Serie A’s 20 teams reached an agreement on the 6th: If the league cannot restart, the players agree to a 1/3 salary reduction, if they can restart, they give up 1/6 salary. In addition, there are clubs and players in various countries agreeing on salary reduction. However, the Premier League still did not quarrel the results. Although many English Premier League players have reached out against the increasingly severe background of the British epidemic, they have expressed their unwillingness to lower their wages in the face of the Premier League’s “appeal to players to reduce their salary by 30%”. The good things accumulated are lost. And the club is not too contentious, many teams including Liverpool listed non-player staff as a temporary suspension, throwing the salary burden to the British government.

Team players are criticized

Online sports media “Athletic” stated that Tottenham, Newcastle United, Bournemouth and Norwich have joined the British government’s “vacation plan”, that is, the government will bear 80% of the employees’ wages, and the club will only pay 20%. Liverpool, the Champions League champion, became the latest Premier League giant to do so.

“London Flag Evening News” reported that as a wealthy club with a pre-tax profit of 42 million pounds, Liverpool’s approach caused widespread dissatisfaction, even the team’s veteran is no exception. Liverpool ’s famous collier Moral said on social media: “I have no other idea than the club ’s dislike. The government ’s vacation plan was originally prepared for small businesses to help them avoid trouble. The owner of the Premier League club has a lot of cash and can rely on the team to get more income. So why do these rich bosses still have to cover their pockets? “The BBC quoted former Red Army captain Carragher as saying : “Klopp was very responsible during the outbreak, and the Liverpool players were also actively involved and willing to reduce their salaries. But the Liverpool club’s current actions will make all goodwill and respect disappear.”

In terms of withstanding the wave of criticism, Premier League players have not allowed their boss to “walk alone.” British Health Minister Hancock said: “People across the country are making sacrifices to fight the epidemic, including doctors and nurses who have lost their lives due to the fight against the disease. Premier League players should contribute their strength through salary reductions.” The British “Daily Mail” reported that an online survey showed that up to 92% of the respondents believed that Premier League players should cut their salaries. Among these people, 67% believe that the salary reduction should reach 50% or higher. At the same time, some fans openly called the game with the home team. The Tottenham Fans Foundation said in a statement that what angered fans the most was that the club was reducing employee salaries and seeking assistance from the government, while the highest-paying group did not reduce salaries.

Rooney does not want to be a scapegoat

Despite the “pressure”, Premier League players did not intend to succumb. Many Premier League players questioned whether the funds generated by salary cuts can really be used for epidemic prevention and control? The British “Sun” said that Manchester City’s head Debruen and other stars clearly refused to reduce their wages in a video conference with the Premier League: “We would rather donate directly to medical institutions rather than lower wages to cheap and rich club owners. “Leinkel, an English football star, stood firmly with the players. He made it clear:” Why only pick the players’ salary? It seems that no one talks about bankers and CEOs. Did they stand up and help? ”

The opinions of the England Players ’Union are consistent with those of De Braun. The union issued a statement last weekend, highlighting that “the Premier League ’s salary reduction proposal has logical problems”-all players reduce their wages by 30% within 12 months, which means that the total salary of players will be reduced by 500 million pounds, and the government will also reduce income. 200 million pounds in taxes. How can such a motion help the government respond to public health incidents? Former England international Rooney said in an interview with The Times: “Under the premise of understanding where the funds are going, I am happy to help the government purchase related treatment equipment. However, the player’s salary reduction should not be one size fits all. I am 34 years old I have earned enough money, so let me give up some salary is not a problem. But there are some players with poor financial status, why do they want to reduce their salary by 30%? Why should they make the scapegoat? ”

However, the Premier League players are not scratchy. According to the “Sun”, Rose, who was previously loaned by Tottenham to Newcastle United, donated £ 19,000 to a hospital to fight the epidemic. According to the British “Daily Mail”, Liverpool captain Henderson set up an anti-epidemic foundation and called on more players to donate to help the British national medical service system.

British officials call on football to play a positive role

The BBC stated that the British government has expressed concern about the “infighting” in football. British Minister of Digitalization, Culture, Media and Sports Oliver Dawden said on social media: “People do not want to see infighting in the sports world during the outbreak. English football must play a positive role to show that players can understand low income Groups, communities and fans are facing pressure. “According to the” Daily Mail “, Manchester United players have agreed to temporarily reduce their pay by 30%. According to another report by Agence France-Presse, Manchester City, who announced that the coach ’s mother died of new pneumonia on the 6th, has stated that he will not dismiss club employees or occupy government resources. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the acquisition of Manchester City by the rich man in the Middle East, the British “Times” once ridiculed him that “money was spent without creativity”, and his speech was full of disrespect for “upstarts”. The acquisition of Manchester United’s Glazer was even more met with criticism from the British media, accusing the American of “coming for money” of “business interests above the glory and culture of a city.” It is believed that the decision made by the Manchester City duo on the epidemic can save some reputation for their boss in the English football. However, Liverpool may be difficult. American media reported that the club’s American boss John Henry has been in Liverpool’s ten years of continuous success and won the Champions League last year, so the team’s turnover has increased to 533 million pounds.