Shopping for pick-ups

Zhou Ying is the department’s “group pet” and often buys some snacks to share with colleagues. Colleague Qiao Lu is very envious, because many of the snacks given by Zhou Ying are expensive snacks that she dared to buy, such as non-concentrated reduced orange juice. Although the taste is good and the taste is mellow, the price of a few dozen yuan a bottle is Let Joe stay away. She and Zhou Ying are both office workers from 9 to 5 in the morning. There is not much left for rent and meals every month. Even clothes have to be planned. Therefore, she enviously asked Zhou Ying how to arrange expenses to live so smartly. Zhou Ying replied quickly: “Pick the bargain!” Not only that, but she also taught Qiao Lu how to find cheap and good products.

Temporary food you deserve
The first thing Zhou Ying shared was the favorite of “food”. Most of her purchases were temporary food. Temporary foods, as the name suggests, are foods that are near the expiration date, and the prices of these foods can sometimes be incredibly low.

For example, potato chips are usually discounted for nearly 20 yuan for a three-box package at a supermarket. However, if you go to a temporary food store, you can win three boxes for 3 yuan. Although the shelf life of potato chips is only one month, for snack products like Zhou Ying and Qiao Lu, let alone one month, it will never let it live for three days.

Following Zhou Ying, Qiao Lu bought a box of her favorite non-concentrated reduced orange juice. They are still one month away from the shelf life, and they are all sold for 1.5 yuan per bottle! For the first time, Qiaolu felt the mood of shopping and shopping.

What if there is no temporary food store nearby? You can go to Weibo to search and save money to automatically update the recommendation website, it will regularly push links to purchase temporary food, including imported food. You can also go directly to shopping sites such as Taobao to search for the keyword “temporary period”, and some are delicious snacks under 10 yuan.

Qiao Lu roughly calculated, her wish list to fill up her snacks was actually less than 50 yuan, the original price was rough, how can it be more than 500 yuan.

Defective products, big names can also pick up leaks
Snacks are solved. For the clothing and daily necessities that women care about, Zhou Ying also has a unique way to save money. She and Qiaolu are both loyal users of Uniqlo. Uniqlo has a defective product area. Although it is a defective product, it is often a “smile defect” that does not hinder wearing.

Zhou Ying picked up a 30 yuan dress, the flaw of this skirt is that the pattern in front of her chest is not flat enough. Zhou Ying just received a brooch on her birthday, so you can stay away from the flaws, so you start decisively, so it looks good and cheap! The H & M store opposite also has a discount area. When Qiao Lu was about to start, Zhou Ying stopped her and asked, “Do you have any old clothes that you don’t wear? Donate to H & M, you can get a 20% discount coupon!” Qiao Lu admiredly Looking at Zhou Ying, ready to do so next weekend.

Two people sat contentedly holding shopping bags and passed the MUJI store. This Japanese brand is good for almost all literary girls. Qiao Lu and Zhou Ying glanced at the price of the humidifier and let it go back. Fortunately, there are similar brands available online. Zhou Ying entered the name of the humidifier in the search bar, and added the word “slightly flawed”, and soon a defect with a similar specification jumped out. The price of the package was only 130 yuan, and the appearance and performance were not lost. Good quality. Qiao Lu and Zhou Ying high-five each other and happily bought a humidifier.

Whether in Netease Koala, Taobao or other shopping sites, there are special shops selling defective products. If the defects are within their own acceptance range, then you can pick up this cheap.

Shopping in the supermarket
In the evening, Qiao Lu and Zhou Ying, who had been shopping for a day, passed by a large supermarket chain when they went home together. Zhou Ying hurriedly entered Qiao Lu and went straight to the counter.

In the temporary counter of the supermarket, there are fruits with bruised appearance. Originally, a RMB 100 yuan cherries were able to win 30 yuan due to minor abrasions and bruises. Qiao Lu quickly took two bags. Zhou Ying is looking at temporary yogurt, which is sold at a discount of two yuan. Originally, it cost two yuan for two cups. Now two yuan for two cups, just one cup per person.

Not only that, but the careful expert Zhou Ying bought the bread for breakfast the next day for herself and Qiaolu while passing by the bread area in the supermarket. Buy three, get one free, and spend 20 yuan to solve two people’s breakfast for two days, extremely cost-effective!

The past few days with Zhou Ying, Qiao Lu is like opening the door to a new world. It turned out that it can really live a comfortable and cost-effective life. It is no longer a dream to live a petty bounty at the most realistic price!

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