Wise choices will make your efforts more valuable

Life has a length, and in this limited life, choice is particularly important.

When you ask me what I was going to grow up as a child, I will not hesitate to tell you that I want to be a teacher; and when you ask me who is struggling with my junior high school studies, I will only lightly Say, I don’t know; even after the college entrance examination, I still know nothing about this vast world.

As a middle-to-high grade student, my volunteer experience can be said to be quite tortuous. Although I was admitted to a first-class college that exceeded my normal level, my blind choice of major left me regret for four years. Tears-The rapid development of the Internet world has generated a kind of longing and illusions. I consider myself to have rigorous rational thinking, so I chose a computer science and technology major that I know nothing about.

As a science student who loves the liberal arts, I go further and further on the track that deviates from the center. I didn’t even think that in college, the former top students would be reduced to mediocre ones who only crossed the 60-point mark. While other students were busy working on the radio’s circuit board, I hid in the library and couldn’t extricate myself with the English version of Pride and Prejudice.

I have talked with my parents more than once about the current situation and future career plans that made me unsatisfactory. The “dislike” in my mouth became the object of their disdain. “Is it really important to like it or not?” I nodded firmly, because this is my life and my hope!

Although my professional results were not satisfactory, I was not idle during college. I have always kept learning English. I have passed the one-time high scores in both the CET-4 and CET-6 exams. Because of my love for European and American culture and writing, I started writing articles for film reviews for some public accounts. With the thought of continuing to explore new media; it is precisely because of this that my “non-professional” value was slowly realized, and there was a hint of comfort in my heart.

Throughout college, I couldn’t fall in love with my major, but I didn’t choose to escape, but to maximize the negative effects of unwise voluntary choices. There is already grass and grass in my life, and I want to find another way to seek the opportunity to bloom again in the cracks. Later, the graduation season came. When most of our professional students chose to go to companies related to technology networks such as Huawei and Tencent, I turned around. Although I knew that professional mismatches would become the biggest stumbling block in the job search, I did not flinch. Because I missed it once, I don’t want to be wrong again!

Now that I have entered the workplace, I am still feeling the huge and profound impact of my professional choice at that time, but I have no way to change and can only continue to rush forward.

For many high school students who are busy studying, voluntary reporting is something that will not be considered until the college entrance examination. However, voluntary choice is not as simple as we think. Sometimes, a good volunteer can make your ordinary college entrance examination results shining, and a wrong volunteer will affect your life. Therefore, it is especially important to know the relevant knowledge of voluntary reporting in advance. It affects not only your four-year academic life, but also largely determines your future development direction and space.

We often say that choice is more than effort. A wise choice will make your effort more valuable. The easiest thing in life is choice. The most difficult thing is choice. The only thing that can hold in my hands is my attitude and pursuit.

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