Wild chrysanthemum

I spent my childhood at my grandmother’s house. It is a typical small mountain village in the north of Hunan. People are scattered in the surrounding mountains. The grand house of the grandmother’s house was inlaid on a hillside with a spacious floor. We hopped, played shuttlecocks, and played games there, squandering the happiness and beauty of childhood.

The flowers bloom late in the mountains. It was a colorful May. The two peach trees in front of the floor had bloomed together. Under the clear blue sky, the pink flowers are slowly falling under the breeze, like someone is strewing flowers in the air, and the scattered petals are brought up by a series of elegant arcs by Li Ai’s broken steps. “My cousin is innumerable, and there are no major events to stay at the door …” Aunt Li’s round and crisp vocal popped up with the thin orchid fingers, and the little black dog lying under the peach tree looked at the softly dancing woman in front of her, Seems to share her joy, and seems to be thinking, what is the great joy of the master?

In the impression, Aunt Li was so crazy all year round, her grandmother sighed aside. If a neighbor comes to the door at this time, Aunt Li will be even more upset, grabbing something as a weapon, pointing at the person with a smile, but dare not approach, just standing so stupidly, holding a branch tightly Or a broom or something. Her gaze was straight, her eyes were large and dull. The uncles are probably afraid of Aunt Li. This spacious and bright tile house is rarely patronized, and the noise has turned into a cold fire. Just a few people in my room-silent grandfather, raging grandmother, crazy aunt Li and innocent me. Early that morning, my grandfather went out of the house with a hoe on his shoulders and wearing the morning light. I was still asleep when I didn’t understand. Suddenly, my grandmother shouted sharply and bounced me off the bed.

Grandma’s body is fat, but her movements are very flexible, and she walks and works like the wind. She often wears a blue kerchief and carries a huge bamboo basket. Sometimes the basket is seasonal vegetables picked from the vegetable garden, and sometimes it is a basket of clothes, washed by the pond. In memory, the peach branches on the main door frame have not been broken since the peach tree turned green. These irregular branches protrude from the small holes on the left and right sides of the gate, like small peach trees growing from the wall. I do n’t know what these branches are for. I often take them out to play. For my grandmother did n’t say a lot about it, my little ancestor, he will offend the Bodhisattva. Listening to the grandmother’s words, I seemed to be frightened, so I quickly put the extracted branches back into place. Grandma said it was evil, so why wasn’t Aunt Li’s madness still sedated? I was often puzzled, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I would run to the ditch behind the house and sit alone, looking at the wild chrysanthemums staggered with leaves.

My mother ranks first, and Aunt Li is the third daughter of grandma. Aunt Li is so beautiful. I always think she is the person in the painting. Her black hair is like a waterfall. She likes to wear a pair of twisted braids. She is tall, bright-eyed and fair-skinned. I used to think that when I grew up, I would become as exquisite and beautiful as Aunt Li? But today’s Aunt Li is very different from what I used to look like.

This beautiful girl, poured a cup of boiling water on my face, what innocence did I make in the previous life! Her grandmother snotted her tears, her face was red and black, her teeth grinned because of pain, and she looked extremely scary. Aunt Li, she was holding the empty tea pot, and compared to me, dancing and whimpering, her mother had black pot gray on her face. Anyway, I helped her wash her face. Why is she called? It turned out that my grandmother boiled water in the stove in the morning, poured a water bottle after the water was boiled, and poured the rest into a tea pot on the table. Then she immersed herself in the fire and cooked. Wash her face.

I’m sick again, what happened? When is it such a day? Grandma covered her face, squinting at Aunt Li, her eyes were full of fear and affection. I was frightened, leaning against the corner of the door and not daring to move forward, my small heart pounded. I really want to be a bodhisattva in the temple. With a breath, my grandmother’s face is as good as ever, or I can turn Aunt Li into the former clever girl. When I came back to God, I thought I should hurry to get my grandfather back.

As I ran on the road, I was thinking about another thing. That was at the end of last month. Grandma Liu personally went to the door to do a ritual for Aunt Li. In the smoke, the grandma danced with a wooden sword, muttered words in her mouth, and drew a bowl of magical water: “Tian Ling Ling, Earth Spirit , Taishang Laojun showed his spirits quickly … “Aunt Li looked at him with a blank expression from time to time, sometimes smirked and threw branches at the crowd, sometimes chasing her grandmother and shouting. Grandmother knelt down on the futon religiously, trembling, and did not dare to be distracted for a moment. For fear of disturbing the Bodhisattva, she would be guilty, and that aunt Li’s madness could not be saved. I obviously saw my grandmother feeding a drop of Shenshui to Aunt Li, why is she sick again now?

