The truth is difficult

People who buy or sell things say “real price” and ask confessions to call prisoners “recruited from reality”, all asking for “truth.” This is true for people, and so is the country. Some current affairs commentators often say that if the US and the Soviet Union can honestly tell what the requirements of the two countries are, and then discuss it, the situation of the world may be clear. However, some commentators believe that the words of the top two, especially the Soviet Union, have been honest and clear enough. Indeed, since Wisinski put forward the “war traffickers” by name at the UN General Assembly, the words of the US and the Soviet Union have become more and more honest, but the clarity has not yet come to light.

Why can’t people refuse to tell the truth? In the final analysis, the key is conflict of interest. Speak the truth yourself, let others know your own truth, it is easy to control yourself. Otherwise, let others know the details, it is easier to get ahead of yourself. In this world of unfair distribution, life is like war, often with you and without me; therefore everyone has to hide a little bit of himself, which is inexplicable. As a result of intrigue and hide-and-seek, everyone was suspicious in anxiety. There has always been an old saying, “Know your face and your heart but not your heart”, and “You only talk about three points when you meet, but you can’t throw a heart out.” It is the hint of the conflict of interest.

To be honest, of course, there is no limit to mutual trust, and society cannot become a society. But the truth is always too few, and there are always too many lies, so the harmony of society is far from perfect. However, although there are many lies, they are all out of fiction because they are not easy to believe. The trouble is that the lies are mixed with the truth, and the truth is mixed with the lie-cleverly here too. Everyday words are more or less mixed, and people’s mutual trust is built on such mixed words, and people’s suspicions can also occur on these mixed words.

People are emotionally sincere, sincere, and sincere, or sincere. They have to listen to the “truth” and “truthfulness”. What is on the mind is not what is on the lips. This can also be said as “honest”. But “heart-to-mouth” has always been rare, and “mouth is right and wrong” I am afraid that sometimes people are unavoidable. After reading O’Neal’s “Singular Interlude”, it can be said. The “mouth honey belly sword” really became a villain. The truth is not necessarily about the facts. The main thing is attitude. However, as I mentioned before, “Knowing others knows their faces but they don’t know their hearts.” They don’t look at anyone and take out their hearts and minds. People may still feel bloody! Therefore, we ca n’t talk too easily, and everyone just talks about the weather when they meet. This is the truth.

The so-called “heart-to-heart” and the so-called “heart-to-heart talk” must always be made by two or three confidants; if it is a general relationship, it can only be perfunctory and polite, and say something irrelevant. This may or may not be false or hypocritical. At least he has you in his eyes. When some people meet coldly, their faces are stretched. Those who care about people and ignore others can be regarded as “true”, but there are a few people who can stand the “true” that has gone too far! I did n’t know each other, or I did n’t know much about it, and I could n’t talk about the relevant words. It ’s easy to make mistakes when talking about it. It may not always be possible to tell the truth. “Different people have different faces,” a person always has some secrets that he doesn’t want to teach others. If he doesn’t care about some, he will touch the nails no matter how dear. The truth is difficult, right here.

Although the truth is not necessarily about facts, lies must not be true. A false word is not necessarily a lie. Some sweet words or polite words are over-expressed. We think that false words, in fact, the speaker may not lack love and respect. If you deliberately deceive people, don’t help them. The so-called “mouth honey belly sword” is naturally regarded as another matter. The truth is serious, and playing the truth cannot be regarded as the truth. Taking things seriously is often awkward, even among acquaintances and even relatives. So a sense of humor is valuable.

The truth is not necessarily good words. The so-called “bitter words”, “medicine words”, “loyal words”, “outspoken words” are often against the ears, and a good intention often offends people, but people demand “outspoken words”. In the authoritarian era, “extremely outspoken” was a subject of selecting talents. Even fortune tellers look at it now, they are still advertised as “iron mouth”, saying that they are telling the truth and being honest. But this “blunt” and “blunt” is probably not at least harsh or at least too harsh. It’s “outspoken” and not too harsh, isn’t it the best of both worlds? However, it may be piercing, but it is the hardest to forgive; if you are resentful, if you are jealous, you will hurt others—Xiao Zhi is called “smelly mouth”, and Da Zhi can kill himself. Therefore, there are few countless “outspoken” officials.

A person can never live by relying on lying, because then he falls into nothingness and disappears.

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