Sleeping Separately from Bed, Indifferent

It may be from the year of the child’s college entrance examination. I slept with my lover in the same room.

The child is nearing the college entrance examination and learns very late every day. He wakes up very early in the morning. So I discussed with my lover. In the evening, I accompanied the child to study. In the morning, he got up early to cook and the two of them alternated to rest in order to better preserve their strength. At first, my lover didn’t agree, and muttered that I made a big deal.

One day, it was almost 12 o’clock in the night after I was with my son. After returning to the room, I touched the dark ground to clean up and accidentally stepped on his arm. He made a furious “Ouch”: “You have to wake me up every day when you sleep!” I was aggrieved: “I am with the baby, you sleep, do you still care?” I hugged angrily The quilt went to bed in the study.

Unexpectedly, I fell asleep separately from my lover, and without his groaning, I slept very sweetly, it was a dreamless night. Since then, sleeping in a separate room has become a tacit understanding. Sometimes I suddenly think of something in the middle of the night, and I won’t go to the bedroom to wake up my lover, but leave a message in WeChat, anyway, he can see it when he wakes up the next day. Under the same roof, using Internet conversation is actually quite fun.

In this regard, lover is somewhat dissatisfied. He complained that I had devoted my mind to the child. When I talked to him, he did not leave the college entrance examination and his grades, and now he is still “middle-aged” for the child. The jealous husband is really cute, but I still refuse to move back, just comfort him: “It’s all for the children, it’s only half a year.”

But one thing that made me feel bad was that we both gradually became dependent on the Internet. Many times there is a clear opportunity to communicate in person, but we still choose to send WeChat at night. Moreover, since I moved to the study, the lover’s entertainment seems to have increased, and he came back late and late. I complained, but he didn’t care: “I’m going to do it sooner, anyway.”

Then one night, when I finished the homework with my child, I suddenly remembered that I had to go to the bedroom to get a piece of clothes. I pushed the bedroom door, but the door was locked. I rolled my ears and faintly heard the sweet laugh of the lover in the room desperately restrained, and seemed to be talking to anyone. I suddenly lost my breath and knocked on the door a few times. After more than ten seconds, the talented person opened the door slowly, pretending to be awakened and asked me how to disturb him again. Looking at his poor camouflage, I suddenly didn’t want to say a word, and my heart burst into sorrow.

The college entrance examination finally arrived, and the child successfully took the exam, and he played well. However, my lover didn’t mean to ask me to “remove to the palace”. I was reluctant to speak first, so I was deadlocked for a week. One day after supper, I made a bed in the study as usual, and my son was joking on the door frame: “Mom, you and my dad will not be in the guise of my college entrance examination, come to ‘Divorce after the exam, right?” Hearing, he knocked on his son’s head and said, “What do you think blindly, your mother is freely addicted!” Then, in order to prove that the son is indeed “blind thinking”, he quickly helped me to move the bedding back.

I thought “Let’s meet again for a long time”, and my lover will have the longing for “Long drought meets Ganlin”, who knows that he is indifferent to me. What’s even more unexpected is that the small bed in the study has since become a “refuge” between the two of us. As the “refuge” of each other was getting longer, I found sadly that we who had “argued not overnight” could never go back because there seemed to be nothing to say between the two people.

Once I couldn’t help but secretly flipped over my lover’s cell phone, except for some jokes with my old friends, I didn’t find any substantial problems. So where is the problem? The original convenience has become today’s estrangement, and the original understanding has become today’s indifference. Is separation wrong?

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