California Story

Photographer Bat Martin was born in 1992 and grew up on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. In high school, his brother gave him a camera, and then he gradually became interested in photography. When he graduated from high school, Martin took a night photography course at Santa Monica College. The school provided a large-format camera and a color darkroom. He took full advantage of learning opportunities and perfected his shooting skills.

From 2016 to 2018, Martin recorded the last moments of his mother’s life with a camera. Throughout the second half of his life, his mother struggled with drug addiction. Martin reconnected with his mother with the help of his camera. In 2019, his mother ’s portrait won the Taylor Wessing Portrait Portrait Award.

Martin has taken many photos of people, including family, friends, and many strangers. These character works have one thing in common-they are all illuminated by the sun, some are shrouded in the golden light of the Los Angeles sun, and some are with dim, hazy shadows. In different time periods, California light will produce different effects. Martin is good at capturing the state of people at sunrise and sunset, creating unexpected pictures.

“Everyone has a story, and some of us like to share their secrets more than others,” Martin said. “I think photography is a tool for connection and a way to make people happy to share stories.”

As of 19:00 on March 31, Beijing time, there were more than 800,000 new cases of new coronary pneumonia diagnosed worldwide, and it took less than two days to reach 700,000 cases. At the same time, more than 160,000 people were diagnosed in the United States, and more than 3,000 died. Faced with a sharply deteriorating epidemic, US President Trump said on the same day that he would maintain and strengthen the “social isolation” policy, “the next 30 days will be crucial” and “we are all on one boat.” Trump also said on the 30th that he received “very good supplies” from China and Russia. Even more rare, he also announced that he would donate about $ 100 million in medical supplies to Italy. Although there are still some Western politicians and media still trying to discredit other countries’ efforts to fight the epidemic, more and more countries recognize that all nations need to cooperate and work together to defeat the new crown virus, the common human enemy. Poland sent the first medical team to Italy; Britain, France and Germany bypassed U.S. sanctions against Iran and exported the first batch of medical products to Iran; Russian large transport aircraft arrived at French airports with Chinese-made masks … Chunying said on the 31st that in the face of the epidemic, stigma, assault, dumping and blame cannot make up for lost time. Countries have the same destiny. Only by strengthening unity and cooperation can we overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

“Very happy surprised”

“This is a crucial 30-day period. We bet everything.” Trump said at a White House press conference on the 30th. Trump subsequently retweeted the press conference video and said: “We are all on the same boat because we have never seen such a crisis.”

At a press conference, Trump also stated that the United States has received medical supplies aided by China and Russia. “I have to say that we maintain good relations with many countries. China sent us a batch of supplies, very good supplies. Russia also sent us an aircraft item, including great medical equipment.” He said, “I was surprised by what other countries sent us. It was a very pleasant surprise.”

According to US media reports, a plane carrying emergency medical supplies from Shanghai has arrived in New York on March 29. White House officials said that between now and early April, a total of 22 flights have been arranged to deliver urgently needed supplies to the United States. This is the first flight. Fearing that the federal government is too slow, foreign buyers may be the first to buy supplies, and US state governors, mayors, companies, and celebrities have used Chinese connections to raise supplies from China. “The New York Post” said that former NBA player and CBA North Controls men’s basketball coach Marbury has raised 10 million N95 masks from China for only about one-third of the US price and is preparing to ship to New York.

Regarding Trump’s statement that Russia provides medical assistance to the United States, Russia Today TV said that Trump’s remarks were puzzling, and Russian officials have not announced any such assistance to the United States. Russia’s “Morning News” on the 31st quoted Russian President ’s press secretary Peskov as saying that “the leaders of the two countries did discuss the issue on the phone the day before”, but he did not say whether Russia has sent to the United States Airplane with medical equipment. However, the Russian Federation News Agency quoted the Russian State Duma MP Shivitkin as saying that Russia ’s assistance to the United States is a signal to the United States. Despite political and economic contradictions between the two countries, Russia is willing to provide assistance to fight the epidemic. All possible assistance. This is goodwill from Russia.

Trump also said on the same day that he plans to provide assistance to European countries such as Italy despite the fact that the United States has a very short supply of medical supplies. He said that when the United States produces more medical supplies than internal demand, the United States will donate to Italy, France, Spain and other countries. He said that he had called the Italian Prime Minister Conte the previous day, indicating that the United States would donate about $ 100 million in medical supplies to Italy. Conte was “very happy” with the news. In response to this news, the British “Daily Mail” and other Western media reported that the title was “Trump boasted that it would donate $ 100 million in medical supplies to Italy”, showing some doubts about the US donation. Earlier, the United States had stated that it would donate $ 100 million to China, but a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that it had never received the donation, and said that it asked the United States to donate to other countries in need. Although the donation has not yet arrived, Italian Foreign Minister Dimayo thanked Facebook on the 31st: “The United States is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic, and they have shown great unity and generosity to the Italian people.”

“A sight never seen”

According to the Johns Hopkins University Global Epidemic Real-Time Statistics System, as of 8:00 on March 31, Eastern Time, there were 3,170 new deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the United States, 575 new deaths in one day, and a total of 164,610 confirmed cases.