Before Aunt Li was ill, she was a well-known beauty in Douyi Village, saying that the matchmaker had not broken the threshold. One day, Li Xiangzheng, who went to the house, praised Tang Sheng from Osmanthus Village with her three-inch tongue, and her grandmother’s eyebrows filled her with joy. This Tang Sheng is a junior high school classmate of Aunt Li, who has grown up. Aunt Li once told me that Tang Sheng had saved her as a student. One day after school, the “Monkey King” in the next class led a few mischievous companions to block Aunt Li on a small bridge. This is the only way to go home. On both sides are large fields of farmland. At this time in September, the golden rice waves made a rustling sound in the evening wind. The small river was soaring, and the distant smoke was rising for the second time. On the bridge, Aunt Li was blocked by several boys side by side, and they frowned and scared Aunt Li. Aunt Li was so anxious that she didn’t know where she came from. She picked up her schoolbag and rushed towards the boys on the bridge. There were two muffled sounds, and Aunt Li fell into the river from the bridge. The water just didn’t reach her neck. The slope was covered with moss and slippery. She was scared like a “big” character lying there. She didn’t dare to move at all. Fear and helplessness swelled in her body, turning into sweat beads and jumping out of every pore. The boys on the bridge flew apart, there was silence all around, only the flowing water sang casually. Just then, Tang Sheng came.

Since that dusk, Aunt Li has planted a hazy seed of love. Later, Tang Sheng suddenly dropped out of school somehow, never visited the school again, and Aunt Li never saw Tang Sheng again. Now hearing this familiar and kind name again, Aunt Li’s calm heart has a clear breeze. Without any suspense, she fell in love with Tang Sheng.

There are dozens of rooms in the grandmother’s house, and Aunt Li’s boudoir is in the back room. Every time Tang wins, they kicked me out of the room and asked me to go to the floor to play with the puppy. As for me, I was full of curiosity and longing for this pair of lovers, and even deliberately sat on the threshold of Aunt Li’s room and listened to them whispering. Although I could not hear a word, Aunt Li giggled from the door Sliding out of the seam, sinking into my ears. At that time, I always thought that this was the fairy tale, the prince and the princess were together happily.

Such happy days are not long. A few months later, Tang Shengxiang became a different person, and began to alienate Aunt Li, and never came to grandma’s house again. Aunt Li’s mood is getting lower and lower, she often mutters a word to Taoshu alone, and she doesn’t know what she mumbled. I have always felt that I was the first witness to Aunt Li’s madness, although I didn’t dare to tell others vividly.

It was a gloomy afternoon, it was gray and raindrops floated in the air, but it never fell, making people feel hot and upset. Tang Sheng came, and Aunt Li’s eyes were full of surprises and longings. She thought her Ruyi Langjun would fulfill her promise, after all, they were engaged. In the countryside, an engagement was basically a marriage, and the grandmother’s family also received an engagement gift—a sewing machine. Are you still not human? It can be done … In the grandmother’s scolding, Tang Sheng even took the sewing machine apart with ease, packed the machine head with the snakeskin bag that he brought, and then went away without looking back, no matter how surprised we were. Eyes. His back had just disappeared at the corner of the peach tree in Qianping. Aunt Li suddenly burst into tears, and then laughed inexplicably. The laughter was manic, terrifying and creepy. Then, Aunt Li rushed under the peach tree, yelled at the peach tree, laughed, cried, shouted, and circled the peach tree … Grandma pulled Aunt Li desperately, kneeling on the ground and asked Aunt Li not to do this. Grandma held Aunt Li in her arms and stroked her head. She said that the days were long, and there were good afterlife … Grandma and Aunt Li were crying and screaming there, all efforts were useless. Aunt Li tossed to the early morning and was finally exhausted, she was crazy.

Aunt Li kept on missing. The two old and anxious figures of grandfather and grandmother always shifted from the upper house to the lower house, and found the mountains on the left to the mountains on the right. When the weather is fine, Aunt Li will idle around a hill; when it rains, she will count the raindrops with interest under the eaves of someone’s house. Occasionally, she was followed by a group of coquettish children. One day, until more than nine o’clock in the evening, the whole house was searched, and the hillside in the field was also looked around. Aunt Li was still missing. Grandpa was so anxious that her grandmother was a lord of the six gods and she burst into tears. You little girl said that you want to look at your aunt from a distance. Why don’t you care? My grandmother turned her face to me, and her eyes were a bit fierce, and I started to cry. Seeing this, Grandma held me in her arms and murmured, Sorry, you are still a child, it is not good for Grandma. My grandmother trembled holding my hand, and I saw clearly that her grandmother’s tears on her face were endless sadness. Her tangled white hair, like leaves falling in the wind, was so lonely and helpless. For the next few nights, Aunt Li evaporated like a human. Grandpa and grandma entrusted countless villagers to inquire and search, and finally got a message ten days later. Aunt Li was found sleeping in a pigpen in Liuyang.

