7 tips for TCM health

Although it is said that modern people eat more Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is the essence that has been precipitated by the culture of thousands of years in Greater China, so there are still many people who admire traditional Chinese medicine culture, so what are the skills of traditional Chinese medicine to maintain health? Today, let’s take a look at the 7 Chinese medicine health tips summarized by the ancients.

Back should always thrive in yang
The thumping back is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. The back of the human body is rich in spinal nerves and viscera points. The thumping back can stimulate the points on the back skin and subcutaneous tissues. Through the conduction of the nervous system and meridians, the functions of the endocrine and meridian systems are enhanced, and the immune function is improved To enhance disease resistance. Thumping back can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, relax muscles, prevent chronic low back pain and lumbar muscle strain, but also promote blood circulation, improve skin nutrition, and accelerate back skin metabolism.

In addition, the throbbing back can also calm down and calm down, and has a therapeutic effect on various chronic diseases of middle-aged and elderly people. Thump back technique should be even, the effort must be flexible, tap gently tap, 60 to 100 times per minute, 1 to 2 times a day. Each time the back is beaten for 30 to 50 minutes, it is advisable to tap gently up and down. Those with severe heart disease should be cautious when pounding their backs.

Qi Yixueping
Massage the face, also known as the bath surface, can stimulate the yang. The method is to rub the face with the palm of your hand dozens of times after rubbing heat. Or gently rub or pat the face with both hands, 1 to 2 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day. Because the three yang meridians in the meridian system start from the head and face, rubbing the face can clear the meridians and have a facial beauty effect. Every morning, rub your hands together with your middle finger from bottom to top along the sides of the nose, drive the other fingers, rub the forehead to separate from the sides, and go down the cheeks like a face wash.

Regular bathing can make the face ruddy, reduce wrinkles, and prevent facial nerve paralysis. The bath also has the effect of eliminating fatigue and invigorating the spirit. This method helps improve the peripheral blood circulation of the face, especially the ears.

Yi Yi Chang Yun not spend a lot of money
Chinese medicine refers to the eye movement as the eye. Close your eyes and turn your eyes 6 to 10 times from left to right, then 6 to 10 times from right to left. The eyeball should move slowly, then close your eyes for a moment, and then suddenly open your eyes. The speed should be uniform, and each rotation direction can be made 2 to 4 beats. This method is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with dazzling eyes and eye diseases.

The back should always be warm and not painful
The main body of Yang Qi is the place where the meridian governs the meridians and the bladder meridians. Normal warmth can make the Yang Qi run and reach the whole body meridians to prevent and cure diseases. Everyday can use massage, sunbathing and other methods. The ancients believed that the back was home to the governor’s veins and the house of the sun’s bladder scriptures. People feel cold protection from the back, so the back should always keep warm.

Protecting the back can prevent colds and strengthen the kidneys and strengthen the waist. Middle-aged and elderly people should strengthen their back exercises and care, and wear clothes on their backs when they get up at night. They should keep their backs warm as much as possible in daily life to prevent cold.

Abdominal should be easy to digest
The abdomen is where the organs such as the gastrointestinal tract are located, and abdominal massage is often used to facilitate digestion. The ancients called the umbilical abdomen and Moshengmen. That is, rub the abdomen around the navel. Usually rubbing the abdomen by hand can eliminate bloating and help food digestion. Lie on your back with your legs straight, with your toes up, rub your hands together, and put your hands on top of each other. Use your palms on the abdomen centered on the umbilicus, turning clockwise in small, middle and large circles 12 times each.

Men massage the stomach and intestines to strengthen the kidneys and strengthen the waist, nourish yin and aphrodisiac, nourish qi and strengthen essence, strengthen spleen and stomach, and help digestion.

Limbs are often shaken
Frequent movement of the limbs not only exercises the muscles, muscles and bones of the limbs, but also promotes visceral qi and blood movement through the movement of the limbs and enhances physical fitness. Fists in both hands, together with the shoulders, rotates forward, first from the inside to the bottom, then from the outside to the inside, then the other way around, 20 times each. Can also be left first and then right.

Except, sit flat, lift your left foot and straighten it forward, and tip your toes upwards. When you want to straighten, press your heels forward and downward. After five times, do your right foot to stretch the joints of the limbs. This method is beneficial for the prevention of shoulder and shoulder disease and improving physical function for middle-aged and elderly people.

Dry skin is not old
Bathe the skin around the body with palms and dry towels, and massage the whole body to clear meridians, activate qi and blood, anti-aging and prevent diseases. The ancients called dry bathing. The second-hand rubbing heat, rubbing the skin around the body, like bathing. Generally, starting from the top of the head, the face, the shoulders and arms on both sides, from top to bottom, chest, abdomen, back to left and right legs, wipe it in sequence. It can make the whole body qi and blood smooth, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, and make the skin moist and elastic.

The 7 health care tips introduced above are all the experience that the ancients gained from their lives, but the health care is expensive to persevere. Both young and old people need a good perseverance in order to achieve real health effects.