“The 3,000 deaths mean that we have broken a grim hurdle.” CNN said that the number of single-day deaths in the United States will not decline in the short term. White House Outbreak Response Team Coordinator Dr. Burks said at a press conference on the 30th that the U.S. government has reviewed 12 different prediction models and the final results show that even with strict “social isolation” measures, the death toll will still rise By mid-April, more than 2,000 people will die each day in the United States, and by August about 82,000 people will die. It is reported that as of March 30, at least 30 states have issued orders to residents not to go out. These states have a population of over 225 million, accounting for more than two-thirds of the US population.

In the United States, the worst outbreak remains in New York State. New York opened a temporary hospital with 2,900 beds at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on the 30th. The field hospital set up in Central Park in New York is expected to begin operation on the 31st. Not only New York, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the governors and mayors of states across the United States are trying to get more medical resources and asking the federal government to strengthen coordination.

In addition to medical supplies, morgues are also seriously inadequate in many places. CNBC said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency Regional Chief Eisen said in an interview that the federal government is transporting large refrigerated trucks to New York to resolve the lack of morgue space. Fox News said that there may be 85 large refrigerated trucks heading to New York, which could increase New York’s dead body storage capacity from 3,500 to 7,000. Earlier, Trump lamented at a press conference that he saw on TV a New York hospital parked his body in a refrigerated truck, “I saw a sight I had never seen before”.

Europe and the United States consider requiring people to wear masks

According to real-time data from the Dutch BNO News Network, as of 19:00 Beijing time on the 31st, there have been 802,861 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide, with a total of 38,831 deaths. Of these, 11,591 died in Italy, the largest number in the world, and more than 100,000 confirmed cases in Italy. At noon on March 31st local time, the flag was lowered at half-mast across Italy, and a minute of silence was observed for the deceased.

Faced with a grim and terrible situation, the United States and Europe have begun to change their attitudes towards domestic epidemic prevention measures and external attitudes. “Europeans are beginning to wear masks.” The ORF TV station in Austria said that Europeans have gradually agreed on whether to wear masks and believe that wearing masks is conducive to epidemic prevention. The Austrian government announced on March 30 that people must wear masks to enter supermarkets for shopping. A spokesman for the German Ministry of Health also said that the public is obliged to wear masks, which will play a role in preventing epidemics.

In the United States, the Washington Post said on the 30th that officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are considering changing official guidelines to require people to wear masks during the pandemic. Trump also said at a White House press conference that day: “I have seen such a suggestion, and we will look at it and may ask people to wear masks for a period of time, but not forever.”

“Germany plays the role of savior!” German television one said on the 31st. In the early stage of the epidemic, European countries, especially Germany, did not show an exemplary role. That is changing now. The German Air Force launched a transport plane on the 29th to send two critically ill patients from France to Ulm, Germany for treatment. Eight German states currently provide 73 beds to Italy. “This is an important sign of solidarity. Europe must be united,” German Defense Minister Karen Bauer said.

Albania sent a medical team of 30 doctors and nurses to help Italy on the 28th. As one of the poorest countries in Europe, Albania has allocated 11 million Lek (about 95,000 US dollars) as a medical team bonus for this. On the 30th, 15 medical personnel sent by Poland arrived in Italy.

On the 31st, France, Germany and the United Kingdom announced the first INSTEX transaction with Iran to export the first batch of medical products to Iran. The German Foreign Ministry said on the 31st that Berlin hopes to strengthen this mechanism and launch more trade with Tehran.

“China and the United States should work together”

At a press conference on March 31, Hua Chunying said that I totally disagree with the statement that “Some people think that China is hoarding medical supplies for epidemic prevention and does not provide timely help to the rest of the world.” She said that the Chinese government has provided material assistance to 120 countries and 4 international organizations, including general medical masks, N95 masks, protective clothing, nucleic acid testing reagents, and ventilator. Chinese local governments have donated medical supplies to more than 50 countries through channels such as international friendship cities. Chinese companies have donated medical supplies to more than 100 countries and international organizations. In addition, 30 countries and 2 international organizations have signed commercial procurement agreements with Chinese exporters, including masks, protective clothing, and nucleic acid testing reagents. Hua Chunying said that N95 masks are also in short supply in China. We have left the N95 masks to those medical staff who fight in the most dangerous positions and are most vulnerable to infection. Others, including everyone, can see on TV that Chinese leaders wear ordinary masks.

“The United States and China should work together at this time instead of complaining to each other,” Stephen Roach, a senior researcher at Yale University, wrote in a Bloomberg News on March 31, saying that despite the commitments made at the G20 special summit, the disease is raging. The world is likely to be fragmented. At the moment, nationalism and xenophobic threats cannot be tolerated. The United States and China should not miss this opportunity to work together to fight the epidemic. As Trump promised, the word “China virus” will no longer be used, but it is not enough. In good faith, the United States should immediately reduce tariffs on Chinese imports to before the trade war. China should also take corresponding measures.