A small pigpen, covered with the smell of pungent pig dung, on the earthen brick wall, the traces of rain washing are like ravines, and Aunt Li is lying on the pile of straw, a black pig with her mouth in her She kept arching and humming. These days, I do n’t know how Aunt Li came here. What did she experience? These have become unsolvable mysteries. My grandmother distressed me, and her hair was whiter.

You still have to find a man to take care of her. She is suffering from a heart attack. One day, Aunt Li Xiang went to the door to find her grandmother. When grandma saw her, she didn’t get angry. It’s all your good deeds that ruined my sister Li’s life! Don’t say that, I didn’t mean it, it was all fate, right? I don’t know that Tang Sheng, who was hit by a thousand swords, is Chen Shimei. Li Xiangxiong could not stand the soft grinding and hard foaming, and even her grandmother thought she was right. A few days later, an old man came, and heard that he was more than ten years older than Aunt Li. He was tall, thin and black, and his row of pale teeth was particularly conspicuous, and he was cramped because of nervousness and restlessness. Although Aunt Li is crazy, her 22-year-old youth cannot hide her beauty. The smirk coming from Aunt Li suddenly fascinated this man who couldn’t please a woman. He caught Aunt Li’s every move with his eyes. Maybe there is something in heaven, and the noisy and irritable Aunt Li suddenly quieted down. She took a wooden chair, sat down next to the man, leaned her head on his shoulder extremely naturally, and asked happily. Bystanders, are we worth it? Everyone speaks in unison, and they match well! The laughing grandma was crying now.

Aunt Li was married, and her grandmother’s house was suddenly quiet, and the huge house became more and more lonely on the half-hill slope. During the day, the sun was falling, and the bird of prey became the companion of the peach tree. Aunt Li was not at home, and her neighbors began to walk again, adding a little bit of anger to her grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s smile began to grow, refreshing, and sometimes it seemed to shake the peach trees in front of the door. Our sister Li is pregnant! She cheerfully told every patronizing neighbor that joy flashed between her eyebrows. I woke up several times at night, and I heard my grandmother laugh involuntarily, like overflowing from a dream, I couldn’t hide it.

On a snowy day, my uncle came here, the snowflakes hadn’t shaken, and my feet were still pounding, but the tone was aggressive. Last night Limei put her daughter to death on the edge of the stairs. Grandma suddenly froze there. Then, the expression on her face kept changing, from panic to hollowness to distress, and then she cried. What bad thing did I do in my life? To repay me this way … I stared blankly at the snow flakes outside the window, wondering how it devoured the two-month-old baby last night. Grandpa turned her face to her uncle, suspicious and confused. My uncle said it was eleven o’clock in the night when he was doing things from the outside. Aunt Li was screaming in panic with her baby there. Mao Mao, why don’t you move? Doesn’t snowflake look good? Are you asleep? Oh, obediently, sleep with Snow Baby. There is a little snowman beside Aunt Li. This snowy night, the crazy aunty lost her only daughter.

After many years, my grandparents died, and I went back to school with my parents. Aunt Li gradually disappeared from my life. Occasionally from my mother’s mouth, I heard some news about her intermittently: After the death of her daughter, she gave birth to two sons. On snowy days, she never took them outside, and always put them under a blanket Both sons survived healthy. When the college entrance examination fell, I suddenly wanted to see Aunt Li. That day, I got on a long-distance bus going to Aunt Li’s house, and as soon as I got out of the ten-step station, I saw Aunt Li standing alone in the sun, dark-skinned, and especially old. Girl, I have been waiting for you for a long time. She is no stranger to me. You are so tall! She hugged me and shouted, causing passers-by to stare. Everyone knows she’s a lunatic, so she looks at me like a girl in the city. Li crazy, who are you? Some people on the street couldn’t help asking. Where is my niece in my city. Aunt Li answered with pride and pride, she didn’t answer wrong at all this time. You are rare, I have to buy two pounds of fine meat. Aunt Li ran out swiftly, carrying a few leaves under her feet. I suddenly felt that my eyes were a little moist. Aunt Li was a lunatic, but wasn’t it love in her head?

Time is like a magician. Now that I have passed away, and Aunt Li is more than half a hundred years old, when I see her in the Spring Festival, I just feel that she is getting older and older. Everyone sat around a table to eat, and how could I persuade her not to come to the table, but just muttered, you eat, you eat! She said that in her subconscious, she always wanted to leave good things to her loved ones. Time is still in her place, and she lives in her world, like a wild chrysanthemum, opening alone.

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