Away from the collapsed life

Colleague Xiaozhuang just bought a sweeping robot for his 80-year-old parents. At first, my parents sneered at this little white guy with a round head and a brain like a weight scale. The old mother said that sweeping the floor still requires electricity. What a waste. I can use a broom for ten years. Besides, the operation is so complicated. Do you think we can learn to play drums when we are 80 years old?

Xiaozhuang spent a weekend and taught them how to use it. Really don’t underestimate the learning ability of 80-year-olds. In less than a week, old mothers who have suffered waist and leg pain for several years are inseparable from “Xiaobai”. When Xiaozhuang returned to his maiden house, his father blamed his mother for his love for “Xiaobai” over him. Early in the morning, the mother got up and “chuckled” Xiao Bai, and Xiao Bai followed her like a silly baby, went to the living room, to the kitchen, would turn around the table feet, and would drill under the sofa to vacuum. The old mother was sometimes naughty, reached out to stop “Xiao Bai”, and “Xiao Bai” spoke softly: “What is stopping me? Come and help me.”

This time, even the jealous old father couldn’t help laughing. When the mother saw her daughter Xiaozhuang, she proudly showed off her “Xiao Bai” ‘s achievements-there was no dust in the seams of the tiles. My mother said that when she was over 80 years old, she actually found that sweeping the floor could not bend down, and cooking could be done without a spatula.

By the way, just five months ago, Xiaozhuang bought a multifunctional cooking robot for his parents as a New Year gift. At the beginning, parents also strongly resisted. In their view, what is the difference between cooking without a spatula and combing the hair without using a comb and brushing your teeth without using a toothbrush? People cannot be so lazy, they will go to the hospital if they are lazy. Xiaozhuang didn’t argue with them either. He poured raw fried buns into the pan, poured some rapeseed oil, and sprinkled some green onions and black sesame seeds into it. My mother is still wondering: will this drop of water not be put, will it make a pot of coke?

It turned out that the mother was more concerned. After 10 minutes, the pan is fried, the bottom of the raw fried bun is crispy and tough, golden and lovely, the meat is fragrant with sesame and sesame oil. Since then, the old parents were completely convinced by the cooking robot. They are exhausted from cooking for two, to interested in bringing siblings home to have a reunion dinner, and to participate in the community’s “Hundred Gourmet Banquet” for the festival. Their field of life has thus greatly expanded.

Xiaozhuang remembered a sentence: “Any idea that elders deserve to stay in their own declining circles and rely on old experience to support life in a wrong way is wrong. The interest in living is to continue to develop and learn new skills. As a grandchild, you Push them out of the collapsed circle of life, just as they pushed you out of puppets. ”

Wenying started writing a video tutorial for her old father last year. Her method was to draw pictures, and to keep screenshots of the main points at each step, and then use A4 paper to draw them. Every week, she returns home to her parents’ home. Her task is to teach her father how to take a cupboard of old family photos, write music, write narration impressions, and form interesting videos. Father learned to make videos of the growth of two daughters; made videos of his 40th anniversary of his college graduation; made acquaintances, acquaintances, honeymoon trips with his wife and his wife, and solemn and funny when taking wedding photos for the old Experience making videos; making videos for two grandchildren from birth to growing up as cool and handsome jerseys. Although at the beginning, Wen Ying smirked at her father ’s editing technology, because this thick eyebrows of the stage cavity, this clumsy page-turning technology, this exaggerated soundtrack, and liveliness were the scenery and scenes of the 1980s. Style, this is just like the people who are used to seeing the top special effects, revisiting the peach blossom island on Taohua Island in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” in the early 1980s.

But Wen Ying finally endured her patience and encouraged her old father like a class teacher in elementary school. She wrote the improvement suggestions in red on her video lesson plan. After all, my father is in his 70s and has a strong forgetfulness. He remembers forgetting tomorrow, but Wenying always feels that he managed to arouse his youth’s dissatisfaction and should be praised and encouraged instead of being scorned. “It’s so old, do you still want to make an old version of Papi sauce, or grandfather on the Internet?” Wen Ying concealed that her parents had a family meeting in advance, and never allowed young people to say such frustrated words.

Her efforts paid off. Today’s old father wears a suit and a bowler hat, and the legs of the narrow-leg pants are pulled up like young people, leather shoes are shiny, and the digital camera is always hung on his chest. He would never admit that he was old and wanted to bid farewell to this world. Throughout the spring and summer, he took his mother to shoot flowers outside, and planned to make a flower-viewing album for his old classmates living abroad. Look at me: I’m such a confident leader that we can be considered a million in our age.